LTO New Policy Temporary Suspend By Senate President Franklin Drilon

Land Transportation Office or LTO is a Government Agency in the Philippines, where you can acquire a driver’s license and to registered a motor vehicle.

For several months has passed LTO, faced many problem of producing new template and driver’s license card after the later upgrade their system of issuing new plates for new vehicle and a colored color scheme for driver’s license where you can easily identified the type of driver’s license by the color of the driver’s license ID.

It might be a good intention but the problem is the system. They cannot produce such template and driver’s license on time. Where people are back and port in some LTO Offices just to verify if their registration plate or driver’s license ID are already there? For some unfortunate their have to follow up again because its not yet available to claim.

And now another policy has been added by LTO to acquire driver’s license. The new policy is all people who need to acquire driver’s license must complete their requirements first. by acquiring Police Clearance and NBI Clearance before going to LTO Offices.

The new policy includes that people who are facing criminal charges such as “crime against person and property and moral certitude” are cannot acquire driver’s license. With this policy Senator Drilon said that it will be a burden for people who was charge of this crime and cannot work as a driver because of the new policy that was implemented. Senator Drilon advised LTO to revised their policy before the senate approved the said requirements.

 For now the new policy administrative order AVT 2015-029 that mandates all applicants for  drivers’ licenses to present police and NBI clearances as part of requirements are temporary suspended.