Amphibian Tricycle Invented By Filipino That Can Be Use In Land And Water

A company in the Philippines recently built a  vehicle that can be able to use in land and in water.

The vehicle that is commonly used in the street which is called “Tricycle”  has been upgraded to         “Amphibian tricycle”  which will be able to used from land and water.

The invention was come up due to several parts in the Philippines are experiencing floods.

Salamander “ The Amphibian Tricycle” was built by a Filipino, a company which called H20 Technologies, INC.

The prototype vehicle uses gasoline and capable of carrying 6 people. the vehicle  carried an oar, so that in case of emergency  and gasoline is not available they can use the oar to maneuver the vehicle.

Another prototype vehicle is the ”Electric Amphibian Tricycle”, powered by electricity, which features a solar panel, usb ports and can be able to charge electronic gadgets in case of emergency.

The cost of the two type prototype tricycle is about 1 million pesos which was built for almost two years.

Currently the prototype vehicle is not yet for sale in the market.

As of now the local government unit are the priority who will be interested on the vehicle.
The prototype tricycle, will be subject for some major parts changing to be able to afford in the market of  LGU.

Some people commented on the Invention of the Prototype Tricycle, they said it may be fast but in low lying water it can be hard to maneuver, some say  that the if they used it in polluted area, the propeller of the vehicle will be engaging a lot of trash caused by human waste.