Rhonda Rousey Was KO By Holly Holms In UFC 193

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Former undefeated Women’s Bantamweight Champion Rhonda “Rowdy” Rousey, suffered her first defeat that lead into a Knock Out that she suffered against the challenger Holly “The Preacher’s Daughter”Holms in UFC 193 held in Melbourne, Australia.

On November 15, the much anticipated match inside the Octagon ring of Undefeated Champion Rhonda Rousey  who currently holds an MMA record of 12-0-0 before the fight challenge by the #9 contender for the Women’s Bantamweight Championship Holly Holms, a former professional boxer and kick boxer who holds an MMA record of 9 wins with 6 KO, 3 decision and 0 loss before the fight.

Rhonda Rousey, who is the heavy favorite of the match is known for her submission move particularly arm submission. But her tactics did not work on Holly Holms, were she was dominated by the challenger by using the skilled of being a former kick boxer.

In the second round of the match, in the famous Octagon dominated by man. Holms, gives Rousey a big head kick that cause the defending champion to falls down that immediately followed by two or more right punch on the face of Rousey.

source: youtube

Referee Herb Dean, stop the fight after seeing that Rousey, not responding on the punch she has taken and to prevent further injury on the face the referee stop the fights that lead to Rousey first defeat.

The lost of Rousey, is considered as the "the biggest upset in mixed martial arts history."