Rescuer Still Looking for Hundreds of People Buried in Taiwan’s Earthquake

A killer earthquake hit the country of Taiwan, early morning of Saturday February 6, 2016. The 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit the country unprepared while almost all the people in the country are sleeping.

More than 18 people were confirmed killed while hundreds of people are still believed buried under collapsed buildings, even though the earthquake is not too strong many buildings was brought down by the earthquake mostly in Weiguan Jinlong , Tainan City

There are 484 people that have been reported injured by Taiwan’s Central News Agency while the Swallow Earthquake also damaged power lines near Tainan Station and caused major disruption.
As of now rescuers and authorities of Taiwan are doing all their best to save the victims buried inside the ruin buildings.

Rescuers are now using sniffing dogs and various equipment to determine the whereabouts of those trapped victims inside the 17 - storey building.

Meanwhile, the Philippines was compare on what and how to prepare in case a strong earthquake suddenly struck the country? According to some experts the country might experience any time the so called “The Big One”

A devastating quake that was last experience in 1991 where hundreds of people were killed.

If ever the frightening magnitude 7.2 earthquake happen, particularly in Manila, where the oldest and tallest building are there, expert believe that many people will die and buildings to collapse.

So far all the precautions and preparation is shared by experts, to be prepared in case of strong earthquake happen in the Philippines.