How to Find a House at Pag-IBIG Fund Acquired Assets

Philippines – here in the country housing is one of the biggest problems for most of the Filipino people, especially for those people in the middle and lower class as they cannot afford to buy a new house or even rent a house?

That’s why the government made a solution to assist or help people like them to be able to have a house with low monthly mortgage through the assistance of government agencies “Pag-IBIG Housing Loan”

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Pag-IBIG Housing Loan are available to all Pag-IBIG members like factory workers, government employees, businessman, self-employed and others as long they meet the necessary requirements of the agencies and the qualifications at the house that applying for?

Pag-IBIG offers different loan terms depending on the capability of the member such as 30 years to pay, 25 years and so on… Meanwhile, the lowest house mortgage offers to a member are the raw house, unit like this is the cheapest amortization and the most-friendly in budget wise for middle and lower class family.

But sometimes members are also experiencing the trouble of paying their monthly amortization that could lead to the revocation of their unit or worst the unit will be foreclosed if the members doesn’t settle their delinquent payments for various consecutive times, though Pag-IBIG warns or give the homeowner some enough time to settle their delinquent balance, but failure to comply might lead to revocation of their unit and their houses will be included to the list of “Pag-IBIG Fund Acquired Assets”.

Under the “Pag-IBIG Fund Acquired Assets”, the houses included in the list are subject for sale, which means another Pag-IBIG members are allowed to buy or apply for amortization, but applicants must see to it that the unit or house they applying for is totally available or if have time, check it first personally if no one’s occupying the unit before proceeding for the application to avoid future problems.

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