The Unused Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

The Bataan Nuclear Plant began to build in 1976 and completed in 1984. It is designed to meet the shortage of energy and electricity supply in the '70s under the leadership Marcos . The nuclear plant is worth 2.3 billion dollars .

 It is located in Bataan , kilometers away from Manila . It is designed to supply 600 megawatts of electricity , but the plant is not used once , due to various reasons . Completed by the government in April 2007 the country's debt payments to the nuclear plant . The repayment of the loan , with interest and inflation ( " inflation ") , has completed more than 30 years after the nuclear plant started . The power plant was probably the biggest financed by the government that went before .

The Bataan Nuclear Plant is 357 hectares in Napot Point, Morong , Bataan . This area is located between the Philippine Fault and West Central Fault , so it is considered in high-risk areas that dominated the earthquake .

 The Bataan Nuclear Plant was initiated due to the oil crisis in 1973 , which resulted in lack of energy in the Philippines . The decision was declared that the solution to this problem over-dependence on oil is the existence of alternative sources of energy - a nuclear plant. In 1979 , there was a nuclear accident in Pennsylvania, United States, so temporarily stunned the establishment of the plant .

There were changes in plans Bataan nuclear plant in order to prevent a similar accident happened in the United States . Continued drying the plant in June 1981 and finished it in 1984. After some inspection and after sending the other requirements for the operation , ready to be test run in February 1985. In the original plan , the estimated amount of drying is 600 million dollars, but it jumped to 2.3 billion dollars .
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Since the outbreak of the EDSA revolution in 1986 and the government has started , one of the first action is to decide not to put into operation the nuclear plant in Bataan . One of the main reason is the large nuclear accident that occurred at Chernobyl on April 25 , 1986. There was also a thorough study of the nuclear plant in Bataan and encountered here approximately 4,000 defects when it comes to safety . As the constitution was included prohibits the operation of nuclear plants in the country .