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Katrina Halili Talks About Her Situation With Ex-Husband Kris Lawrence

On an interview by PEP. Katrina Halili admits that she is the one who confirmed the break up to her ex-husband Kris lawrence. She explain the said breakup. its been almost a year that Kris and I break, it was January 2014. Katrina said.

Katrina decided to open because she realized that its really over. She said there's a sudden change of treatment for both of us, we are much okey today.

At first when the issue comes out, we are both uncomfortable to each other, but now we are fine.
we don't need to fight? in the first place, if we dont agree on each other? i have Katie, it might be big problem for him if we argue? Katrina said.

Maybe we need to grow? Matured!
for me i need something to finish, Kris need some time to earn and lay some money.

Its just like we are not growing if we are both together? it is much better if we have both separate ways. Katrina said.

We don't need permission to do something? same as he, do what you want to do and i don what i want to do, Katrina said.

We keep doing this for a while, he can come home to our house just like that,
the only thing that is gone is the sweetness and saying I love you! we still go to church together.

Is there love? Love as a friend. Katrina said.
how about the responsibility of Kris of being a father? we both divide the needs of Katie, like the tutorial fees in the school of Katie.

Would you accept suitors? so far i don't. I'm not looking for?

Is Kris okey to have girlfriends? its up to him, we are already separated. Katrina said
Source: GMA

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1 comment to ''Katrina Halili Talks About Her Situation With Ex-Husband Kris Lawrence"

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