Smoldering Or Flaming Land In Sarangani, Mindanao Confused Netizens On What Really Cause The Fire Beneath It?

A viral video that quickly spreads on the internet about a smoldering or burning land in the province of Sarangani, Mindanao.

People of Sarangani are confused on what caused the smoldering land? There are news that the reason of the smoldering land is that there is a volcano beneath it.

Due to many speculations and false report, residence of Sarangani especially the people near the said smoldering land are now afraid of what really caused of the flaming land?

In the video, you can see that when a stone thrown over the smoldering land it show a sudden burst of flame and then when you throw some piece of wood or branches it immediately burns into fire.

There are already reports that one or two people are already hurt by the smoldering land.

Not knowing that the land is smoldering they cross into it and get victimized. The victims are currently recovering from incurred flayed or burns on their hands and feet.

The government of Sarangani, explain that the land was once a ground for charcoal. It might be that some remain of charcoal are buried beneath it and due to extreme heat that the country experience the charcoal begins to flame itself.

Firefighter already splashed some water on the smoldering land but the land continues to flame.

Further studies is yet to analyze to completely stop the fire beneath the land.

Some expert suggest that they must use a backhoe, to unearth the charcoal and then splash some waters beneath the ground to completely stop the flame that causing the fire above the ground.
source: youtube