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Watch: Jeyrick Sigmaton aka “Carrot Man” Featured on Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho

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The man behind the popular picture of “Carrot Man” that went viral in social media finally featured in a TV Show “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho”.

“Carrot Man” real name is Jeyrick Sigmaton of Barlig, Mt. Province. He gain popularity in social media after a tourist name Edwina Bandong and Chee-Nee De Guzman, taken a few photograph of him while carrying a basket full of carrots.

Photo Credits to #KMJS11

According to Chee-Nee De Guzman, the one who uploads the picture in Facebook, she noticed a good looking guy carrying a basket of carrots. She wanted to take some photos together with him but she is too shy to do it.

Out of curiosity she took some photo of “Carrot Man” and posted in social media Facebook, to get some help from netizen’s to know he’s real name where she tags it as “Carrot Man”.

Photos of “Carrot Man” gain different opinion from social media users, some netizen’s praised him from being a hardworking man and at the same time a good looking guy.

He even compared from different celebrities in and out of the country.

In Taiwan, the closest look alike of “Carrot Man” is the famous actor Vic Chou from the famous group in early years of 2000’s “F4”. While here in local showbiz, he resembles Dennis Trillo, Hero Angeles and even Alden Richards.

TV Show Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, locate “Carrot Man” to have an interview of him. To revealed the man behind #carrotman and be featured in their episode.

In an interview, Jeyrick Sigmaton aka “Carrot Man” revealed that he didn’t know that he is already famous on social media?

He did not often open his Facebook account because of weak internet connection in their area.

He also said that he is very thankful to all the people that appreciated his pictures and wanted to get a chance to introduce their race “Igorot” of what really they are.

source: youtube

Blazing Fire Coming Out the Water and Land Puzzled Netizens

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Recently a viral video of blazing and boiling bodies of water was reported and uploaded in social media courtesy by Muslim Mindanao Facebook Page.

The video of blazing fire over the bodies of water went viral and already earn thousands of likes and views.

Netizens are confused on what really cause of the blazing fire over the water?

According to Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB), there is a possibility that a methane gas coming out from the river bed that causing a fire over the water.

A similar report that also went viral in social media about a burning land or smoldering land.

The video of smoldering land confused and scared netizens and residence of Sarangani, Mindanao.

Expert says that the cause of burning land is a leftover of some charcoal buried beneath the land that causing the land to burn.

Due to climate change, the extreme heat caused the charcoal to burn itself.
source: youtube

Golden State Warriors Is The Fastest Team To Win 50 Games In A Single NBA Regular Season

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Golden State Warriors, made history in National Basketball Association (NBA) becoming as  the fastest team to reach the 50th wins in a NBA Regular Season.

On January 22, (US Time) the Warriors beat the Hawks on their home court  in a 102-92 win.  reigning MVP Stephen Curry, lead the warriors in scoring with 34 points, while Draymond Green lead the Warriors in rebounds and assist with 13 boards and 9 assist.

The Warriors win, improve their standing to 50 wins and 5 loss, the best record in this current  2015-2016 NBA Season.  The Warriors  also surpassed the 1995-1996 NBA Season  of Michael Jordan’s team Chicago Bulls for the fastest team to win 50 games.

The Chicago Bulls who ended the 1995-1996 NBA Season with the most win in NBA History with 72 wins and 10 loss, is also in danger of surpassing by the Golden State Warriors as the season goes by.

Like the Chicago Bulls, who won the NBA Championship in the 1995-1996 NBA Season, the Warriors is also a heavy favored team to win the back to back NBA Championship this year.

While it seems that everything is looking good for the Golden State Warriors, is there any other team from the West and the East Conference want to spoil the party of the Warriors?

The San Antonio Spurs, is the top contender  that might spoil the Warriors party if they can dethrone the defending Champion in the Western Conference Finals, if they meet?

While in the East, the Cleveland Cavaliers, is the favorite team to return in the NBA Finals, but if the Warriors and the Cavaliers face again in the Finals rematch? Sports analyst and expert think that The Warriors is the favorite to win the NBA Championship.

After Hearing The "Presidential Debates 2016" Who Is Your Bet?

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The most anticipated debate of all Presidential candidates finally happen yesterday in Capitol University in Cagayan de Oro City.

The Philippines and all Filipinos in various parts of the world, watch the much awaited “Pilipinas Debates 2016”, proposed by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and hosted by GMA anchor Mike Enriquez and Jessica Soho.

The five major Presidential candidates in the upcoming elections on May 9, 2016. Vice President Jejomar Binay, Sen. Miriam Santiago, Mayor of Davao city Rodrigo Duterte, Sen. Grace Poe and Administration Bet Mar Roxas are all present in the event.

The Debates

In Each statement all candidates had one-on-one outs or consent and rebuttal of candidates. All five candidates have their chance to introduce themselves and laid out their achievements in their track records.

They were ask by several question divided in three rounds. In each round candidates were ask about the countries current problem and the solution that they will do if they win President?

Out of five candidates, Sen. Grace Poe and Mar Roxas seems the most prepared candidates, having the most prepared answer in all question talked on the debates.

“The Pilipinas Debates”, is one important event in choosing the next President? Filipino people will have the chance to know more about the Presidential candidates and how they will solve the current problems of the country.

As the Election is near, Filipino voters, must be very vigilant in choosing the next President? It might be very hard to choose the right candidate, but at the end of the day choose what we feel that can help our country and vote wisely.

source: youtube

Watch: Amazing Trailer of Batman V Superman with Wonder Woman

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Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, three of the most famous character in DC Super Heroes, join together in the upcoming movies of Warner Brothers and DC Universe “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

The much awaited movie will show in March 25, 2016 in United States and some other parts of the world.

DC super heroes played by Ben Affleck (Batman), Henry Cavill (Superman) and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman).

The villains played by Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luthor) and Michael Shannon (General Zod).

The movie was about mankind facing a new threat as Batman embarks on a personal vendetta against Superman. Batman believe that the real enemy of the world is Superman.

While Lex Luthor, taking advantage of the misunderstanding of Batman and Superman. Luthor Create the most destructive force of super villain upgrading “General Zod” to a monster.

Meanwhile, Wonder woman, who played in the middle of Batman and Superman join the two super hero in saving the world against Lex Luthor and General Zod.

The movie also features some DC Characters like Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg.

Other famous supporting character are also present in the movie Batman’s supporting character “Alfred” played by Jeremy Irons and Superman supporting character “Louis Lane” played by Amy Adams.

Can’t wait to see this movie in Cinema. What do you think guys on what would be the outcome of this mega movie?

Will it be a big hit or the biggest plop of the year?
source: youtube

Watch: Boxing Icon Manny Pacquiao Controversial Comment on “Same Sex Marriage”

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Boxing eight time division champion and Sarangani Representative Manny Pacquiao, is facing his toughest opponent of his life, but this time it’s outside the boxing ring.

The boxing icon, recently commented on a controversial interview taken by a local TV network in the Philippines, the interview was about his view on "same sex marriage".

Pacquiao, commented that he is against with “same sex marriage”, he also compared human to an animals. Where animals are much better to distinguish their own sex rather than human. “If we approve male on male, female on female marriage, then man are worse than animal”. He said.

source: youtube

Many people are upset and angry of Manny Pacquiao’s statement especially the third sex and some group of LGBT community. They believe that Manny, crossed the line on his opinion about “same sex marriage”.

Netizens, quickly uproar their sentiments, insulting Manny Pacquiao on his statement and even his mother, father, wife and even innocent son are now involved on the rage of some basher.

Even celebrity like Comedian Vice Ganda, TV host Boy Abunda and Singer/Actress Aiza Seguerra, also express their disappointment on Manny’s statement.

Manny Pacquiao, has already ask for forgiveness on what he said about comparing homosexuals to animals.  Pacquiao, also stand on his belief that he is against “same sex marriage’.

Manny Pacquiao, is running for a higher position in the government. He will run for Senator this coming 2016 National Election. But he’s chance of winning might affect the controversy that he is facing now?

And On April 9, Manny Pacquiao will face Timothy Bradley for the 3rd time. With this controversy hopefully Manny Pacquiao will not be affected on his last fight.

Meanwhile Boxing greatest foe Floyd Mayweather Jr, also advice Manny Pacquiao that “We should stay positive. We should let people live their lives the way they want to live their lives, in an interview on TMZ.

LeBron James, Holds the Record in Career Points Scored in an All-Star Game in 12 Appearance

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The 2016 All-Star Game was all about Kobe Bryant. His final appearance as an All-Star player, giving respect, tribute and reminiscing all the accomplishment of one of the greatest player that ever played the game of basketball.

While all eyes are in focus to Kobe Bryant, one man is silently adding another milestone on his name. Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James, surpassed Kobe Bryant for most career points in an All-Star Game.

Kobe Bryant vs LeBron James in 2016 All-Star Game

Before the All-Star Game start. Kobe Bryant, holds the most points with 280 career points as an All-Star player in 14th appearance, while LeBron James has 278 career points in 11th appearance. Two point separating the two superstar.

 James, who missed his opportunity to tie or even surpassed Kobe Bryant in last year 2015 All-Star Game, only needed 3 points to pass Bryant.

As expected LeBron James, finally surpassed Kobe Bryant in this year 2016 All-Star Game. Despite scoring a career low of 13 points in an All-Star game, still enough to surpassed Kobe Bryant who scores 10 points in his final game as an All-Star.

LeBron James, has now 291 career points in 12th All-Star appearance in the recent conducted 2016 All-Star Game. While Kobe Bryant, is now in 2nd placed with 290 career points in 15th All-Star appearance. Only 1 point separation between the two superstars.

Kobe Bryant, will no longer have the chance to regain the No. 1 spot, his retirement at the end of this NBA season, marks the end of rivalry between him and LeBron James.

Meanwhile, LeBron James is putting up some numbers in his name, slowly moving up in his ranking in NBA Scoring list where he is currently in 15th place with 26,188 career points. While he is currently in 20th place for All Time Assist leader with 6,634 assist.

Smoldering Or Flaming Land In Sarangani, Mindanao Confused Netizens On What Really Cause The Fire Beneath It?

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A viral video that quickly spreads on the internet about a smoldering or burning land in the province of Sarangani, Mindanao.

People of Sarangani are confused on what caused the smoldering land? There are news that the reason of the smoldering land is that there is a volcano beneath it.

Due to many speculations and false report, residence of Sarangani especially the people near the said smoldering land are now afraid of what really caused of the flaming land?

In the video, you can see that when a stone thrown over the smoldering land it show a sudden burst of flame and then when you throw some piece of wood or branches it immediately burns into fire.

There are already reports that one or two people are already hurt by the smoldering land.

Not knowing that the land is smoldering they cross into it and get victimized. The victims are currently recovering from incurred flayed or burns on their hands and feet.

The government of Sarangani, explain that the land was once a ground for charcoal. It might be that some remain of charcoal are buried beneath it and due to extreme heat that the country experience the charcoal begins to flame itself.

Firefighter already splashed some water on the smoldering land but the land continues to flame.

Further studies is yet to analyze to completely stop the fire beneath the land.

Some expert suggest that they must use a backhoe, to unearth the charcoal and then splash some waters beneath the ground to completely stop the flame that causing the fire above the ground.
source: youtube

Trade between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James Almost Happen In 2007

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While Kobe Bryant is facing LeBron James in his last game in Quickens Loan’s Arena in Cleveland. A little secret between the two greatest players of all time was revealed.

ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst, revealed a secret that has been kept for so many years about Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

He said that in 2007, LA Lakers contacted the Cleveland Cavaliers offering a possible trade between Kobe Bryant and then the younger and immerging NBA superstar LeBron James of Cleveland Cavaliers.

But the Cavaliers refused the offer. They are willing to trade any player on their team except for their hometown hero LeBron James, with that the Lakers organization, ended the possibility of trade as their only interest is on LeBron James.

Lakers organization want to trade Kobe Bryant upon the request of Bryant, who seems not happy on his team in that year. Kobe was averaging 32 points per games in 2007, while LeBron James was averaging 27 points per game.

Kobe Bryant, said that a trade is true, but he was not interested on coming to Cleveland Cavaliers, if ever that the Cavaliers agree a trade between him and LeBron, he will likely refused to go to Cleveland.

Kobe, also said that at that time his potential team that he wanted to join are San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls and Phoenix Sun. but eventually any trade did not happen as Kobe Bryant, remain a Lakers until now.

If ever that trade happen? It will be a blockbuster trade in NBA History.
What did you think if that trade happen? Who will benefit on the two greatest player of all time!
source: ESPN

Watch: Beyonce and Bruno Mars Electrified The 2016 Super Bowl Halftime Show

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Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyonce, perform on the 50th Anniversary of Super Bowl 2016 during the halftime show.

Coldplay, was the first performer of the halftime show, while Bruno Mars and Beyonce was the later performers.

Photo credits to:

But the two (Bruno Mars and Beyonce) steal the show, as they rock the halftime show, performing their famous and latest songs.

Bruno Mars, perform his own version of "Uptown Fuck", while Beyonce sing her latest song "Formation" .

Watch The Full Halftime Show of Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyonce

source: youtube

Overall the halftime show was amazing. having three famous performers with different style and genre in their music.

What did you thing of the 2016 halftime show of Super Bowl? is it the best performance ever in Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Rescuer Still Looking for Hundreds of People Buried in Taiwan’s Earthquake

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A killer earthquake hit the country of Taiwan, early morning of Saturday February 6, 2016. The 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit the country unprepared while almost all the people in the country are sleeping.

More than 18 people were confirmed killed while hundreds of people are still believed buried under collapsed buildings, even though the earthquake is not too strong many buildings was brought down by the earthquake mostly in Weiguan Jinlong , Tainan City

There are 484 people that have been reported injured by Taiwan’s Central News Agency while the Swallow Earthquake also damaged power lines near Tainan Station and caused major disruption.
As of now rescuers and authorities of Taiwan are doing all their best to save the victims buried inside the ruin buildings.

Rescuers are now using sniffing dogs and various equipment to determine the whereabouts of those trapped victims inside the 17 - storey building.

Meanwhile, the Philippines was compare on what and how to prepare in case a strong earthquake suddenly struck the country? According to some experts the country might experience any time the so called “The Big One”

A devastating quake that was last experience in 1991 where hundreds of people were killed.

If ever the frightening magnitude 7.2 earthquake happen, particularly in Manila, where the oldest and tallest building are there, expert believe that many people will die and buildings to collapse.

So far all the precautions and preparation is shared by experts, to be prepared in case of strong earthquake happen in the Philippines.

AccPimp: Managing Multiple Accounts In One Click

Have you ever felt frustrated trying to log in to another account within the same browser or annoyed at having to perform browser-acrobatics to manage several social media accounts simultaneously? Check out AccPimp for quick and easy account management. It can really save your time and nerves.

AccPimp is a separate software that allows you to switch between several accounts in one click.
While mainstream web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Microsoft Edge make it complicated to be logged into two or more accounts at the same time, AccPimp makes it much simpler.

Though there are some browser plug-ins allowing you to switch between the accounts, AccPimp offers a few new benefits:
- it uses separate proxy for each account;
- it allows you to share account access to virtual assistants without revealing your password;
- special AccPimp password prevents unauthorized access to your accounts.

The software provides an additional level of security by saving all your browser history and cookies in the cloud within your AccPimp account. When the sessions are sent to the cloud, AccPimp encrypts them with hash functions (similarly to how banks encrypt transactions). This means that the only way to get access to accounts is by knowing the password, as it is the key to decrypting the encrypted information. Neither the admin, nor the attacker will be able to get access, unless they know the password.

Safely managing multiple accounts in AccPimp

The screenshot below illustrates an AccPimp app window with two sessions added.

Once you click on the browser icon, a separate Chrome windows opens up. The software immediately shows the IP, browsers and machine being used in the current session. By the way, it also has a built-in feature for testing proxy connection, which ensures that, in case your proxy malfunctions, the software will not login into the account. This means, your accounts will not get restricted, nor receive “consumer challenges”, in case of possible IP-leakage.

Now we can log into, for example. Having checked your account, you can shut the browser with a special AccPimp button.

You may find it difficult to set up the sessions at first, but once you've learnt to do it, things speed up. Now you can access the same account automatically – you do not have to login again.  Just choose “Session 1” from the list – and you are already there! AccPimp also has a function of restoring all your tabs, which were open at the time. This software will come in handy to those who would like to manage 10+ social media accounts using different proxies and footprints.

Signing into multiple accounts 

Once you’ve set up the sessions, you can operate your multiple accounts smoothly – just click the sessions you need one after another, and Acc Pimp will open them in a separate windows. All of the accounts will preserve your unique IP address and the browser you’ve assigned to the session.

Sharing the access to your accounts

With AccPimp, all the cookies and browser sessions are stored on the cloud, which allows you to share the access to your accounts without revealing the password. Other users can log in with the cookies and fingerprints that were stored before.

In addition, a special ‘proxy tunneling’ feature enables users with IP-authenticed proxies give access to virtual assitants, who need to login to accounts with specific proxy, without giving away confidential data.

To sum it up...
Once you've learnt how to set up sessions, AccPimp makes managing multiple accounts much easier.

What does AccPimp give you?

sharing multiple accounts with virtual assistants without revealing the password;
logging into multiple social network accounts in one click, preserving unique and consistent identities;
assigning proxy to any account and having it always turned on.
So, AccPimp can really save you headache and spare the need of performing elaborated browser-acrobatics when switching between the accounts.

You can check out AccPimp by going to

What about you? What is your way of dealing with multiple accounts? Share your know-how with us

San Miguel Successfully Defend Their Philippine Cup Title, Beating Alaska 96-89 in Game 7

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Defending Champion San Miguel, successfully defend their title, winning back to back Philippine Cup Title against the same team they beat last year the Alaska Aces.

The Beermen, completed their comeback and made history as the only team in PBA History to make a miraculous comeback after being down 0-3 in Smart Bro Philippine Cup Finals in a best of 7 series.

Early in the series, Alaska has a commanding series lead of 3-0, with one win away of sweeping the Beermen, who obviously missing the services of injured main man June Mar Fajardo.

But even they are missing the service of their main man June Mar Fajardo, the Beermen, keep their championship composure with the help of Arwin Santos, Chriss Ross, Marcio Lassiter, Gabby Espinas and backup center Yancy De Ocampo,

They refused to give up, beating Alaska in a down to wire overtime win in Game 4 and Game 5.

And with the return of June Mar, they dominated Game 6 and finally sealed a complete comeback in PBA History after winning Game 7, yesterday 96-89 against Alaska Aces.

Finals MVP

Chriss Ross, name as the Finals MVP, after having a great series against Alaska and helping the team in keep on fighting and never give up despite a very hard comeback in the series. Ross, averaged in the Finals 8 points, 4.6 rebounds, 4 assists and 1.7 steals.

In Game 7, he scored 21 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists.

San Miguel Championship

San Miguel, added another trophy in their franchise history. Improving to 22 Championship, the most in PBA History.  They won back to back Championship dated back in 2014-2015 Governors Cup against Alaska and now the 2015-2016 Philippine cup.

Alaska Aces Downfall

The Alaska Aces, seems that the Beermen are their kryptonite, they already lost 3 consecutive finals match against the Beermen, the 2014-2015 Philippine Cup, 2014-2015 Governors Cup and now 2015-2016 Philippine Cup.

Their last championship was the 2013 Commissioners Cup against Barangay Ginebra.

Mayor Duterte to VP Binay Were Not Friends

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In an interview conducted on the program "Ikaw Na Ba? The Presidential Interview" Presidential aspirant and currently Mayor of Davao City Rodrigo Duterte, admitted directly to the public that he and co Presidential candidate, Vice President Jejomar Binay that they were not close to each other.

In the said program, Mayor Duterte was asked by host Mike Enriquez, if he was only an unleashed personnel of VP Binay? Because of all Presidential aspirant he is the only one that VP Binay did not criticize.

But Mayor Duterete, directly deny the accusation of being an unleashed personnel for he just can only mess the presidential elections favoring VP Binay?

Mayor Duterte, also said that he and VP Binay do not share same politics and if he is truly an unleashed personnel of VP Binay, he would rather choose to run for Vice President that VP Binay offered him.

He also said that he and VP Binay only seen each other if there are some activities of all Mayor and Boy Scout of the Philippines(BSP) where VP Binay, was one of the official of the BSP.

Meanwhile, Mayor Duterte, said in the program that his attack and criticize to fellow Presidential candidate Sen. Grace Poe and former DILG secretary and administration bet Mar Roxas, are not personal. He also believe that the only candidate that will be his biggest treat for Presidency is Vice President Jejomar Binay.
source: Abante

Wedding of Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna, Full of Love, Laughter and Tears

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There are several times that actor Vic Sotto, seen shedding tears in their recent wedding with actress Pauleen Luna last Saturday January 30, 2016.

In fact, the newly wed, cannot believe that they reach the altar and begins to exchange word, "I do."

For those people inside the church, they witness a very solemn wedding and you can felt the love of both Vic and Pauleen till they kiss and embrace each other after they pronounce husband and wife.

Photo credit to Eat Bulaga

In an interview with Vic Sotto, before the wedding. He said that they have many trials with Pauleen because of their relationship.

There have been an issue about the children of Vic Sotto, but everything went well and given him the happiness he had with Pauleen.

I know that it’s not easy to accept our decision. But i know that you all love me and respect me so here we are now, Vic said.

Meanwhile, Pauleen Luna, the new mrs, Sotto, is very thankful that she and Vic, have won many obstacles in their relationship.

Pauleen, also thank Eat Bulaga, the longest running TV show in the Philippines, where she meet Vic Sotto. She also thank all of her friends that always been there for her throughout her journey and especially to God.

Pauleen, also said that she temporary leave showbiz, while taking care first his husband Vic Sotto.
source: abante