AccPimp: Managing Multiple Accounts In One Click

Have you ever felt frustrated trying to log in to another account within the same browser or annoyed at having to perform browser-acrobatics to manage several social media accounts simultaneously? Check out AccPimp for quick and easy account management. It can really save your time and nerves.

AccPimp is a separate software that allows you to switch between several accounts in one click.
While mainstream web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Microsoft Edge make it complicated to be logged into two or more accounts at the same time, AccPimp makes it much simpler.

Though there are some browser plug-ins allowing you to switch between the accounts, AccPimp offers a few new benefits:
- it uses separate proxy for each account;
- it allows you to share account access to virtual assistants without revealing your password;
- special AccPimp password prevents unauthorized access to your accounts.

The software provides an additional level of security by saving all your browser history and cookies in the cloud within your AccPimp account. When the sessions are sent to the cloud, AccPimp encrypts them with hash functions (similarly to how banks encrypt transactions). This means that the only way to get access to accounts is by knowing the password, as it is the key to decrypting the encrypted information. Neither the admin, nor the attacker will be able to get access, unless they know the password.

Safely managing multiple accounts in AccPimp

The screenshot below illustrates an AccPimp app window with two sessions added.

Once you click on the browser icon, a separate Chrome windows opens up. The software immediately shows the IP, browsers and machine being used in the current session. By the way, it also has a built-in feature for testing proxy connection, which ensures that, in case your proxy malfunctions, the software will not login into the account. This means, your accounts will not get restricted, nor receive “consumer challenges”, in case of possible IP-leakage.

Now we can log into, for example. Having checked your account, you can shut the browser with a special AccPimp button.

You may find it difficult to set up the sessions at first, but once you've learnt to do it, things speed up. Now you can access the same account automatically – you do not have to login again.  Just choose “Session 1” from the list – and you are already there! AccPimp also has a function of restoring all your tabs, which were open at the time. This software will come in handy to those who would like to manage 10+ social media accounts using different proxies and footprints.

Signing into multiple accounts 

Once you’ve set up the sessions, you can operate your multiple accounts smoothly – just click the sessions you need one after another, and Acc Pimp will open them in a separate windows. All of the accounts will preserve your unique IP address and the browser you’ve assigned to the session.

Sharing the access to your accounts

With AccPimp, all the cookies and browser sessions are stored on the cloud, which allows you to share the access to your accounts without revealing the password. Other users can log in with the cookies and fingerprints that were stored before.

In addition, a special ‘proxy tunneling’ feature enables users with IP-authenticed proxies give access to virtual assitants, who need to login to accounts with specific proxy, without giving away confidential data.

To sum it up...
Once you've learnt how to set up sessions, AccPimp makes managing multiple accounts much easier.

What does AccPimp give you?

sharing multiple accounts with virtual assistants without revealing the password;
logging into multiple social network accounts in one click, preserving unique and consistent identities;
assigning proxy to any account and having it always turned on.
So, AccPimp can really save you headache and spare the need of performing elaborated browser-acrobatics when switching between the accounts.

You can check out AccPimp by going to

What about you? What is your way of dealing with multiple accounts? Share your know-how with us