Wedding of Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna, Full of Love, Laughter and Tears

There are several times that actor Vic Sotto, seen shedding tears in their recent wedding with actress Pauleen Luna last Saturday January 30, 2016.

In fact, the newly wed, cannot believe that they reach the altar and begins to exchange word, "I do."

For those people inside the church, they witness a very solemn wedding and you can felt the love of both Vic and Pauleen till they kiss and embrace each other after they pronounce husband and wife.

Photo credit to Eat Bulaga

In an interview with Vic Sotto, before the wedding. He said that they have many trials with Pauleen because of their relationship.

There have been an issue about the children of Vic Sotto, but everything went well and given him the happiness he had with Pauleen.

I know that it’s not easy to accept our decision. But i know that you all love me and respect me so here we are now, Vic said.

Meanwhile, Pauleen Luna, the new mrs, Sotto, is very thankful that she and Vic, have won many obstacles in their relationship.

Pauleen, also thank Eat Bulaga, the longest running TV show in the Philippines, where she meet Vic Sotto. She also thank all of her friends that always been there for her throughout her journey and especially to God.

Pauleen, also said that she temporary leave showbiz, while taking care first his husband Vic Sotto.
source: abante