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Which Team is a Legit Treat for the Warriors in the Upcoming 2017 – 2018 NBA Season?

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NBA – According to some expert in basketball and NBA sports analyst the defending Champion Golden State Warriors will remain the favorite team of winning the NBA Championship for the 2nd straight season despite some major upgrade by other teams.

It’s true that the Warriors are still the very best team having won two of the last three Championships and having four young all-star players with the likes of sharp shooter Klay Thompson, defensive player of the year Draymond Green, one time MVP and last season Finals MVP Kevin Durant and the 2-time regular season MVP Stephen Curry with these players there is no doubt that they are the best in business today and perhaps for the next several years to come?

But don’t count some other teams that already starting to build their own super team as the 2017 – 2018 NBA Season is about to start by the last week of October, these teams will not wait to see the Warriors building their dynasty as these teams will try to stop and even try to dethrone the defending champion?

Here is the list of NBA team that a legit treat for the defending champion Golden State Warriors:

Western Conference

1. Houston Rockets – The Rockets just added from a trade the 9 times All-star Chris Paul from the LA Clippers to upgrade their roster, Paul joined last year runner up in MVP James Harden, Nenê, Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza and the rest of the Rockets to further their chance in beating the Warriors?

2. San Antonio Spurs – The Spurs has been always been a contender every year and perhaps for almost a decade since the era of Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker. The Spurs did not make any major changes in their lineup, but still they will rely in their new superstar player Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge. Pau Gasol, Danny Green and veterans Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder – The Thunder just loss Kevin Durant in the 2016 Free Agency that caused the team from not reaching a much higher places in the 2016 – 2017 NBA post season and eventually eliminated early in the playoffs. But this time the 2017 off season they acquired two NBA Superstar from a trade Paul George from the Pacers and Carmelo Antony of Knicks to form a “Big Three” including the reigning NBA MVP Russell Westbrook. The addition of George and Melo joining Westbrook improve the Thunder’s chances of beating the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals if they possibly meet in the West Finals?

Eastern Conference

1. Cleveland Cavaliers – The Cavs is still the favorite in the East and more likely to reach the NBA Finals for the 4th consecutive time? Even though Kyrie Irving leaves the Cavs, he was immediately replaced some legit superstar young and old with the likes of Isiah Thomas, Derrick Rose and the recent addition of Dwyane Wade to form their own super team alongside with LeBron James, Kevin Love, JR Smith, Tristan Thomson and the rest of the Cavs.

2. Boston Celtics – The Celtics has almost completely change their roster, leaving only one player from last season Al Halford. Horford will be joining other superstar players with the likes of Gordon Hayward from the Jazz and Kyrie Irving from the Cavs trade. The addition, Irving makes the Celtics a legit treat for the defending Eastern Conference Champion Cleveland Cavaliers?

Which team will be a legit treat for the Warriors in the West and in the East? Let’s wait and see till the 2017 – 2018 Season begins in October.

Report Say’s D-Wade Reunites with His Buddy LeBron James in Cleveland

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NBA – The Cleveland Cavaliers is not done yet in recruiting players that could help them bring back the Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy in their land once again and this time they acquired not just an ordinary player who is part of the “Miami Heat Big Three” in 2010 through 2014, the former teammate of LeBron James and well known best friend of him the former Miami Heat supertar the 3-time NBA Champions and 2006 NBA Finals MVP Dwyane Wade.

On September 24, 2017, Dwyane Wade and the Bulls decided to part ways after just one season, agreeing in a buyout of Wades remaining years of his contract as a Chicago Bulls. After the buyout was reported 3 teams quickly shows the interest of Wade’s services, the Cavaliers, Spurs and the OKC, but it was the Cavaliers that was the upper hand of acquiring Wade due to LeBron James influence.

Wade has already said before until the rumors of a possible buyout over the Bulls that he will join a team that is a potential title contender and that would be Cleveland in the East which is more likely the favorite in the East in reaching another NBA Finals appearance for the 4th straight year?

Despite the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City shows some interest for Wade and which are also a legit contender for the Western Conference Championship against the favorite super team and defending NBA Champion the Golden State Warriors, Wade decided to join Cleveland because of a much better possibility of being a starter and not just a role player coming out the bench?

Wade, who has a high Basketball IQ like LeBron James will join new Cavaliers comers like former MVP Derrick Rose, last season 5th in MVP list Isiah Thomas, defensive specialist Jae Crowder and the rest of Cavaliers superstars like LeBron James, Kevin Love, JR Smith and Tristan Thompson. Wade has reported of signing a one-year, $2.3 million with the Cavs.

Pres. Duterte Increases the Penalty of People Who Will Commit Crimes

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Philippines – Just recently President Rodrigo Duterte has signed and approved the Republic Act 10951 or the Revised Penal Code Indexation Act. The Revised Penal Code contains law that punished people who committed crimes and here are also written the different types of crime with affiliated fines and penalties.

According to the revised law, if a certain person was proven guilty of a crime that he or she committed, then he or she is subject to be penalized with higher penalty and fines according to the crime that he or she committed.

The revision of the law is due to the fact that the Penal Code is already 87 years old and because of that it is too old to be implemented since the value of money back then is different from the value of money today, The amount of money changes which is equivalent to the fines and penalties that a certain crime committed.

Here are the list and fines of the original Penal Code and the new Revised Penal Code:

1. Unlawful use of means of publication or Fake news - Old Fines ( P200 – P1000), New Fines               (P40K – P200K)

2. Treason or betrayal of country - Old Fines ( P20K), New Fines (P4 Million) or Reclusión perpetua     (Lifetime Imprisonment)

3. Sedition or encouraging to attack the government - Old Fines ( P10K), New Fines (P2 Million))

4. Prostitution - Old Fines ( P2000), New Fines (P20K – P200K)

5. Libel - Old Fines ( P200 – P6000), New Fines (P40K – P1.2 Million)

The revision of fines and penalties is also due to the continuing worsening of crime in the country.

Tips from Avoiding House Robbery Invasion

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Philippines – There are so many crimes that currently happening here in our country in every second, minutes and hours that pass. Crimes that the government can’t find the right solution to solve this problem? Just like the widespread problem in the syndicate of drugs and drug users as well, left and right killing of people involve or suspect in crimes, whether it’s just a teenager or adult ones and the most common crimes are the theft or robbery.

Now let’s focus on robbery, robbery is an action of a person who wants to rob a person or place, robbers are commonly seen or happen on the road, public utility vehicles and other crowded places while sometimes it also happens in our own house where robbers attack when people are already sleeping or no one’s at home? So the citizens must always be vigilant when outside and inside the house of these robbers.

Here are some tips that could help to prevent robbers from entering our house:

1. Lock all doors and windows of the house. Make sure that robbers cannot go inside easily.
2. Inform your trusted neighbors to look at your house when leaving for a couple of days and let them       know when is the day of your coming back?
3. Do not leave important things or useful things outside of your house.
4. Be careful when posting on social media about your plan of vacation or leaving your home and
    if you cannot avoid it from posting your plan make sure that only trusted people can see it.
5. Do not place expensive jewelry beside the window or near the window.
6. Save or remember the security number of your barangay, subdivision and police station in your area

These are some of the friendliest tips that we should always remind ourselves and the families before leaving our house in exchange of vacations or whatever maybe?

Kyrie Irving Finally Reveals His Decision of Leaving Cleveland

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NBA – The Boston Celtics new superstar point guard and possibly the future franchise player of the Celtics organization the former Cleveland Cavaliers four time all-star and member of the 2016 NBA Champion Kyrie Irving finally revealed his decision on why he chose to leave Cleveland instead of staying for another year in hopes of another NBA Title run for the 4th straight year. 

In an interview taken by ESPN morning sports talk program “First Take”, Stephen A. Smith a known sports television personality and co-host of “First Take” along with Molly Qerim interview Kyrie Irving in his controversial demand trade with the Cavaliers for the very first time since the trade to Boston becomes official.

As we remember since the news came out that Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland many rumors and speculations circulated around the basketball world that Irving doesn’t want to play anymore with LeBron James? He is not happy in Cleveland and he is in pursued of being the leader of his own squad or team?

Now that Kyrie Irving finally guested in First Take as a Celtics and Stephen A. Smith has the privilege of asking questions that could finally reveal on what truly happen on the relationship between Irving, LeBron and Cleveland Cavaliers that lead to their parting ways?

Here are some of Irving’s explanation on why he chooses to leave Cleveland.

1. After he develop and evolve as a man, the best intention for him is to leave and to perfect his craft.

2. Don’t like the culture of Cleveland

3. And wants to be the man of his own team.

Meanwhile, Kyrie Irving also revealed that he never talk to LeBron James on his decision of leaving Cleveland and he has no intentions of telling it to LeBron for the rest of possible trade back then?

What did you think guys, did Irving doesn't owe anything to LeBron James and just ignoring the king who help him to make it to three straight Finals appearance and 1 NBA Championships?

How to Find a House at Pag-IBIG Fund Acquired Assets

Philippines – here in the country housing is one of the biggest problems for most of the Filipino people, especially for those people in the middle and lower class as they cannot afford to buy a new house or even rent a house?

That’s why the government made a solution to assist or help people like them to be able to have a house with low monthly mortgage through the assistance of government agencies “Pag-IBIG Housing Loan”

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Pag-IBIG Housing Loan are available to all Pag-IBIG members like factory workers, government employees, businessman, self-employed and others as long they meet the necessary requirements of the agencies and the qualifications at the house that applying for?

Pag-IBIG offers different loan terms depending on the capability of the member such as 30 years to pay, 25 years and so on… Meanwhile, the lowest house mortgage offers to a member are the raw house, unit like this is the cheapest amortization and the most-friendly in budget wise for middle and lower class family.

But sometimes members are also experiencing the trouble of paying their monthly amortization that could lead to the revocation of their unit or worst the unit will be foreclosed if the members doesn’t settle their delinquent payments for various consecutive times, though Pag-IBIG warns or give the homeowner some enough time to settle their delinquent balance, but failure to comply might lead to revocation of their unit and their houses will be included to the list of “Pag-IBIG Fund Acquired Assets”.

Under the “Pag-IBIG Fund Acquired Assets”, the houses included in the list are subject for sale, which means another Pag-IBIG members are allowed to buy or apply for amortization, but applicants must see to it that the unit or house they applying for is totally available or if have time, check it first personally if no one’s occupying the unit before proceeding for the application to avoid future problems.

To see the list of the latest foreclosed property and acquired assets, click this link Pag-IBIG Acquired Asset’s.

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How to Check the Status of a Certain Vehicle by Texting Her LTO Plate Number to 2600

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Philippines – The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has created a services that could help Filipino citizens in checking the status of a certain vehicle by typing the vehicle plate number through a mobile phone and send them by a text or sms messages to 2600.

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After a few seconds a return text or sms messages from 2600, under the messages the vehicles information are all indicated like the maker of the vehicle, model of the vehicle, year on when it’s made, color of the vehicle, when was the last registration of the vehicle, records of the vehicles violations and LTO alarm if there’s any.

In this LTO services you can already know about on what’s the real status of the vehicle that you are inquiring about or if you are a vehicle buyer, especially if you are interested on buying a second hand vehicle this is a very good tips in checking their status first before buying them as you will no longer need to go to the nearest LTO Satellite Offices to check the Vehicle status anymore.

Aside from them checking or the verifications of LTO Vehicle Plate Number for personal use, the services can be also used for verifying a certain vehicle if it’s stolen, use in crime or other criminal actions related to using the vehicle.

Here is the steps on Verifying LTO Plate Number

On your Mobile Phone Type:

 LTO<space>Vehicle<space>Plate number of the vehicle and send 2600


LTO Vehicle FF12345 and send 2600

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Take note: this vehicle verification has only tried on motorcycles only. Vehicle’s like cars, truck or public utility vehicles has not yet tried, but it doesn’t mean that it will not work for them? Just try for yourself to know? Also the cost of this LTO services in verifying Vehicle LTO Plate Number is just P2.50.00.

September 12, Class Suspension and Weather Condition

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Philippines – The country is currently experiencing a bad weather condition brought by Tropical Depression “Maring”. At 3:00 PM today, the center of Tropical Depression was estimated at 300 km East of Infanta, Quezon carries a maximum sustained winds of 45 km/h near the center and gustiness of up to 60km/h and moving West Northwest at 13 km/h.

Due to bad weather conditions in some areas that directly affected by the tropical depression will be experiencing a weather condition of Rains with gusty winds which gives impacts that could lead to Slight damage to some houses of very light materials and some agricultural foods like banana plants and rice crops. The area’s that could experience these weather conditions are as follows Catanduanes, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Northern Quezon including Polillo Islands, Aurora, Quirino and Nueva Ecija

The area’s that could experience cloudy skies with moderate to occasionally heavy rains with thunderstorms are Metro Manila, MIMAROPA, the rest of CALABARZON, the rest of Central Luzon and the rest of Bicol Region while the Visayas and the rest of Luzon will be experiencing cloudy skies with light to moderate rains with thunderstorms.

Class suspension is already declared as early as yesterday due to expected bad weather and the above areas that are mentioned are mostly the areas that classes are already suspended.

Meanwhile, another bad weather condition name Typhoon “Lannie” with international name “Talim” has already entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) it has a maximum sustained winds of 120 km/h near the center and gustiness of up to 145 km/h and moving in the direction of West Northwest at 28 km/h pointing the country of Taiwan.

It is expected that the strong typhoon will not make a landfall in the country, but might still affect the weather condition Northern Luzon that could experience cloudy skies with moderate to occasionally heavy rains with thunderstorms.
source: pagasa, jtwc

Allen Iverson believes that LeBron James will win his 5th MVP?

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NBA – The former Philadelphia 76rs superstar and 2001 NBA Most Valuable Player the 2016 Hall of Fame inductee Allen Iverson made a comment that he believes that Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James will win his 5th MVP in this upcoming 2017 – 2018 NBA Season.

Despite the season has not yet started until the 2nd week of October where the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics will be the headliners of the very first game of 2017 – 2018 NBA Season, retired NBA player Allen Iverson has already given his predictions that this season LeBron James is the most likely to win the MVP of NBA Regular Season?

Iverson believes that LeBron James has always been the best player in the NBA for almost a decade and he’s always been there in the top 3 MVP conversation every year, excluding the last season where James was not included in the top 3 MVP list but included in the top 5 of the list.

And now that Kyrie Irving is no more a Cavalier, Iverson might think that James is more likely the go to guy of the Cavs and perhaps will be recognized by all MVP voters at the end of the regular season if James can put the Cavs again as the toughest team in the East and hopefully wins his 5th MVP that would tie Michael Jordan.

James last MVP was in 2013 as a Miami Heat he could already win 5 MVP’s if he only did not leave Cleveland in 2011 where he lost to Derrick Rose who is then a Chicago Bulls. Since then James has always been in the MVP conversation each year and never win up to this date despite being the best player of the league who carried the Cavaliers in 3 straight Finals appearances and 7th straight overall as a solo player.

What do you think of Allen Iverson prediction will LeBron James finally win his 5th MVP?

Are the Boston Celtics the Team to beat in the East?

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NBA – There is no doubt that last year's top seeded team in the Eastern Conference Boston Celtics had made a major tune up in their lineup after trading some of their key players in their starting five and acquiring perhaps the much better player in their new line up. 

One particular trade that needed five Celtics players to be sacrifice, including last year top 5 candidates in NBA Regular Season MVP Isaiah Thomas in exchange of Cleveland’s second best player Kyrie Irving.

Before the blockbuster trade between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics, the Celtics already acquired free agent Gordon Hayward from Utah Jazz. Hayward addition already made many speculations that the Celtics has close the gap against their rival Cleveland Cavaliers for the past 3 straight years and the only team that will bring treats for the Cavs in reaching their 4th straight NBA Finals?

And now that the deal which sent Kyrie Irving in Boston is finally done what more can the Celtics do in reaching the Eastern Conference Finals and dethrone the Cavaliers in reaching another Finals appearance? Many will believe that the Celtics won the trade over the Cavaliers because Irving is the best player among the players involve in the trade?

Is Kyrie Irving would be the answer to the Boston problem over LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers? Or would LeBron James and his team remain the beast in the East as long as he's healthy.

The Celtics and the Cavaliers will open the 2017 – 2018 NBA Season on the very first game of the upcoming Season at the Quickens Loan Arena in Cleveland. Irving facing his former team for the first time Celtics uniform will the crowd welcome him or will he experience the same way LeBron James experience when he left Cleveland and join the Miami Heat that thousands of fans of Cleveland inside the Arena join forces on booing him? Let’s wait and see on the opening night of the NBA.

How to Waive BPI Credit Card Annual Fee by a Phone call

Philippines – Here in the country, there are many credit card holder’s that uses different credit cards in different banks and at the same time with different bank policies that don’t know on how to avoid or waive their yearly annual fee that a certain banks charges the card holders that gives extra burden for the credit card users.

Even though there are many banks that promote free lifetime credit card annual fee today there are still few banks that gives annual fee charges, especially for those users that was not included to a certain bank marketing strategy or early users that was not covered by the said free annual fee.

The credit card annual fee is a yearly charge by a bank to a credit card holder or users in exchange of using their services for the whole year, most of the users that is being charged of this annual fee is those users with bad status such as delayed payment or unable to pay?

While for the users with good status, such as updated payments will have the benefits of not being charged of the annual fee, but sometimes just like me, they still charge me with the annual fee unless you contact them to address the issue.

If you encounter the same issue just I do, for BPI credit card users only just follow my simple tips, if you have a PLDT landline simply call them in their domestic toll-free calls 1-800-188-89100, a recorded voice will assist you to direct you to the right person, prepare your credit card number because it will be asked later and the caller must be the card holder itself to properly address the issue that you are concerned about your credit card.

Once you have contacted the right person and ask for the waiving of your BPI annual fee they will simply check your status and if you have a good status in their record they will waive your annual fee which will appear on the next billing, otherwise if you have bad status it means you have to face pay the burden of annual fee so pay your bill as early as possible?

Take note: before contacting your bank with the issue of annual fee, be sure first that you always pay on time or have a good standing to avoid wasting your time contacting your credit card providers.