Watch: The Most Intriguing UFO sightings In Jerusalem

UFO sightings, has been part of our world for so many years, some believes their existence, others not. But whether its real or not? There is no doubt that UFO sightings will continue on debate until someone finally proven their existence.

For the past years, a viral footage of UFO was caught on video hovering over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, it was filmed by some people or tourist. As they were amazed of the phenomenon that they witness on that night.

The video shows an unidentified ball of lights, coming from the sky that slowly goes down on top of the Dome of the Rock. It stay for several seconds hovering over the top of the Dome.  Until a sudden flashes of lights that seen all over the place  and then the strange balls of light suddenly moves toward the sky with great speed and vanished in thin air.

Some say that the UFO and the Dome of the Rock has connection? A power source that  needed by the UFO, maybe a fuel? Or vice versa? Or Maybe the UFO is the one who given the Dome of the Rock a power source? Who knows? Just my guess!

Many experts believe that the video was real and it will be to hard to edit if it’s a hoax?  So far the sightings of balls of lights, might be the best evidence that UFO exist and might be a good evidence to  answer the question that for so many years that are we alone in  this so much big big Universe?

What do you think of the video? Do you think this is real UFO sightings or another some kind of experiment of the Government? Or its just a Photoshop? You’ll be the judge!
source: youtube