How to Waive BPI Credit Card Annual Fee by a Phone call

Philippines – Here in the country, there are many credit card holder’s that uses different credit cards in different banks and at the same time with different bank policies that don’t know on how to avoid or waive their yearly annual fee that a certain banks charges the card holders that gives extra burden for the credit card users.

Even though there are many banks that promote free lifetime credit card annual fee today there are still few banks that gives annual fee charges, especially for those users that was not included to a certain bank marketing strategy or early users that was not covered by the said free annual fee.

The credit card annual fee is a yearly charge by a bank to a credit card holder or users in exchange of using their services for the whole year, most of the users that is being charged of this annual fee is those users with bad status such as delayed payment or unable to pay?

While for the users with good status, such as updated payments will have the benefits of not being charged of the annual fee, but sometimes just like me, they still charge me with the annual fee unless you contact them to address the issue.

If you encounter the same issue just I do, for BPI credit card users only just follow my simple tips, if you have a PLDT landline simply call them in their domestic toll-free calls 1-800-188-89100, a recorded voice will assist you to direct you to the right person, prepare your credit card number because it will be asked later and the caller must be the card holder itself to properly address the issue that you are concerned about your credit card.

Once you have contacted the right person and ask for the waiving of your BPI annual fee they will simply check your status and if you have a good status in their record they will waive your annual fee which will appear on the next billing, otherwise if you have bad status it means you have to face pay the burden of annual fee so pay your bill as early as possible?

Take note: before contacting your bank with the issue of annual fee, be sure first that you always pay on time or have a good standing to avoid wasting your time contacting your credit card providers.