Watch What Would Happen To A 10-Year Old Boy That Asking To Light His Cigarette From Some Stranger

A social experiment made to determine on what might be the reaction of people who are smoking cigarette when a boy reach to them and ask to light his own cigarette?

A 10 year old boy wondering around the street looking for people that might help him light his smoke.

While he was entertain by some adult people to light his cigarette. others get mad at him and confiscate his cigarette and at the same time he was advise not to smoke at a very young age.

Out of curiosity the boy ask why he can't smoke? The woman answered him, Why? because you are killing yourself if you smoke.

While he continue his journey on searching for people that might help him to light his cigarette, he came across to a man and ask the man if he can help him light his cigarette? The man stop as if he was looking for something and pointed a device on his throat and start talking to the boy.

The man was once a smoker that lead it to a cancer. The boy was puzzled of his voice? As the man told the boy the reason of his strange voice. The man said that “he lost his voice and have a cancer”.

He told the boy that the thing in his hand is the reason why he had cancer. He used to to smoke more than two packs a day.

The boy cried over the things that the man told him about smoking and what might caused it in the near future, the man also said that all the ads in TV and Facebook are all real and it can happen to everyone, so you must stop smoking. He told the boy to promise not to smoke cigarette.

Children now a days, are very bold of experiencing how adults do. Like in smoking cigarette, they want to know on how does it feels to smoke? Because of that curiosity they are entering the early age of smoking.

Despite many advertisement in TV and social media especially a warning sign in cigarette pack, they still go through it! Why? Because the feeling of knowing it and how does it feel how to smoke? The curiosity of young children and teenager is the big problem on why many children are now involving in smoking at very young age.

How we can stop this? Maybe stop making cigarette? For you, what would be the best options to stop children from getting into smoke at young age?
source: youtube