Viral Video: Ghost Chasing A Truck In The Middle Of Deserted Road

As I watched this recent footage of freaky Black Burn Ghost in U.K. which involved a ghost chasing a car on a deserted road.

I find this video not scary at all, maybe because I am not the person in real time who is in the truck who video it. but because as I watch this video it seem’s to me as this is not real? a ghost chasing a truck? Like a cat and mouse chased? But this is just my opinion upon watching it, you still be the judge as you watch it?

The video has a three minute clip, who filmed by an Arabic person who scream for his dear life,  the video became viral throughout internet. Which a two guys driving through the woods by their truck, Then a mysterious white creature appeared and captured in a video as it walks along the road between Blackburn and Belmont in Lancashire. the ghost that they encounter is said to be the black burn ghost which many said in UK is a Myth.

The Ghost which appeared to be with an appearance of hunchbacked posture, wearing a white cloak and hair falling down in front of the face. The mythical ghost is lingering around at night at Blackburn.

Story teller said that the ghost appeared in the video is the same monk who was killed in 1643 and could be avenging himself.
sources: viralnext , youtube