Viral Video: A Dog Used Teleportation In The Middle Of A Drag Race

A viral video that was shot on a mobile device, which features a footage of a dog that mysteriously appeared in the middle of the road after a passing vehicle has passed, the dog suddenly appears out of thin air.

Many people believe in teleportation,a movement from one place to another without traversing the physical space between them.

Is this video footage of a dog is another case of teleportation? Well it seem it is!

The said footage was caught during an illegal drag race in Chile by a spectators which recorded the said race after capturing the mysterious appearance of the dog in the middle of the road.

The dog which runs up to the spectators, leaping and dancing around in excitement, completely undisturbed by the fact that it appears to have had such a narrow escape.

The video footage is very interesting because I cant figure it how the dog suddenly appeared in the middle of the road during a drag race? I don’t know if it is another fake or what we called photoshop edit? You’ll be the judge as you watched the said video.

 source: youtube

Another similar case like that I watched  in youtube which became a viral video of a girl who save a man which is about to hit by a truck. The girl who used a teleportation to save the man, in case that you didn’t see it? here is the link  the tile of the link is “ An Angel saved a man in a bike