A Flying Black Horse Captured In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

A viral video which is circulating in the internet and social media which captured a strange creature or object  in a mobile phone is to belive a black horse, climbing up in the sky?

The strange viral video, was captured in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, during a thunder storm. As you can see in the video, every time the lightning strike, you can clearly see the the images of a flying black horse which I think is flying up in the sky and the images really looks like a horse.

Many of us may think its real or hoax? Well its depends on what you believe? It might be another photoshop edited? Its not possible to be a hoax, because of the technology we have today. in our technology it is easy to edit every picture, video and others? maybe its hard to believe in this viral video? but what if it is true? what would you think? why is there a black horse flying in the sky? what its represent? so many question........

watch here the viral video
source: youtube