Mayor Duterte to VP Binay Were Not Friends

In an interview conducted on the program "Ikaw Na Ba? The Presidential Interview" Presidential aspirant and currently Mayor of Davao City Rodrigo Duterte, admitted directly to the public that he and co Presidential candidate, Vice President Jejomar Binay that they were not close to each other.

In the said program, Mayor Duterte was asked by host Mike Enriquez, if he was only an unleashed personnel of VP Binay? Because of all Presidential aspirant he is the only one that VP Binay did not criticize.

But Mayor Duterete, directly deny the accusation of being an unleashed personnel for he just can only mess the presidential elections favoring VP Binay?

Mayor Duterte, also said that he and VP Binay do not share same politics and if he is truly an unleashed personnel of VP Binay, he would rather choose to run for Vice President that VP Binay offered him.

He also said that he and VP Binay only seen each other if there are some activities of all Mayor and Boy Scout of the Philippines(BSP) where VP Binay, was one of the official of the BSP.

Meanwhile, Mayor Duterte, said in the program that his attack and criticize to fellow Presidential candidate Sen. Grace Poe and former DILG secretary and administration bet Mar Roxas, are not personal. He also believe that the only candidate that will be his biggest treat for Presidency is Vice President Jejomar Binay.
source: Abante