Tips from Avoiding House Robbery Invasion

Philippines – There are so many crimes that currently happening here in our country in every second, minutes and hours that pass. 

Crimes that the government can’t find the right solution to solve this problem? Just like the widespread problem in the syndicate of drugs and drug users as well, left and right killing of people involve or suspect in crimes, whether it’s just a teenager or adult ones and the most common crimes are the theft or robbery.

Now let’s focus on robbery, robbery is an action of a person who wants to rob a person or place, robbers are commonly seen or happen on the road, public utility vehicles and other crowded places while sometimes it also happens in our own house where robbers attack when people are already sleeping or no one’s at home? So the citizens must always be vigilant when outside and inside the house of these robbers.

Here are some tips that could help to prevent robbers from entering our house:

1. Lock all doors and windows of the house. Make sure that robbers cannot go inside easily.
2. Inform your trusted neighbors to look at your house when leaving for a couple of days and let them       know when is the day of your coming back?
3. Do not leave important things or useful things outside of your house.
4. Be careful when posting on social media about your plan of vacation or leaving your home and
    if you cannot avoid it from posting your plan make sure that only trusted people can see it.
5. Do not place expensive jewelry beside the window or near the window.
6. Save or remember the security number of your barangay, subdivision and police station in your area

These are some of the friendliest tips that we should always remind ourselves and the families before leaving our house in exchange of vacations or whatever maybe?