Watch: Beyonce and Bruno Mars Electrified The 2016 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyonce, perform on the 50th Anniversary of Super Bowl 2016 during the halftime show.

Coldplay, was the first performer of the halftime show, while Bruno Mars and Beyonce was the later performers.

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But the two (Bruno Mars and Beyonce) steal the show, as they rock the halftime show, performing their famous and latest songs.

Bruno Mars, perform his own version of "Uptown Fuck", while Beyonce sing her latest song "Formation" .

Watch The Full Halftime Show of Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyonce

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Overall the halftime show was amazing. having three famous performers with different style and genre in their music.

What did you thing of the 2016 halftime show of Super Bowl? is it the best performance ever in Super Bowl Halftime Show?