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Viral Video: Snake That Has A Feet Caught In A House In Isabela

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Citizen of Mallig, Izabela are buzzling about a snake that was found and killed inside a residential house which has a feet that looks like a lizard.

The snake was caught in the house of Family Gambol, when Norberto was cleaning the house he saw at first he thought a piece of rope that was in the flooring, when he was gonna pick it up it moves and then snake run in a carton box where it was  easily killed.

When the snake was about to throw away, Norberto was shock when he suddenly noticed an abnormal appearances of the snake, he noticed that the snake ha s a feet.

Norberto, said that if he only knew that the snake has a feet, it is possible that he would not kill the snake.

Neighbors of Norberto is Joking to him that the snake might be the son of the Dragon which is etched in their door.

Neighbors had their own superstition, about the said snake, others said that the snake is a lucky charm, some said like an older neighbor of Norberto, that the world has giving some sign of nearing of its end.

But a forestry specialist explain that the snake might be a genetic mutation  which is called a Mutant species.

The rare snake was preserved by the Gambol Family.
 sources: abs-cbn , youtube

Camaya Coast "The Boracay" Of Bataan

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The Camaya Coast  is one of the many beach resort . located with a residential development in the provice of Marivelesin Bataan, Philippines. 

The beach resort measures about 450-hectare (1,100-acre) community includes commercial and residential developments, which also includes six subdivisions.
The beach resort has a total coastal length of around 3.2 kilometres (2.0 mi) total, which includes two coves.

Camaya coast, tag as the little Boracay of Bataan which is being promoted by the developer.
You may also see some several waterfalls and a river running through the area. 

The resorts name came from the original name of the town Mariveles, which originate to Camaya.
Camaya is the former name of the town mariveles.

Manuel Carlos Ilagan Jr,is the President and CEO who led the resort and being developed by the Earth and Shore Leisure Communities.

The development of Camaya Coast is being promoted as a green or environmentally friendly community, which includes the sewage treatment plant and a silt trap, which meant to keep the area clean and safe while maintaining the balance of natural elements. 

the buildings in the development are constructed with a material called Platform Panel, made by Plastech Industrial Systems. The material itself is lightweight and easy to handle which eliminates the use of timber and plywood, and the cost for plastering.

Camaya Coast, Focused on promoting of their eco-tourism, the area is kept as natural forest reserves with a lot of fruit trees including star apples, mangoes, and cashew nuts and some orchids. The forest is also a habitat for wild goats, wild boars and exotic birds 

Camaya Coast also features and currently holds a restaurant, an infinity swimming pool, an event hall, and a boutique hotel. 

Camaya Coast had huge tourist potential, as it was already bringing significant tourism to Bataan in general, and he was optimistic about its future. 

source: youtube

SAF Senior Inspector Max Jim Tria, "The Last Man Standing" Of Mamasapano, Maguindanao Encounter

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The Fallen 44 is a Government group of  Special  Action Force Commando, who sacrifice their lives in a corn field in Mamasapano, Maguindanao  while doing their duty to hunt the international terrorist Zulkipli Bin Hiralso known as “Marwan”

After the Mass Mourning and giving tribute and respect for the heroic and bravery of  44 policemen, one of the fallen 44 has been  recognized as “ the last man standing” although all of them considered their Bravery but 0ne policemen fight till the end and never considering himself to surrender.

Senior Inspector Max Jim Tria, a 27-year-old policeman and a member of the “Fallen 44” that was considered as the last man standing in the bloody encounter in  Mamasapano, Maguindanao last Sunday.

Tria, is from Virac, Catanduanes, since he was a child he really dreamed to be a policeman, he was a topnotcher at a sniper school, and had attended Scout Ranger and commando training. He is part of the Philippine National Police Academy Class 2009.

Military offiical , described Tria, as a tiger in the battle field, hes character is he will fight it out and  he will rather die than surrender,” said Brig. Gen. Carlito Galvez, head of the government coordinating committee on the cessation of hostilities.

Gen. Carlito Galvez, said that he met Senior Inspector Max Jim Tria in Basilan when he became Army brigade commander.

Based on information  came from Moro Islamic Liberation Front , Tria was confirmed that the last man that was killed as  a SAF member of the blocking force .
Among  the members of the MILF , the SAF group also encountered the troops of Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters ( BIFF ) , the break - away group from the MILF .
source: GMA

The Unused Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

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The Bataan Nuclear Plant began to build in 1976 and completed in 1984. It is designed to meet the shortage of energy and electricity supply in the '70s under the leadership Marcos . The nuclear plant is worth 2.3 billion dollars .

 It is located in Bataan , kilometers away from Manila . It is designed to supply 600 megawatts of electricity , but the plant is not used once , due to various reasons . Completed by the government in April 2007 the country's debt payments to the nuclear plant . The repayment of the loan , with interest and inflation ( " inflation ") , has completed more than 30 years after the nuclear plant started . The power plant was probably the biggest financed by the government that went before .

The Bataan Nuclear Plant is 357 hectares in Napot Point, Morong , Bataan . This area is located between the Philippine Fault and West Central Fault , so it is considered in high-risk areas that dominated the earthquake .

 The Bataan Nuclear Plant was initiated due to the oil crisis in 1973 , which resulted in lack of energy in the Philippines . The decision was declared that the solution to this problem over-dependence on oil is the existence of alternative sources of energy - a nuclear plant. In 1979 , there was a nuclear accident in Pennsylvania, United States, so temporarily stunned the establishment of the plant .

There were changes in plans Bataan nuclear plant in order to prevent a similar accident happened in the United States . Continued drying the plant in June 1981 and finished it in 1984. After some inspection and after sending the other requirements for the operation , ready to be test run in February 1985. In the original plan , the estimated amount of drying is 600 million dollars, but it jumped to 2.3 billion dollars .
source: youtube

Since the outbreak of the EDSA revolution in 1986 and the government has started , one of the first action is to decide not to put into operation the nuclear plant in Bataan . One of the main reason is the large nuclear accident that occurred at Chernobyl on April 25 , 1986. There was also a thorough study of the nuclear plant in Bataan and encountered here approximately 4,000 defects when it comes to safety . As the constitution was included prohibits the operation of nuclear plants in the country .

Mega Mouth Shark A Very Rare Shark Caught By A Fisherman

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A very rare species of shark was caught by a fisherman in the sea of Pio Duran in Albay.
The size and weight of the shark , needed  more than 10 people to carried the shark just to bring it to shore .

Report said that a fisherman accidentally  caught the shark which is called " mega mouth shark . "

The Shark which measures of 15 feet and a width of  34 inches .

Due to  shark unable to release itself in the fish net, the shark was died till they completely release it from the net where it was caught.

The fisherman tell the story on how he caught the rare shark, he thought he caught many fish  due to the heavy  weight of  his fish net .

But he was shocked when he saw that a  giant shark shovel went into his net .

The authorities immediately informed the said caught of very rare shark and they  intend to preserve it for further study on the said rare shark.
source: GMA

Bataan Shrine Of Valor "Mt. Samat"

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Mt. Samat  cross was named " Shrine of  Valor " which offered  to the Filipino soldiers who fight valiant againts the  Japanese forces during World War 2 . Mt. Samat is located in the province of Bataan, in the Municipality of  Pilar and situated at barangay Diwa. The Shrine of Valor was built under the direction of former President Ferdinand Marcos on 14th of April 1966. It is located at a distance of 130 kilometers from Manila .

Shrine of Valor, which refers to the Bataan Death March . The Bataan Death March was the forced operation by approximately 70,000 prisoners of war ( POWs prisoners of war ) consisting of Filipino and American captured by the Japanese during World War II . Started on 9 April 1942, the march began in Mariveles , Bataan to San Fernando, Pampanga ( which reached 88 kilometers away ) , to Capas, Tarlac and re walking distance of 13 kilometers to track down Station O ' Donnell . the death march  took six days.

 March 11 , 1942, at the behest of President Theodore Roosevelt , Jr. , General Douglas MacArthur left , with some troops , from Corregidor to Australia . The removal of General MacArthur , appointed Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright IV as successor to Corregidor , and General Edward P. King also was assigned to lead the war on Bataan . Gradually felt the soldier of the American slowdown of their army against the attacks of Japan . Moreover , rarely was also the arrival of relief food , medicine and weapons from the United States, and continues to grow sick and injured . Consequently , there was no choice but to surrender to the Japanese .

source: youtube
The fall of Bataan in April 1942 was a compelling reason to weaken the defense and eventually defeat the Corregidor a month later. Surrender made the Bataan was marked by the end of the war here . But alongside such surrender and white colors will be bannered six days of tortured by Japanese soldiers to Filipino Americans soldier which called Death March . Now aday’s Mt.Samat is one of the most popular tourism in Bataan, which  visited by some foreign people and native people.

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Finally Met During Halftime Break At Miami Heat Games

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During a match between NBA teams Miami Heat and Milwaukie Bucks, two boxing superstars are featured during the halftime game.

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather finally met face to face not in the center of the ring but in the courtside of the Basketball court in Miami, American Airlines Arena, as the two boxing icon featured during at halftime games.

As the two fighters wait for the resume of the NBA games, which both an avid fan of basketball. Floyd Mayweather and his team walk through Manny Pacquiao team where he seated at the other side of the court.

The two boxer greet each other and shake hands, Yahoo's sports analysts Kevin Iole, over heard about the conversation of the two Boxer which is Mayweather gave his number to Manny Pacquiao so that they can communicate to each other.

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are both in the hot seat after the two boxer has expressed their interest to finally agree in a fight this year 2015. But as of now there is no final decision on the said rumored fight.

Pacquiao, who expressed his eagerness to fight Mayweather,  has agreed to the terms and condition which Mayweather  camp set. As of now Pacquiao’s team are still waiting  for Mayweathers team to sign up the contract and make the fight happen on May 2, 2015?

If the said fight will happen it will be a blockbuster match that every boxing fans, waited for a long time, it will be the fight of the year, perhaps fight of the decade.
sources: GMA, bleacherreport , pekengpedia

Sea Serpent Shark Captured In Australia

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 A  scary sea serpent-like creature caught by a fishermen recently off the south-eastern coast of Victoria, Australia.

The prehistoric creature, which is called frilled shark, got his name because of  its six pairs of frill-like gills, a mouth full of 300 razor sharp teeth in 25 rows. the long jaws open wide so they can consume prey whole and the rows of teeth keep the unlucky meal from wiggling out of its mouth.

The creature that resemble to an eel or serpent more than a shark. the species is very rare and if also very rare to seen alive.

The creature was caught by David Guillot, in waters near Lakes Entrance at a depth of 700 meters. He said that “The head on it was like something out of a horror movie. It was quite horrific looking … It was quite scary actually.”

The frilled shark that was caught was two-meter-long which was turn over to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization that was positively confirmed that the creature was caught was really a frilled shark.

Frilled shark, was first discovered around the year of 1880 and their sightings are very rare.
their range is worldwide, with evidence of their existence found in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. the frilled shark is listed as near-threatened.
sources: mysterious , youtube

Roman Reigns Going To Wrestlemania 31 After Winning The 2015 Royal Rumble

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 World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), featured the yearly event of Royal Rumble Match, which  30 man of WWE superstar's participate, for having the chance to be headlining in the up coming Wrestlemania 31.

Winner of the 2015 royal Rumble Match, will have the chance to face the WWE Champion for who might it be? maybe it's Brock Lesnar, if he still can hold on the Title?

The 2015 Royal Rumble, was held at Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania last January 25, 2015 with a crowd attendance of 17, 164.

Royal Rumble Match
approximately every 90 seconds another WWE Superstar will participate:

       Eliminated by
Entry #1
The Miz
      Bubba Ray
Entry #2
      Bubba Ray
Entry #3
Bubba Ray Dudley
Entry #4
Luke Harper
Entry #5
Bray Wyatt
      Big Show & Kane
Entry #6
Curtis Axel
      Unable to compete
Entry #7
The Boogeyman
Entry #8
Sin Cara
Entry #9
Zack Ryder
Entry #10
Daniel Bryan
Entry #11
Entry #12
Tyson Kidd
Entry #13
Entry #14
Diamond Dallas Page
Entry #15
Entry #16
Entry #17
Kofi Kingston
Entry #18
Adam Rose
Entry #19
Roman Reigns
Entry #20
Big E
Entry #21
Damien Mizdow
Entry #22
Jack Swagger
      Big Show
Entry #23
      Big Show & Kane
Entry #24
Entry #25
Dean Ambrose
      Big Show & Kane
Entry #26
Titus O'Neil
      Ambrose & Reigns
Entry #27
Bad News Barrett
Entry #28
Entry #29
Big Show
Entry #30
Dolph Ziggler
      Big Show & Kane

Winners and Matches

Tag Team Match
Cesaro and Tyson Kidd   defeated  The New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston)

Tag Team Match
The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor)  defeated  The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn)

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) (Champion)  defeated  The Miz and Damien Mizdow

Tag Team Match
The Bella Twins (Brie Bella and Nikki Bella)  defeated  Paige and Natalya

WWE World Heavyweight Championship (Triple Threat Match)
Brock Lesnar (Champion)  defeated  John Cena and Seth Rollins

Royal Rumble Winner (Headlining in a match for the WWE Championship Match At Wrestlemania 31)
Roman Reigns won by eliminating  Rusev

Amphibian Tricycle Invented By Filipino That Can Be Use In Land And Water

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A company in the Philippines recently built a  vehicle that can be able to use in land and in water.

The vehicle that is commonly used in the street which is called “Tricycle”  has been upgraded to         “Amphibian tricycle”  which will be able to used from land and water.

The invention was come up due to several parts in the Philippines are experiencing floods.

Salamander “ The Amphibian Tricycle” was built by a Filipino, a company which called H20 Technologies, INC.

The prototype vehicle uses gasoline and capable of carrying 6 people. the vehicle  carried an oar, so that in case of emergency  and gasoline is not available they can use the oar to maneuver the vehicle.

Another prototype vehicle is the ”Electric Amphibian Tricycle”, powered by electricity, which features a solar panel, usb ports and can be able to charge electronic gadgets in case of emergency.

The cost of the two type prototype tricycle is about 1 million pesos which was built for almost two years.

Currently the prototype vehicle is not yet for sale in the market.

As of now the local government unit are the priority who will be interested on the vehicle.
The prototype tricycle, will be subject for some major parts changing to be able to afford in the market of  LGU.

Some people commented on the Invention of the Prototype Tricycle, they said it may be fast but in low lying water it can be hard to maneuver, some say  that the if they used it in polluted area, the propeller of the vehicle will be engaging a lot of trash caused by human waste.

Viral Video: Ghost Chasing A Truck In The Middle Of Deserted Road

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As I watched this recent footage of freaky Black Burn Ghost in U.K. which involved a ghost chasing a car on a deserted road.

I find this video not scary at all, maybe because I am not the person in real time who is in the truck who video it. but because as I watch this video it seem’s to me as this is not real? a ghost chasing a truck? Like a cat and mouse chased? But this is just my opinion upon watching it, you still be the judge as you watch it?

The video has a three minute clip, who filmed by an Arabic person who scream for his dear life,  the video became viral throughout internet. Which a two guys driving through the woods by their truck, Then a mysterious white creature appeared and captured in a video as it walks along the road between Blackburn and Belmont in Lancashire. the ghost that they encounter is said to be the black burn ghost which many said in UK is a Myth.

The Ghost which appeared to be with an appearance of hunchbacked posture, wearing a white cloak and hair falling down in front of the face. The mythical ghost is lingering around at night at Blackburn.

Story teller said that the ghost appeared in the video is the same monk who was killed in 1643 and could be avenging himself.
sources: viralnext , youtube

Viral Video: A Dog Used Teleportation In The Middle Of A Drag Race

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A viral video that was shot on a mobile device, which features a footage of a dog that mysteriously appeared in the middle of the road after a passing vehicle has passed, the dog suddenly appears out of thin air.

Many people believe in teleportation,a movement from one place to another without traversing the physical space between them.

Is this video footage of a dog is another case of teleportation? Well it seem it is!

The said footage was caught during an illegal drag race in Chile by a spectators which recorded the said race after capturing the mysterious appearance of the dog in the middle of the road.

The dog which runs up to the spectators, leaping and dancing around in excitement, completely undisturbed by the fact that it appears to have had such a narrow escape.

The video footage is very interesting because I cant figure it how the dog suddenly appeared in the middle of the road during a drag race? I don’t know if it is another fake or what we called photoshop edit? You’ll be the judge as you watched the said video.

 source: youtube

Another similar case like that I watched  in youtube which became a viral video of a girl who save a man which is about to hit by a truck. The girl who used a teleportation to save the man, in case that you didn’t see it? here is the link  the tile of the link is “ An Angel saved a man in a bike

Viral: Norwegian Half Elephant Baby The Reincarnation Of Deity Ganesha

A Norwegian couple recently gave birth to a half-human-half-elephant Norwegian baby. Hindu practitioners believe that the child is the reincarnation of the popular deity Ganesha. As million of hindus began to traveled towards the country of Norway.

A photograph of a half-human/half-elephant child has been circulating in the social media all over the world, but personally I don’t know if this is true or not?

Ganesha is an Elephant headed God, which has several limbs and the head of an elephant which Hindu practitioners believe as their Gods.

 Ganesha God

The parents of the child which is Alexandar and Lola Andersen first tried to keep their child a secret from the media but a secret cant be keep as soon pictures of the child along with the identity of the family leaked to the social media. it is very hard to keep its identity hidden, especially if a baby has a similar face as that to an elephant.

The Andersen’s became famous in the country of India. But Andersen’s family doesn’t like the situation that is happening to them and their son. They wish that they just leave us, their disturbing our private life.

Alexander the father of the child didn’t gave any name so far to his child, and he honestly said that for  now the child will be called as “The Creature That We Keep In The Basement” and he said also that probably we might sell the child to India to let him live in Taj Mahal.which they revealled they true intension on what they gonna do on their famous half-human-half-elephant son.
sources: huzler , viral-next

Barangay In Cavite Banned DOTA Computer Games

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Internet shop’s in Barangay Salawag in Dasmariñas, Cavite  has banned the famous Internet Games  DOTA  following an ordinance implemented by the local government there.

On Wednesday,  Bgry. Captain Eric Paredes of Salawag said someone already died due to the computer game.

There are two dead which origins in a contentions in a computer shop. We found that it turned out to be there playing games on the computer shop and the game they played is DOTA , " Paredes said.

Officials of barangay said that computer games like DOTA distracts kids from their education and it results to be a bad influence that makes the youth to be involving in video game gambling and violence.

A resolution has been passed by the Sangguniang Barangay last Monday which violators will be subject to up to 2 months of suspension for the first offense.

Second offense will be closed while those who violate the law for a third time will be revoked of their barangay business clearance.

Maricel Navarette, a resident who support the ordinance of barangay said that the ordinance is the prohibit is just right which is good so that kids and teenager will be able to concentrate on their studies.

An avid player of DOTA  games said that For me I am not worry of playing games like DOTA it is just my  past time to entertainment myself ," Quistadio said.

Authorities in Barangay Salawang inspected At least thirty computer shops  following the recent implementation of the said ordinance.

DOTA games can only be played at home or with the guidance of their parents.
source: GMA

Pope Francis Was Touched On The Question Of A 12 Year Old Girl

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Manila, Philippines - On Pope Francis last mass at the Luneta, millions of people gathered in Luneta to see the Pope last mass, before leaving the country.

During the said mass, two kids which is 14-year-old Jun Chura and 12-year-old Glyzelle Iris Palomar has given the chance to give testimony to Pope Francis.

These two kids where once a street children till they  were saved by the Tulay ng Kabataan Foundation. one of many organization that comforts street children in the Philippines.

Glyzelle Iris Palomar, One of the children abandoned by their parents and currently living in Tulay ng Kabataan Foundation. this young girl who read the testimony by asking a question to the Pope “Why does God allow things like these to happen? Because children are innocent, and why is it that only a few people help us?

 A question that makes all filipino watching on TV and especially the people at the Luneta that touches their heart. A question that maybe even a Pope will not know the answer?

In this world life sometimes is unfair, we are just to live with it or do something about it?

After the young girl, finish her testimony, she cried and touches the heart of the Pope.

The two kids came over to Pope Francis, and the two kids kiss and hug the Pope and the Pope hugged the children several times, while the crowd was awe-inspired.

Sad to say that because of poverty, irresponsible parents, children are forced to live in the street. Doing some things even is not good or against the law that they will do just to survive in life?

Maybe someday not just on the Philippines but in the world, maybe street children will be lessen or much better no more street children?
source: youtube