Earth Shift Caused A Road In US To Buckles Up

In United States, a strange phenomenon happen where a road buckles up after a mountain start pushing through it.

An estimated of 100 t0 200 yards of the road known as Vasques Canyon road were damaged when a mountain started to move under the road that caused it to buckles up.

The mountain show a lot of crack on top of the hill, that might caused a large landslide and it is the major reason on why the dirt keep lifting the road.

LA Public Works Officials said that the mountain is moving itself that caused the road to buckles up. All Power lines in the said area are already cut off and To prevent accident, the road where temporary closed to commuters with no definite time where it could be possible again to re-open. Commuters must take alternate route to go through their destination.

The road was popular route for bikers, such as motorbikes and mountain bikes. The incident did not caused any accident when the shifting of earth happen.
source: youtube