Finally "Sting" Set His Foot On WWE

Sting is back!!! Finally former WCW Superstar Sting set his foot on the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE),  for the first time of his illustrious wretsling career.

Sting, whos real name is Steve Bordon, is a professional wrestler, whos been famous as a WCW  superstar.he  has been the 6 times World Heavyweight Champion of WCW, and been considered as the franchise of  WCW.  On his WCW career, he has been feud with Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart and some other superstar which came from WWF, which is now WWE.

Photo credits to WWE

WCW last show  featured the match between Ric flair and Sting. The match was won by Sting, afterwards he hug Ric Flair. In a very heartful end of  WCW show.
Sting also has been an TNA Heavyweight Champion 2 times. Sting, will always be recognized as the Greatest WCW wrestling superstars and the greatset wrestler who never been a WWE  superstar.
On Survivor series 2014 edition, which happen last November 23. Sting, makes his first appearance in the WWE  as a professional wrestler. Making his debut at Survivor series and spoiling the victory of  the Authority.

Sting, Appeared on the Survivor series, when the authority was about to win the 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series elimination tag team match. As the match was finally over! Sting showed up!
When Sting is coming down the iles, the referre  attacked him, but he manage to counter act and knocked the referee’s out. Then he had a staredown with Triple H. Sting then dropped Triple H with a Scorpion Death Drop and help  Ziggler onto Rollins for the pin and win the match that cause the  The Authority to loss the match.

source: youtube