Can You See A Possible Rematch Between Cleveland Cavaliers And GSW In The 2015-2016 NBA Finals?

Despite its too early to predict the outcome of  NBA 2015-2016 Season of what would end? It seems that the two team who face the 2014-2015 NBA Finals, are both leading their own conference might face once again in the finals?

Cleveland Cavaliers, who bounce back from two straight loss, beat the Milwaukee Bucks to improve their records to 9 wins and 3 loss as they regained the leadership of the Eastern Conference.

While the Golden State Warriors are still perfect with 12 wins and no loss, the franchise best start. are now having a game against the LA Clippers as of writing this article. With a win  or loss for the GSW against the Clippers, they still holds the best record in the Western Conference.

If the tract of this two teams continue, the possibility of meeting in the Finals for the second time are highly anticipated.

GSW, is not the highly favorite team in the West to go on to the finals. The team of San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City are the highly favored team to be on the Finals this 2015 -2016 Season. But if the Warriors continue their impressive starts, they might be the team to beat in the western Conference.

Cleveland Cavaliers, are the highly favorite team in the East and many sports analyst predict that the Cavaliers will bounce back from the loss they suffered in the Finals and will be crown as NBA Champion on this 2015-2016 Season ending their Championship drought.

Despite that the Cavaliers are the favorite to win the East. The Chicago Bulls, would be a great treat for the Cavaliers. If the two teams would meet again in the Playoff?

This is just my early prediction for this season, the outcome may differs for the next day and months to come. Just like I said the season is too early there are a lot of games to play.