How to Download ePhilID Online

Philippines - Have you ever applied for the Philippine Identification System ID or (PhilSys ID)? If yes, and you have already given or have a copy of PhilSys Number (PSN) or the PhilSys Transaction Slip issued by the PSA upon your application for National ID and this article is for you.

To be able to download the ePhilID online? First you must have a PhilSys Transaction Slip where the Transaction Number is indicated. This slip is given by PSA personnel upon a successful registration for National ID without the transaction slip or the transaction number you cannot download the ePhilID.

How would you know if your ePhilID is available to download? There are two option to know if your ePhilID is ready for download 1. PSA will inform you via text that you ePhilID is ready for download 2. Go to their website to check it manually if your ePhilID is ready for downlo

In my case, my son received a notice via text from the PSA that his ePhilID is ready for download after he successfully downloaded his virtual ID, I tried mine without any notice by the PSA fortunately my ePhilID is also ready for download and I have one mine too.

To check if your ePhilID is available for download online? Here is the Step by step guide on how to download ePhilID Online:

1. Go To PhilSys My ePhilID 

2. Input the Transaction Reference Number in the rectangular box and click submit.

3. A pop up box appear showing "Success" that your ePhilID is ready for download.

4. Fill up all the correct information then click Get OTP

5. A pop up box showing sending OTP to registered number.

6. A pop up box showing a successful OPT sent to registered mobile number.

7. Input the OTP number inside the box and click submit.

8. Another pop up box showing a successful download of ePhilID and a password was sent to your active mobile number.

9. Input the password sent into your registered mobile number and then click submit.

10. You are now viewing your virtual copy of ePhiID and ready for download or print.

Take Note:

Do not lose or misplaced your PSA Transaction Slip and save the Password sent by the PSA, you might need it in the future in case you want another copy of your ePhilID.