Pres. Duterte Increases the Penalty of People Who Will Commit Crimes

Philippines – Just recently President Rodrigo Duterte has signed and approved the Republic Act 10951 or the Revised Penal Code Indexation Act. The Revised Penal Code contains law that punished people who committed crimes and here are also written the different types of crime with affiliated fines and penalties.

According to the revised law, if a certain person was proven guilty of a crime that he or she committed, then he or she is subject to be penalized with higher penalty and fines according to the crime that he or she committed.

The revision of the law is due to the fact that the Penal Code is already 87 years old and because of that it is too old to be implemented since the value of money back then is different from the value of money today, The amount of money changes which is equivalent to the fines and penalties that a certain crime committed.

Here are the list and fines of the original Penal Code and the new Revised Penal Code:

1. Unlawful use of means of publication or Fake news - Old Fines ( P200 – P1000), New Fines               (P40K – P200K)

2. Treason or betrayal of country - Old Fines ( P20K), New Fines (P4 Million) or Reclusión perpetua     (Lifetime Imprisonment)

3. Sedition or encouraging to attack the government - Old Fines ( P10K), New Fines (P2 Million))

4. Prostitution - Old Fines ( P2000), New Fines (P20K – P200K)

5. Libel - Old Fines ( P200 – P6000), New Fines (P40K – P1.2 Million)

The revision of fines and penalties is also due to the continuing worsening of crime in the country.