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Kobe Bryant Announces His Retirement At The End Of The 2015-2016 NBA Season

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LA Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant, announce his retirement in NBA  after two decade’s of playing basketball. The announcement was made Sunday, US time on The Players' Tribune website.

 Bryant who spent his entire career as an LA Lakers has won 5 NBA Titles, 2 Finals MVP, 1 regular season MVP, 17 Time All Star Appearance, 4 Time All Star MVP, 1 Slam Dunk Champion and other achievements.

Bryant, was draft in 1996 at age 18 straight out of high school. He was drafted by Charlotte Hornets at 13th pick of  1st round. were he was immediately trade to LA Lakers.

Bryant, shows tremendous athleticism in his early NBA Career, he immediately gain popularity in NBA as the fastest rising star in NBA. he was immediately compared to Michael Jordan. But Michael Jordan was in the later season of his career as the two superstar became arch rival in the game of basketball.

Bryant, is the closest to compare to Michael Jordan with similar moves inside the court as many sports analyst think that Bryant is the next to follow the footstep of Michael Jordan.

In the 2015-2016 NBA Season Kobe Bryant at age 37, returning from an injury, shows the slowness of an old guy. His shooting percentage decline this season as the lowest percentage of his career.

Watch Kobe Bryant Best Plays Of All Time

Due to poor performance of this current season were he suffered multiple injury in the last 2 or 3 season. Bryant, decided to announce his retirement as he will retired his jersey at the end of 2015 -2016 NBA Season.

Basketball fans all over the world, will have their last chance to see Kobe Bryant play in his last season. hopefully he will not get injured and will finish the season healthy.
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Earth Shift Caused A Road In US To Buckles Up

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In United States, a strange phenomenon happen where a road buckles up after a mountain start pushing through it.

An estimated of 100 t0 200 yards of the road known as Vasques Canyon road were damaged when a mountain started to move under the road that caused it to buckles up.

The mountain show a lot of crack on top of the hill, that might caused a large landslide and it is the major reason on why the dirt keep lifting the road.

LA Public Works Officials said that the mountain is moving itself that caused the road to buckles up. All Power lines in the said area are already cut off and To prevent accident, the road where temporary closed to commuters with no definite time where it could be possible again to re-open. Commuters must take alternate route to go through their destination.

The road was popular route for bikers, such as motorbikes and mountain bikes. The incident did not caused any accident when the shifting of earth happen.
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LTO New Policy Temporary Suspend By Senate President Franklin Drilon

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Land Transportation Office or LTO is a Government Agency in the Philippines, where you can acquire a driver’s license and to registered a motor vehicle.

For several months has passed LTO, faced many problem of producing new template and driver’s license card after the later upgrade their system of issuing new plates for new vehicle and a colored color scheme for driver’s license where you can easily identified the type of driver’s license by the color of the driver’s license ID.

It might be a good intention but the problem is the system. They cannot produce such template and driver’s license on time. Where people are back and port in some LTO Offices just to verify if their registration plate or driver’s license ID are already there? For some unfortunate their have to follow up again because its not yet available to claim.

And now another policy has been added by LTO to acquire driver’s license. The new policy is all people who need to acquire driver’s license must complete their requirements first. by acquiring Police Clearance and NBI Clearance before going to LTO Offices.

The new policy includes that people who are facing criminal charges such as “crime against person and property and moral certitude” are cannot acquire driver’s license. With this policy Senator Drilon said that it will be a burden for people who was charge of this crime and cannot work as a driver because of the new policy that was implemented. Senator Drilon advised LTO to revised their policy before the senate approved the said requirements.

 For now the new policy administrative order AVT 2015-029 that mandates all applicants for  drivers’ licenses to present police and NBI clearances as part of requirements are temporary suspended.

Watch: AlDub Wedding Commercial For Talk N' Text ALDUBEverAfter

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Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza featured in their newest TV commercial with a Telco company “Talk N’Text”.

 The video shows the duo, preferring for a big day, which at first I thought they are the one who are getting married but instead they are only attending a friend weddings.

The said TV Commercial was the 3rd commercial that they are promoting for Talk N’Text Wedding Commercial ALDUBEverAfter

Watch the New TV Commercial “Talk N Text ALDUB Wedding Commercial ALDUBEverAfter “

This commercial will be  a sure hit in TV and social media, aside from the popularity of AlDub Duo, the shot of the video was very beautiful especially Maine Mendoza who looks like a real princess.
source: youtube

Golden State Warriors Made History After Winning 16th Straight Games, The Best Start In NBA History

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Defending Champion Golden State Warriors, made history today as they finally sealed the best start in an NBA Season by winning 16th straight after beating the team of Los Angeles Lakers 111-77.

On Tuesday night, fans of Golden State Warriors at Oracles Arena, awaits the much anticipated game as they might witness a historic event in their home court and they were not disappointed.

Before the game, the Warriors was currently tied with the best record in the NBA with 15th straight wins with 1948-49 Washington Capitols and 1993-94 Houston Rockets. 
Warriors was clearly dominated the entire game against the Lakers, as they were really determined to make history today.

Stephen Curry, scores game high with 24 points , 9 assist and 4 rebound. Draymond Green, bags 18 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assist.

After establishing the best start in NBA History, will the Warriors, next target is the Chicago Bulls, best record in an NBA season with 72 wins and 10 loss.

Lets wait and see on what will happen over the next game of the Golden State Warriors. For now lets cherish their new record establish in NBA History.

LeBron James, The Second NBA Player To Join Both Top 25 All Time Scoring And Assist List

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LeBron James, makes history as he join Oscar Robertson as the only two players in NBA History who made it in the Top 25 All Time Scoring List and Top 25 All Time Assist.

James, join the club of Top 25 All Time Assist, which he acquired with an assist pass to Kevin Love with 5:00 left in the  2nd quarter against the Orlando Magic. The Cavaliers wins over Magic 117-103. James finish the game with 15 points 13 assist and 6 rebounds.

James took place the No. 25 spot of All Time assist, after making 5 assist during their games against the Orlando Magic. he move passed Norm Nixon with 6,386 career assist. James has now a 6,395 career assist.

Meanwhile, On November 17, James, move passed Jerry West On All Time Scoring List climbing up at No. 19 position and expected to move past Reggie Miller at No. 18 position.

James, who already at No. 19 in All Time Scoring with 25,274 career points,  will likely to pass Reggie Miller at No.18 with 25,279 career points in the next game of Cleveland Cavaliers. James will need only 6 points to grab the No. 18 spot.

LeBron James, is expected to climb up in the ranking of All Time Scoring list before the end of 2015- 2016 NBA Season. If he continue to average 27 points per game he will likely to take place the No.10 ranking before the season end.

LeBron James, who already have 4 regular season MVP, 2 Finals MVP and 2 Championship, continue to add milestone on his resume. And when all set and done for the king, he might be the Greatest Player Ever Played The Game.

Typhoon Marilyn Has Already Entered The PAR Area,Expected To Bring Light To Moderate Rains

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Typhoon “Marilyn” with international name “In-fa” has already entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility or PAR and was located at 1,165 km East of Baler, Aurora (15.4°N, 132.4°E)  with maximum sustained winds of 160 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 195 kph.

It is forecast to move West Northwest at 20 kph. Inter tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) affecting Mindanao.

The typhoon will not directly affect the country and is not expected  to make a  landfall  base on the track forecast by several weather agency. The typhoon will curve its path by Tuesday as it heads toward the sea of Japan.

The Typhoon is expected to exit the PAR section by Friday.

The country will experience cloudy skies and moderate rains due to the weather conditions caused by Typhoon Marilyn.
source: pagasa

Watch: My Bebe Love Full Trailer! Featuring The Hottest Love Team Alden Richard And Maine Mendoza

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My Bebe Love, is a upcoming romantic-comedy movie that will be featured on this coming Metro Manila Film Festival this December 25.

The movie features veteran comedian Vic Sotto and Ai Ai De las Alas as the lead star of the movie and  co-starring the hottest split screen tandem Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza aka “AlDub”.

The movie is expected to be a big hit, because of the popularity of the AlDub Duo and the combination of proven blockbuster king and queen of comedy Vic Sotto and Ai Ai De Las Alas.
It will surely a big hit this coming December 25.

As we wait the movie in MMFF 2015, lets watch the full trailer of the upcoming movie “My Bebe Love” #kiligpamore.

source: youtube

Can You See A Possible Rematch Between Cleveland Cavaliers And GSW In The 2015-2016 NBA Finals?

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Despite its too early to predict the outcome of  NBA 2015-2016 Season of what would end? It seems that the two team who face the 2014-2015 NBA Finals, are both leading their own conference might face once again in the finals?

Cleveland Cavaliers, who bounce back from two straight loss, beat the Milwaukee Bucks to improve their records to 9 wins and 3 loss as they regained the leadership of the Eastern Conference.

While the Golden State Warriors are still perfect with 12 wins and no loss, the franchise best start. are now having a game against the LA Clippers as of writing this article. With a win  or loss for the GSW against the Clippers, they still holds the best record in the Western Conference.

If the tract of this two teams continue, the possibility of meeting in the Finals for the second time are highly anticipated.

GSW, is not the highly favorite team in the West to go on to the finals. The team of San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City are the highly favored team to be on the Finals this 2015 -2016 Season. But if the Warriors continue their impressive starts, they might be the team to beat in the western Conference.

Cleveland Cavaliers, are the highly favorite team in the East and many sports analyst predict that the Cavaliers will bounce back from the loss they suffered in the Finals and will be crown as NBA Champion on this 2015-2016 Season ending their Championship drought.

Despite that the Cavaliers are the favorite to win the East. The Chicago Bulls, would be a great treat for the Cavaliers. If the two teams would meet again in the Playoff?

This is just my early prediction for this season, the outcome may differs for the next day and months to come. Just like I said the season is too early there are a lot of games to play.

LeBron James Continue To Climb The NBA All Time Scoring List, Passed Jerry West At No.19 Position

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Cleveland Cavaliers main man LeBron James, continue to climb up his way in NBA All Time Scoring List, he passed former LA point guard Jerry West at No. 19 position with 25,193 career points.

James, made a 3 point shot in the 1st quarter during their game against Detroit Piston,that lead him to take place the No. 19 position in NBA Scoring List.

The next man on the list at No. 18 position is former Indiana Pacer Superstar Reggie Miller who holds 25,279 career points  And it is highly expected to pass by LeBron James in the next 2 or 3 games if he continue his trend of scoring 30 points plus in the last four games.

James has now 25,213 career points after a game loss to Detroit Piston. 66 points shy from surpassing Reggie Miller at No.18 position.

Earlier this season, James, join the elite group of 25,000 career points and mark as the youngest NBA player ever made the milestone at age 30. he broke the record of Kobe Bryant who holds as the youngest to get the milestone at 31.

Rhonda Rousey Was KO By Holly Holms In UFC 193

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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Former undefeated Women’s Bantamweight Champion Rhonda “Rowdy” Rousey, suffered her first defeat that lead into a Knock Out that she suffered against the challenger Holly “The Preacher’s Daughter”Holms in UFC 193 held in Melbourne, Australia.

On November 15, the much anticipated match inside the Octagon ring of Undefeated Champion Rhonda Rousey  who currently holds an MMA record of 12-0-0 before the fight challenge by the #9 contender for the Women’s Bantamweight Championship Holly Holms, a former professional boxer and kick boxer who holds an MMA record of 9 wins with 6 KO, 3 decision and 0 loss before the fight.

Rhonda Rousey, who is the heavy favorite of the match is known for her submission move particularly arm submission. But her tactics did not work on Holly Holms, were she was dominated by the challenger by using the skilled of being a former kick boxer.

In the second round of the match, in the famous Octagon dominated by man. Holms, gives Rousey a big head kick that cause the defending champion to falls down that immediately followed by two or more right punch on the face of Rousey.

source: youtube

Referee Herb Dean, stop the fight after seeing that Rousey, not responding on the punch she has taken and to prevent further injury on the face the referee stop the fights that lead to Rousey first defeat.

The lost of Rousey, is considered as the "the biggest upset in mixed martial arts history."

Watch What Would Happen To A 10-Year Old Boy That Asking To Light His Cigarette From Some Stranger

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A social experiment made to determine on what might be the reaction of people who are smoking cigarette when a boy reach to them and ask to light his own cigarette?

A 10 year old boy wondering around the street looking for people that might help him light his smoke.

While he was entertain by some adult people to light his cigarette. others get mad at him and confiscate his cigarette and at the same time he was advise not to smoke at a very young age.

Out of curiosity the boy ask why he can't smoke? The woman answered him, Why? because you are killing yourself if you smoke.

While he continue his journey on searching for people that might help him to light his cigarette, he came across to a man and ask the man if he can help him light his cigarette? The man stop as if he was looking for something and pointed a device on his throat and start talking to the boy.

The man was once a smoker that lead it to a cancer. The boy was puzzled of his voice? As the man told the boy the reason of his strange voice. The man said that “he lost his voice and have a cancer”.

He told the boy that the thing in his hand is the reason why he had cancer. He used to to smoke more than two packs a day.

The boy cried over the things that the man told him about smoking and what might caused it in the near future, the man also said that all the ads in TV and Facebook are all real and it can happen to everyone, so you must stop smoking. He told the boy to promise not to smoke cigarette.

Children now a days, are very bold of experiencing how adults do. Like in smoking cigarette, they want to know on how does it feels to smoke? Because of that curiosity they are entering the early age of smoking.

Despite many advertisement in TV and social media especially a warning sign in cigarette pack, they still go through it! Why? Because the feeling of knowing it and how does it feel how to smoke? The curiosity of young children and teenager is the big problem on why many children are now involving in smoking at very young age.

How we can stop this? Maybe stop making cigarette? For you, what would be the best options to stop children from getting into smoke at young age?
source: youtube

COMELEC, Overturn Their Policy! Allowing All Voters To Vote In 2016 Elections With Or With Out Biometrics

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Contrary on the strict policy of the Commission on Election (COMELEC), “NO BIOMETRICS, NO VOTE” for voters who did not completed their biometrics are now allowed to vote this coming 2016 national election, despite not completing their biometrics.

This was announce by Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez in accordance with Resolution 10013 signed by Comelec en banc which by its allegedly inevitable that many voters may not be able to vote due to several factors.

An estimated 2 million voters, are lack of signature , photograph , or fingerprints that needed for their biometrics.

" We should not punish those voters with incomplete bio, particularly those voters who have records but due to some reason it was deleted or broken files?  but its not their fault. So let allow them to vote , "said Jimenez.

Some of the reasons on  why the registration is not completed  is due to corrupted files in the database of voters  or  voters that changed their mind to continue their registration for tomorrow due to personal reason.

" Now we cut off those of people without biometrics and the  number of people that have incomplete biometrics and those people with biometrics , but with corrupt the database . They will not be deactivated . They will be allowed to vote in the May 2016 polls , "said by Jimenez.

Up to 2.5 million voters are claiming  not to be able to vote because of no or incomplete biometrics.

It is remembered that on October 31, 2015, was the last day of all voters to have their chance to complete their biometrics and the COMELEC stands on their policy of no extension for voters who failed to register.

But due to some reason and technical difficulties that might happen on the day of National Elections, all voters are now allowed whether you have or no have biometrics.
source: Abante

Fourth Disqualification Case Filed Against Senator Grace Poe's Citizenship

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Another case of disqualification has been filed yesterday November 9, in the Commission on Elections ( Comelec ) against Sen. Grace Poe candidate for president in 2016 .

The fourth disqualification case filed against senator Poe, was filed  yesterday of the former Dean of Law at the University of the East ( UE ) Amado Valdez.

Like the other previous disqualification cases , it also centered on senator Grace Poe 's questionable citizenship , in particular to the requirement that she must have a 10 - year residency in the Philippines for anyone aspiring to be a candidate for President and vice president  of the Philippines.

It Pointed out that, the grounds were sufficient to remove the name of Poe 's candidacy for president in the next 2016 election.

Valdez pointed out the lack of 10 - year residency period of Grace Poe before she can run for the position of presidency.

Valdez also added,  when Poe abandoned her Filipino citizenship even if she was naturally born , there is no way to restore it.

The Comelec has given a 10 - day extension period  for Poe to submit his counter - affidavit in response to the earlier disqualification case filed against her by a fellow presidential candidate Rizalito David.

According to Valenzuela Mayor Rex Gatchalian , spokesperson of Senator Grace Poe, Sen. Poe will answer this suit point per point,” like the rest of earlier petition. They are ready to face all the disqualification cases filed against Poe, and we will prove them wrong.

Senator Grace Poe, is a major candidate for Presidency, survey says that Poe, is the leading candidate that could possibly win if the disqualification cases will be dismiss.

There are no doubt that she is facing controversy upon her citizenship. Fellow candidate and foe in politics will rejoice if she was proven not a Filipino citizen. For now lets wait for further investigation about Grace Citizenship.
source: Abante

Watch: The Replay Of Record Breaking Tweets #ALDubEBTamangPanahon

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Two weeks ago, Eat Bulaga, featured the hottest love team in the Philippines. Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza in a concert held in Philippine Arena. Attended by 55,000 fans and breaking a twitter record for most tweets in a single day. drawing 39.4 Million Tweets.

The split screen tandem continues to give thrill and excitement to all their fans and till now the magic of “AlDub” gives happiness to all viewers, from different stages in life. whether you are rich or poor, common people and even actor admired the “AlDub Fever”

For those who want to watch again the record breaking concert of #ALDubEBTamangPanahon watch the video below.

source: youtube

Watch: The Most Intriguing UFO sightings In Jerusalem

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UFO sightings, has been part of our world for so many years, some believes their existence, others not. But whether its real or not? There is no doubt that UFO sightings will continue on debate until someone finally proven their existence.

For the past years, a viral footage of UFO was caught on video hovering over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, it was filmed by some people or tourist. As they were amazed of the phenomenon that they witness on that night.

The video shows an unidentified ball of lights, coming from the sky that slowly goes down on top of the Dome of the Rock. It stay for several seconds hovering over the top of the Dome.  Until a sudden flashes of lights that seen all over the place  and then the strange balls of light suddenly moves toward the sky with great speed and vanished in thin air.

Some say that the UFO and the Dome of the Rock has connection? A power source that  needed by the UFO, maybe a fuel? Or vice versa? Or Maybe the UFO is the one who given the Dome of the Rock a power source? Who knows? Just my guess!

Many experts believe that the video was real and it will be to hard to edit if it’s a hoax?  So far the sightings of balls of lights, might be the best evidence that UFO exist and might be a good evidence to  answer the question that for so many years that are we alone in  this so much big big Universe?

What do you think of the video? Do you think this is real UFO sightings or another some kind of experiment of the Government? Or its just a Photoshop? You’ll be the judge!
source: youtube

Bullet Scam In NAIA Airport Worries Travelers From Being Victimized

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People travelling abroad are now facing problem of the alleged “laglag bala scam”. Since the scam was exposed by an OFW, travelers are now more secure on their baggage where they are using duck tape to cover the zippers of their bags and while others are wrapping their bags with plastic to prevent from being victimized of the alleged planted bullet scam.

Due to consecutive scandal of ammunition scam. The government express their opinion that travelers should not be scared because they are doing their best to determined on whose behind of the alleged scam that are happening inside the NAIA Airport or some airports in the country. If so, people behind this scam, will make them pay.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), believe that “laglag Bala Scam” is a big syndicate in NAIA, that also responsible in “sex for flight” scam.

The scam where the officer in charge who scan the baggage’s of people going outside and inside the country, will undergo in x-ray machine to determine any unauthorized things inside the baggage. Then when the baggage was scan for some bullet, they will hold the passenger and they will investigate why there is a bullet inside their bags.

But the credibility of the airport security officials who inspect the baggage are considering by many as planted bullet? Where they extort money from the passenger in exchange of to save time and problem and to continue his or her flight. They will ask the passenger to settle the problem by giving some money or else they will have to face the fines for illegal bringing of bullets and they will be detained for several days until further investigation.

While some passengers that were caught, bringing bullet explain that the bullet that they bring is just a lucky charm and it has no capable of using as ammunition?

As the investigation continues, foreign countries are also worries in entering the country. They are worried that they might be a victim as well of this planted bullet.

Meanwhile, Netizens, share their opinions about the scam, that people behind this alleged scam is a disgraced in our country and they are destroying the reputation of the country.

Watch: How Foreign Country Like America, Response On The Popularity Of AlDub's Global Phenomenon

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The Phenomenal popularity of split screen tandem of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza aka “AlDub”. Has also reach the attention of some foreign countries. Puzzled by the world wide trending hashtag  #AlDub. they research on what is AlDub is all about?

Upon knowing that AlDub, is a part of the longest TV show in the Philippines, Eat Bulaga. Which  the AlDub duo features in KalyeSerye “Juan for All, All for Juan”.

The duo of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, became the hottest love team in the Philippines. The hottest internet sensation and making history in Twitter world as the most tweets in one day, from the hashtag #ALDubEBTamangPanahon earning 39.4 million tweets.

 With this popularity, a viral video of some foreign people like american's, express their opinion and reaction about the popularity of AlDub love team. The video shows that they are showing some Pabebe moves and others. but whether that they admiring the duo of Alden and Maine? There is no doubt that even in America they are already making names here and abroad.
source: youtube

LeBron James, Becomes The Youngest NBA Player Ever To Reach The 25,000 Milestone Career Points

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4 time NBA MVP and 2 time NBA Champion, LeBron James, set another milestone on his career, as he join the list of NBA players who reach 25,000 career points, on Monday against Philidelphia 76ers.

With 8:07 minutes to go in the 4th quarter, James made a successful alley opp, coming from an assist of  Matthew Dellavedova.

With that James, becomes the youngest NBA player who ever reach the 25,000 milestone at age 30 and 307 days.

Previous to that Kobe Bryant, holds the youngest age who reach the 25,000 career points at 31 years old. But now moves down to second as James will hold the youngest player ever to reach the same milestone.

Philadelphia fans inside the Wells Fargo, gives LeBron James a standing ovation with his achievements and James, respectfully give backs to the fans by raising his hands to all fans.

James, finish the game with a near triple double of 22 points, 11 assist and 9 rebounds. Even though there's a lot of time in the game, James comes out the games and never return to complete the triple double.

The Cavaliers beat the 76ser’s 107-100.

Watch: LeBron James Journey To 25,000 Milestone Of His Career

Phoenix Suns Pay Tribute To Steve Nash, Inducting To Suns Ring Of Honor

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On Friday, October 30, 2015. The Phoenix Suns, held their home opener against the Portland Trailblazer and at the same time inducting the Sun’s favorite point guard Steve Nash.

Steve Nash, was inducted in the Ring of Honor as the 14th member. He join the list of former Phoenix suns NBA Superstar Connie Hawkins, Dick Van Arsdale, Alvan Adams, Paul Westphal, Walter Davis,Tom Chambers, Kevin Johnson, Joe Proski, Dan Majerle, Charles Barkley, Cotton Fitzsimmons, Jerry Colangelo, John MacLeod.

The awarding was witness by thousands of fans inside the Talking Stick Resort Arena. Who still love Steve Nash.

Phoenix suns, drafted Nash in 1996 as 15th over all in round 1, He was traded to Dallas Mavericks in 1998 and returns back to Phoenix in 2004 – 2012. He ended his career as an LA Lakers in 2015.

Nash, who blossom his career in Phoenix, he holds the franchise record of suns, for  most number of assists made (6,997), three-point percentage (43.5 percent), three-pointers made (1,051) and free-throw percentage (90.7 percent). and won two NBA MVP award in 2005 and 2006.

Despite not being able to brought the suns in the NBA Finals, Nash career in Phoenix was incredible, having the chance to played twice in the Western Conference Finals twice in 2005 and 2006. This is the glorious year of Nash and the suns franchise.

After a 19-year NBA career, Nash announced his retirement from the NBA on March 21, 2015, due to back injury.

Watch: Steve Nash Inducted Into Phoenix Suns Ring of Honor