Viral Video, Amazing Kid Displaying Nunchaku Moves

A video of a four-year-old  Asian boy displaying his amazing talent in using a  nunchuck which immitate those of martial arts moves of the legendary Martial arts star Bruce Lee, that has gone viral.

The Chinese boy, that imitates the action moves of Bruce Lee, is practicing inside the living room. Which appear to be that beside from copying  the martial moves of late Bruce lee, he also  copying the facial expression of his idol and also the attire which is the yellow jumpsuit the trademark of the late action star.

As the video is being recorded the boy, is practicing simultaneously with the video clip of Bruce Lee which also practicing nunchuck and the boy nearly copied the moves of Bruce Lee in perfection.
Even though the boy didn’t see the video clip of Bruce Lee which is at the back of him while practicing it shows  that the young boy nearly perfect his two-handed technique and lightning fast speed.

The boy shows off his nunchucks skills, "wooh-ing" and "wataah-ing" almost seamlessly in unison, he handles them with ease, flicking and twirling them over his shoulders and arms in rapid succession. with the Bruce Lee movie scenes playing in the background on his parents' flat-screen television.

The video has now become viral and an internet sensation, with viewers praising the Chinese boy as the 'coolest kid I've ever seen'.

The home video was posted on YouTube and garnered thousands of views and numerous comments saying the boy should star in his own kung fu movie.

'Not only is this kid was awesome but his costume changes are legendary!', while others proclaimed him to be the next great Chinese martial artist.

sources: youtube , scmp

Nunchucks are an ancient Japanese weapon which consists of two pieces of wood connected by a chain. They were widely popularized by Bruce Lee in the series of acclaimed films he featured in during the 1970s.