Finally The First Trailer Preview Of The Upcoming New Movies Of Star War's VII "The Force Awakens"

Finally a teaser preview has been released for the upcoming movie of the latest installment of the classic Star Wars. Star Wars: Episode VII "The Force Awakens," The  teaser preview release in some theaters  last November 28.

The preview show a wide desert, with an introduction of soft spoken words "There's been an awakening. Have you felt it?" and then a sudden surprised appearance of a Storm troopers.

A rolling android rolling in the desert, A transport vehicle carrying Storm troopers which is preparing for a battle, a lot of space ship that are used for racing in the previous Star wars episode, a Sith lord that show his sword and the appearance of the Millennium falcon with the classic background theme of the Star Wars Installment. I felt a sudden  goosebumps when I here the themes.

Fans of Star Wars are really anticipating the first trailer of the next Star Wars movie. It will be a very exiting movies to wait . unfortunately the movies will be releases December of 2015, it will take a year before we can finally watch it?

source: CNN