Bullet Scam In NAIA Airport Worries Travelers From Being Victimized

People travelling abroad are now facing problem of the alleged “laglag bala scam”. Since the scam was exposed by an OFW, travelers are now more secure on their baggage where they are using duck tape to cover the zippers of their bags and while others are wrapping their bags with plastic to prevent from being victimized of the alleged planted bullet scam.

Due to consecutive scandal of ammunition scam. The government express their opinion that travelers should not be scared because they are doing their best to determined on whose behind of the alleged scam that are happening inside the NAIA Airport or some airports in the country. If so, people behind this scam, will make them pay.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), believe that “laglag Bala Scam” is a big syndicate in NAIA, that also responsible in “sex for flight” scam.

The scam where the officer in charge who scan the baggage’s of people going outside and inside the country, will undergo in x-ray machine to determine any unauthorized things inside the baggage. Then when the baggage was scan for some bullet, they will hold the passenger and they will investigate why there is a bullet inside their bags.

But the credibility of the airport security officials who inspect the baggage are considering by many as planted bullet? Where they extort money from the passenger in exchange of to save time and problem and to continue his or her flight. They will ask the passenger to settle the problem by giving some money or else they will have to face the fines for illegal bringing of bullets and they will be detained for several days until further investigation.

While some passengers that were caught, bringing bullet explain that the bullet that they bring is just a lucky charm and it has no capable of using as ammunition?

As the investigation continues, foreign countries are also worries in entering the country. They are worried that they might be a victim as well of this planted bullet.

Meanwhile, Netizens, share their opinions about the scam, that people behind this alleged scam is a disgraced in our country and they are destroying the reputation of the country.