LeBron James, Holds the Record in Career Points Scored in an All-Star Game in 12 Appearance

The 2016 All-Star Game was all about Kobe Bryant. His final appearance as an All-Star player, giving respect, tribute and reminiscing all the accomplishment of one of the greatest player that ever played the game of basketball.

While all eyes are in focus to Kobe Bryant, one man is silently adding another milestone on his name. Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James, surpassed Kobe Bryant for most career points in an All-Star Game.

Kobe Bryant vs LeBron James in 2016 All-Star Game

Before the All-Star Game start. Kobe Bryant, holds the most points with 280 career points as an All-Star player in 14th appearance, while LeBron James has 278 career points in 11th appearance. Two point separating the two superstar.

 James, who missed his opportunity to tie or even surpassed Kobe Bryant in last year 2015 All-Star Game, only needed 3 points to pass Bryant.

As expected LeBron James, finally surpassed Kobe Bryant in this year 2016 All-Star Game. Despite scoring a career low of 13 points in an All-Star game, still enough to surpassed Kobe Bryant who scores 10 points in his final game as an All-Star.

LeBron James, has now 291 career points in 12th All-Star appearance in the recent conducted 2016 All-Star Game. While Kobe Bryant, is now in 2nd placed with 290 career points in 15th All-Star appearance. Only 1 point separation between the two superstars.

Kobe Bryant, will no longer have the chance to regain the No. 1 spot, his retirement at the end of this NBA season, marks the end of rivalry between him and LeBron James.

Meanwhile, LeBron James is putting up some numbers in his name, slowly moving up in his ranking in NBA Scoring list where he is currently in 15th place with 26,188 career points. While he is currently in 20th place for All Time Assist leader with 6,634 assist.