Kyrie Irving Finally Reveals His Decision of Leaving Cleveland

NBA – The Boston Celtics new superstar point guard and possibly the future franchise player of the Celtics organization the former Cleveland Cavaliers four time all-star and member of the 2016 NBA Champion Kyrie Irving finally revealed his decision on why he chose to leave Cleveland instead of staying for another year in hopes of another NBA Title run for the 4th straight year. 

In an interview taken by ESPN morning sports talk program “First Take”, Stephen A. Smith a known sports television personality and co-host of “First Take” along with Molly Qerim interview Kyrie Irving in his controversial demand trade with the Cavaliers for the very first time since the trade to Boston becomes official.

As we remember since the news came out that Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland many rumors and speculations circulated around the basketball world that Irving doesn’t want to play anymore with LeBron James? He is not happy in Cleveland and he is in pursued of being the leader of his own squad or team?

Now that Kyrie Irving finally guested in First Take as a Celtics and Stephen A. Smith has the privilege of asking questions that could finally reveal on what truly happen on the relationship between Irving, LeBron and Cleveland Cavaliers that lead to their parting ways?

Here are some of Irving’s explanation on why he chooses to leave Cleveland.

1. After he develop and evolve as a man, the best intention for him is to leave and to perfect his craft.

2. Don’t like the culture of Cleveland

3. And wants to be the man of his own team.

Meanwhile, Kyrie Irving also revealed that he never talk to LeBron James on his decision of leaving Cleveland and he has no intentions of telling it to LeBron for the rest of possible trade back then?

What did you think guys, did Irving doesn't owe anything to LeBron James and just ignoring the king who help him to make it to three straight Finals appearance and 1 NBA Championships?