Mega Mouth Shark A Very Rare Shark Caught By A Fisherman

A very rare species of shark was caught by a fisherman in the sea of Pio Duran in Albay.
The size and weight of the shark , needed  more than 10 people to carried the shark just to bring it to shore .

Report said that a fisherman accidentally  caught the shark which is called " mega mouth shark . "

The Shark which measures of 15 feet and a width of  34 inches .

Due to  shark unable to release itself in the fish net, the shark was died till they completely release it from the net where it was caught.

The fisherman tell the story on how he caught the rare shark, he thought he caught many fish  due to the heavy  weight of  his fish net .

But he was shocked when he saw that a  giant shark shovel went into his net .

The authorities immediately informed the said caught of very rare shark and they  intend to preserve it for further study on the said rare shark.
source: GMA