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Los Angeles Lakers Looking to end 4 - Game Losing Skid against the Portland Trail Blazers

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NBA - The Western Conference top seeded team the Los Angeles Lakers is visiting the 8th seeded team also in the West the Portland Trail Blazer at Moda Center in Portland Oregon.

Both teams are coming in losses the Lakers are on 4 - game losing skid after falling to the Pacers, Bucks, Nuggets and to the Clippers but still had the best records in the West with 24 wins and 7 losses.

The Portland Trail Blazers are also facing back to back losing skid after falling to New Orleans Pelicans and Utah Jazz respectively.

 As they face one's another on tonight's game one will get back into the winning column while the other will extend their losing skid.

Prior to the game the Los Angeles Lakers superstar duo LeBron James and Anthony Davis are both expected to suit and play the game according to some reports. 

The duo is nursing a minor injury, especially LeBron James, who aggravated his groin injury against the Clippers on Christmas Day the same day from last Christmas where he was sidelined from last season leading to 17 - game absence that cause the Lakers season.

The Lakers is also facing a must win situation on tonight's game to momentarily silence their critics after falling their last 3 big assignments, another loss tonight will question their status if they are really a championship contender or just a playoff team?

Meanwhile, the Portland Trail Blazers will try to stun the Lakers at their home, relying to their superstar players Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum and Carmelo Anthony.

The Lakers have already beaten the Trail Blazers on their first meeting at Staple Center in a blown out fashion win 136 - 113. LeBron James and Anthony Davis dropped a combined points of 70 points to lead the Lakers win.

How to Protect Yourself and Your Family from a Strong Earthquake

Philippines – Early this month of April the country has been experiencing some series of earthquakes that mostly shakes the Provinces of Batangas and nearby provinces. On April 4, Batangas was hit by a magnitude 5.4 quake, which centered the province of Tingloy, Batangas, it happen nighttime at around 9 pm and it was felt in Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Makati and other nearby provinces and on April 8, again another earthquake shakes Batangas and this time this is much stronger than the previous one.

On Saturday afternoon at around 3pm a strong earthquake shakes the southern part of Luzon which centered the Province of Batangas. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) recorded 4 strong earthquakes that centered 4 different epicenter and 4 different magnitude in the Provinces of Batangas.

The first earthquake was recorded at around 3:07 pm with a magnitude of 5.6 which centered Mabini, Batangas. The quake last for about 10 – 15 seconds with a depth of 27 kilometers. The second shake happens also in the same area in Mabini, Batangas but with much more power than the previous one. It has a magnitude 6.0 and a depth of 24 kilometers, it was the strongest earthquake felt that day.

The Third earthquakes were felt in San Luis, Batangas at around 3:29 pm with a magnitude of 4.1 and lastly the fourth earthquake was felt again in Mabini, Batangas at 4:36 pm with a magnitude of 4.7 and a depth of 15 kilometers.

Phivolcs announce that the cause of earthquakes in Batangas is all tectonic origins which mean that some local faults move that resulted to some series of earthquakes in Mabini Batangas, San Luis, Batangas and nearby provinces.

Now, what to do if an Earthquake suddenly happen when we are inside of our house or buildings?

In general, to avoid any casualty we run outside our house or buildings to avoid any chances of being hit by any falling objects, but if not able to do so? here are the tips that we must do:

1. Find a safe area where you and your family or if at works co-workers can hide, hide under a strong wooden table or other strong structure that can provide safety from falling debris? Dock safely under it and cover or protect your head, arms and feet remain there until the shaking ends.
2. Stay away from glass windows, cabinets and other heavy objects that can cause injury.
3. And as much as possible stay calm.

Now, what to do if an Earthquake suddenly happen outside?

1. Stay away from tall structures like tress, buildings, power lines, post and others.
2. If you near the ocean shore, quickly move to a higher ground to avoid tsunami in case it happen.
3. Avoid steep slopes that might caused landslide.

Mistakes or Confusion when Funding PayMaya Account at 7-11

Have you ever encountered the confusion of cashing in money in your PayMaya account, but never get or credited the money in your account? Maybe you and I share the same confusion of using PayMaya? 

There are several ways of funding the PayMaya account and one of those is the 7-11 convenience store. At 7-11, I usually used their CLIQQ kiosk machine for funding my account, it was easy to use and really fast transacted.

Although sometimes there are really some unavoidable trouble or inconvenience on 7-11 kiosk machine like the system is offline or maintenance, but nevertheless it was the easiest way for me of funding my PayMaya account.

But what would you do if you encounter of funding your account, but never received the money? Here are some of my tips that I experience that might help you in the future?

1. When funding your Paymaya at 7-11, always look at the cashier monitor if the transaction is successful? If successful secure your receipt, wait for the SMS text from ECPAY 7-11 and check your PayMaya account if the money is transferred?

If no SMS text from ECPAY and no money transferred in your PayMaya account quickly return to 7-11 where you fund your account and inform them the situation? More or less the issue belongs to the ECPAY.

At this point the 7-11 manager will call ECPAY for confirmation of the issue and later if thus confirm the user will repeat the transaction or the money will return to the PayMaya user.

2. Double SIM confusion, always use the SIM number that you use in your PayMaya account. Never generate ad money code with different Cell Phone numbers to avoid the wrong sending of funding PayMaya account?

If you have two SIM card in your mobile phone always use the one that connected at your PayMaya account, never use the other SIM to avoid confusion unless it is also connected to another PayMaya account?

Always remember that the Cell number that used for generating the Add Money Code is also the number that would receive the fund. So be very careful to avoid the hassle or inconvenience of the double SIM mobile user.

How to Track Typhoon As Early As Possible

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Tracking typhoon as early as possible can make people more safety, aware and more prepared in dealing with strong typhoon and knowing what direction the typhoon is heading for or where it makes a land fall?

Nowadays Typhoon are not the same as it used to be? They are now more violent and strong, it can kill hundreds of people, wrecking houses and other infrastructure as soon as it hit the land mass that it pass through.

We cannot stop this mothers nature creation as one of the most destructive natural disaster, the only way we can do is to be prepared as much as possible by means of evacuation if you live near from low lying areas, such as coastal areas and river sides? Evacuate immediately if local officials already ordered evacuation.

We can also avoid disaster if we are more vigilant or aware of our weather condition especially in rainy season? Always listen for the latest news in weather by means of listening in radio, watching news in TV or even surfing the web for the latest updates in weather.

Prepared also some water for drinking, stored some food that not easily rotten, first aid kit in case of emergency, batteries and others.

In the Philippines, typhoon is the most common natural disaster that always happen every year. Since the country is situated in the South Pacific Ocean where Low Pressure Area is starting to form that eventually turns into typhoon, the country is the most target area that always hit by strong typhoon along with some neighbouring country like Taiwan and Japan.

There are several websites or weather bureau that gives information about the weather or upcoming typhoons:

PAGASA – Local Weather Bureau in the Philippines

JTWC – US Weather Bureau situated in Hawaii.

JTWC or Joint Typhoon Warning Center is perhaps the most advance and accurate in giving information of upcoming weather conditions and trajectory.

Click the websites to track the directions of typhoons.

Note: click the TC Warning Graphic to view the direction of typhoon that currently affevting the weathev system.
source: JTWC

Check On Whats The Latest News On Weather and Upcoming Typhoon

Philippines – Here in our country, there are three major types of climates, the Hot Dry Season, the Cool Dry Season and the Rainy Season. The Hot dry season or summer occurred usually during May to March of each year, this season is the best time to go to the beach and enjoy the beauty of the sun.

The Cool Dry Season occurred from December to February, this season is one of the best season in the country because you can have the opportunity to experience on what cooled country feels at this time. The cool feeling is brought by northeast monsoon, which happen from November to April.

The Rainy Seasons happen from June to November and among the three seasons, the rainy season is the most dangerous season in the country, at this time it brings too much rain that causes flash floods and landslide, especially in the Metro and it's also the time when a storm or typhoon occurred that sometimes leads into a destructive super typhoon.

Because of this climate or season every country created a weather system that will monitor the condition of Earth's weather and to know the latest updates or news on our weather here in and out of the country, especially for the upcoming weather disturbance such as tropical depression or typhoons, you can visit our countries local weather website PAGASA for their latest local updates in weather and international weather bureau such as the Joint Typhoon Warning Center of the United States for their international weather updates.

Better check those websites regularly for the latest updates on weather and to be prepare for upcoming bad weather.

NBA Champ Toronto Raptors Ends Lakers Winning Streak at Seven

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NBA – The defending and reigning NBA Champion the Toronto Raptors end the Lakers 7 – game winning streak, which happen to be the best start of the Lakers franchise for the last 8 or 9 season. 

The Lakers lost also extended the Raptors winning streak into 10th consecutive wins in their head to head regular season match up. 

LeBron James, who once own the Raptors during his Cleveland years has not yet find any solution to defeat the Raptors with his new team the LA Lakers.

Prior to the game the Lakers are the top seeded team in the Western Conference at 7 wins and only 1 loss they are trying to extend their winning streak at home where they are still undefeated and currently unbeaten by the East team.

While the reigning NBA Champion will likely to defend to their rising superstar Pascal Siakam and guard Fred VanVleet after their superstar guard Kyle Lowry and center Serge Ibaka are both ruled out of the game due to injury.

In the game the Lakers controlled the 1st quarter, posting an early double digit lead, but unable to handle it to end the quarter leading by a point 30 – 29.

In the 2nd quarter, the Raptors finally take the lead, but the Lakers quickly regain the lead ending the 1st half up by 8 points, 60 - 52.

In the 3rd quarter the Lakers able to post another double digit lead, but the persistent NBA Champion manage to even the score at 81 – 81 at the end of the 3rd.

In the 4th quarter, Pascal Siakam and Chrish Boucher carried the Raptors taking a commanding 12 point lead halfway through the quarter.

The Lakers had their chance after cutting the lead into 4 points 104 – 100 but missed several 3’s that lead to their second defeat of the season.

LeBron James dropped another triple double with 13 points , 13 rebounds and 15 assist in a losing effort while Anthony Davis lead the Lakers in scoring with 27 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assist.

Meanwhile, Pascal Siakam lead the Raptors in scoring with 24 points and 11 rebounds, VanVleet also added 23 points and Boucher with 15 points which has been the biggest torn for the Lakers in the final quarter.

Laker LeBron James puts a show against LuKa Doncic and the Mavs

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NBA - Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has just put a show in tonight's game against the Dallas Mavericks out dueling the Mav's superstar Luka Doncic in a 119 - 110 Overtime win by the Lakers. 

The Dallas Mavericks are mostly in controlled of the game, especially in the first quarter where they lead by as much 14 points. Lakers manage to keep the gap in the 2nd quarter, but still down by 10 points at the half 58 - 48.

In the 3rd quarter, the Lakers had a strong start and even take their first lead of the game in the 2nd half, but the Mav's able to come back right away and end the quarter still up by 9 points, 85 - 76.

In the 4th and final quarter, Lakers finally gain their momentum of keeping the game close, in fact Lakers had their lead in the later minutes of the game until the Dallas Mavericks regain the lead 103 - 100.

Dallas had their chance of winning the game but Laker LeBron James has another thing in mind in their last possession when he find Danny Green and made a game tying 3 - point shot that lead into another 5 minute extension.

In the overtime, Lebron and the Lakers completely dominated Dallas scoring 17 - 6 to extend their winning streak into 4 game winning streak and now shared the top spot of the West standing with 4 - wins and 1 loss.

LeBron James, who had a monster game shown that he is still pretty much the King of LA, and perhaps based on the game we just witnessed that he might be still the best player of the planet. James finishes the game with 39 points, 12 rebounds and 16 assist becoming the 1st and the oldest player to put up 30 - 10 -15 in a single game.

Meanwhile, Luka Doncic becomes the youngest player to put up 30 - 10 - 15 at the same game with LeBron. A historic night between the two superstars.

Puregold an Alternate Option for GCash Cash-In Payments

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Philippines – Today I experience the trouble of funding my GCASH account when all 7 – Eleven convenience store nearby in our area are all currently upgrading their system and there is no time table when their system will be up?

 To avoid the hassle of late payments on my bills I checked the internet and Google the web to find other options on how to solve my problem because I badly needed to fund my account right away.

So, upon checking the web. I discovered that there are different options to fund my GCASH Account, there is GCASH Accredited Payment Centers and GCASH Partner Outlets. I’m glad that aside from 7 – Eleven, the usual cash – in options for my GCASH Account there are still lots of options to be chosen.

Right away, I choose Puregold as my alternate options to fund my account because it’s the nearest payment options in my area. As soon as the hypermarket open, I entered the market and look for the Customer Service and ask if they handle GCASH Cash – in, lucky for me they do? 

Take note: As far as I know not all Pure Gold Customer Service are accepting GCASH Cash – in? 

Here’s how to fund your GCASH Account at Puregold Customer Service:

1. Ask for the right assign personnel who handles GCASH Cash In at Puregold Customer Service.

2. After finding the right personnel, he/she will give you a slip to fill out the necessary details needed. After filling the slip, such your name, address, the amount of money and your GCASH Mobile Phone then it’s time for the personnel to encode your details at their system.

3. They will ask for your money on the amount that you want to pay until they proceed for the transactions to finish.

4. Upon successful transaction they will give you a receipt of transaction and later on you will receive a confirmation text that you already received the Cash-in money.

5. The transactions is also is in real time and no service fee.

Overall the procedures took less than 5 minutes base on my experience. Now I have two options of funding my account its either 7 – Eleven or Puregold.

The Lakers Upset the Warriors Home Debut at Chase Center

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NBA – The Los Angeles Lakers upset the 5 – time and defending Western Conference Champion Golden State Warriors and their fans at their new home Chase Center in San Francisco, California.

The Warriors along with the Lakers both debut on their very first game of the preseason but unfortunately for the Warriors it was LeBron James and Anthony Davis are on their path of winning their first game at their new home court. 

Lakers newly acquired from a trade Anthony Davis lead the Lakers in a blown out fashion 123 – 101 victory over the Warriors, Davis dropped a game high 22 points and 10 rebounds, which also shows that he and LeBron could go well together and perhaps become that most dangerous duo in the league? 

LeBron James also added a decent 15 points and 8 assists in just 2 quarters in 17 minutes of playing and still could play the game of basketball at a high level.

The Warriors loss is obviously missing their key player Klay Thompson, who is dealing with an injury after suffering it in the 2019 NBA Finals aside from that the Warriors is also dealing with a lot of new players in their roster, which also means that the team are not yet familiar with one another or maybe the Warriors dynasty is slightly going down this year?

Stephen Curry who is still the main man for the Warriors scored 18 points, Draymond Green the heart and soul of the Warriors did not even scored in the game, new comer D’Angelo Russell just added 4 points and the rest is history. 

Obviously the Warriors will never be the same without Klay, who might miss the whole season and Kevin Durant, who we already know leave the team and join the Brooklyn Nets.

Will the Warriors dynasty ends in this upcoming season? Let’s wait and see…

LeBron James no Longer the Best Player in the NBA (ESPN)

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NBA - Yes, you read it right, LeBron James is no longer the best player in the league, but that's according to the latest survey of ESPN website. 

According to ESPN article LeBron James, who has been in the top of the list for almost a decade as being the best player in the league has now placed at 3rd spot for the upcoming 2019 - 2020 Regular Season. 

The survey is based on the outcome of last season performance of LeBron James and how he carries the Los Angeles Lakers which we all already know that LeBron failed to end the Lakers drought of making the post season thanks to the injury that he suffered.

As LeBron did not make the post season a new star immerges by the name of Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kawhi Leonard where both players lead their team to a successful season.

Reigning league MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks led his team to reach the Eastern Conference Finals before going down to the Toronto Raptors led by Kawhi Leonard which later becomes the Finals MVP after leading the Raptors in their first ever NBA Championship.

Both Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kawhi Leonard are the remaining two players that will battle the title of being Best Player of the league today according to ESPN? While LeBron James is already out of the title it doesn't mean he is not the Best Player in the league? so LeBron's fans don't worry it is just a survey or prediction by the ESPN.

If somehow LeBron manages to get back in his old physical shape or performance this could be an upset for ESPN survey? Will LeBron manage to regain his title? Or will father time caught him right now since he will be entering his 17th Season and turning 35 years old in December. Lets just wait and see...

Michael Jordan Edges LeBron James as GOAT in Shoe Deals

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NBA - Retired NBA superstar Michael Jordan has been out in the league as a player for almost two decades, but the debate on who's the Greatest Player of All Time aka GOAT remain a debate between him and Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James. 

Although many basketball analysis, basketball fans and NBA players that are retired or currently playing will simply choose Michael Jordan as GOAT over James, why?

Jordan has a perfect 6 - 0 record in the NBA Finals while LeBron James has 3 - 9 record that leads to a debate that James will never ever surpass Jordan when it comes to NBA Finals record. That Jordan unblemished record in the NBA Finals causes James a lot to be the GOAT?

However, many still believe LeBron can beat Jordan and be the GOAT when its all set and done? Again, why? With the exemption of his NBA Finals record, LeBron has a lot of career achievements and milestone compared to Jordan, his stats say a lot that could challenge the GOAT debate and yet until now he still challenged Jordan GOAT title.

Meanwhile, an article from Forbs shows that Micahel Jordan has more sales on shoes despite being out in the league for 16 years, he edges LeBron a miles away in shoe earnings with $130 Million, James is second earning just $32 Million, Nets Kevin Durant in third with $26 Million, Bucks reigning MVP Giannis Antentokounmpo in fourth with $10 Million.

The basketball world reacts on the latest news about the richest sales on shoes which lead to a meme that even in shoes Jordan beat LeBron as GOAT in shoe earnings. What can you say about this news?

New Passport Application and it's Requirements Online

This is the latest step by step guide on what to expect and needs on how to apply Philippine Passport in the Philippines whether it is a new passport application or passport renewal? Below are the list of tips on how to get passport easily.

Here in the country, Philippine passport is one of those important requirements or documents that a Filipino citizen must have, especially for those people who wants to work abroad the (Overseas Filipino Workers). 

Aside from working abroad, Filipino travelers also requires to have a passport to visit the beauty of some neighboring country to have fun and relaxing and lastly, aside from working abroad or travelling abroad, passport can also be used as a personal identification in having transaction in any government agencies in the country. 

Now that we know the purpose of having a Philippine passport, how can we get one? In the old days, getting a passport is uncomfortable and tiring. Applicants must apply personally in any DFA Branches situated in some provinces and it takes for almost a whole day to complete the applications.

But in today’s modern technology and with the help of the Internet, applicants can now browse the internet to set an appointment in any DFA accredited appointment system, preparing the applicants as much as possible all the requirements needed before they're personally come to any DFA Branches where they set their appointment.

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Here’s How To Set DFA Appointment System:

1. Log on to their website

2. Click “Schedule an Appointment”. Under that page check the Terms and Conditions and proceed to start appointment.

3. Fill up the application form correctly on the “Site Location” that you want to set your appointment.

4. Set the “Date and Time” for your appointment.

5. Fill up your “Personal Information”.

6. Fill up your “Family Information”.

7. Fill up the “application Information”. On the application type indicate if it’s new passport application or renewal?

8. Fill up your “Contact Information”.

9. Review your information before confirming it?

After completing all the necessary details needed in DFA appointment system, check your email and look for an email sent by DFA Passport Appointment System:

Important Reminders:

1. Confirm your chosen appointment within 72 hours.
2. Print your application form.
3. Bring your application form on the date of appointment chosen.
4. Do not sign the application yet.
5. Bring NSO/PSA Birth Certificates for proof of Philippine citizenship.
6. For married woman, bring Marriage Contract (MC) in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by the Philippines statistics authority(PSA) formerly known as (NSO)

Dwight Howard Officially Reunites with his former Team Los Angeles Lakers

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NBA - The 3 - Time NBA Defensive Player of the Year and 8 - Time NBA All - Star Center Dwight Howard is officially back in purple and gold Lakers uniform for the second time around in his illustrious NBA career. 

Howard, who is a 33 year old NBA Player is a former NBA Superstar who starts his NBA career in 2004 as the #1 pick overall drafted by the Orlando Magic.

Howard quickly regains popularity in his early years with the Orlando Magic gaining immediate impact in both ends of the floor while scoring and rebounding. He became the youngest player in the league to average a double double in his rookie years.

In 2009, Howard led the Magic in the NBA Finals, but falls to the Los Angeles Lakers in five games, it was the greatest season for Howard and the Magic after finishing the NBA Season and NBA Finals.

In 2012, Howard became a Laker in a trade involving three teams, Howard join Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol forming their own superteam but went to a disappointing season that lead for Howard to be traded again in 2013.

Now in his 16th NBA Season, Howard is no longer a superstar and at the same time a fragile basketball player who is always getting injured, but the Lakers have no choice but to sign Howard after their original center Demarcus Cousin suffers a season ending ACL injury during a basketball workout.

Howard's contract with the Lakers is a little bit something new, he is reported to be paid every time he will be in Lakers roster worth about $14,490 that will start on October 21, 2019.

Dwight Howard will join the Greatest Player in the league today LeBron James and perhaps the second Best Player in the league today Anthony Davis as a Lakers.

Will the Lakers made the right move of signing Dwight Howard or they made a big mistake of acquiring him again? Let's wait and see...

DeMarcus Cousins suffer Torn ACL during a practice game

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NBA - The 4 - Time NBA All - Star Center DeMarcus Cousins who sign a 1 - year deal $3.5 million with the Los Angeles Lakers suffer a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL during a practice game. 

In a video that circulated on the internet and YouTube, it shows that Cousins tried a routine lay-up but tore his ACL and quickly falls down on the floor. The players around him at that time are all worried which shows how bad his injury.

With this devastating injury happen to DeMarcus Cousins what would be the Lakers next move? several reports that Cousin's could possibly miss the entire 2019 - 2020 NBA Regular Season? Will this affect their chance of reaching the NBA Finals? Where many sports analysts believe that the Lakers are one of the top teams entering the next season that could be the next NBA Champion?

But that's before the Cousins injury? Although there still has the Greatest Basketball Player today LeBron James and perhaps the Second Best Player Today Anthony Davis and the rising star Kyle Kuzma the Lakers are still a tough team to beat and still a contender in this year NBA Championships but the Cousins loss is a great minus for them.

After the Cousins injury, who might replace him in his spot? Will it be Carmelo Anthony? Along, long closed friend of LeBron James, who until now is a free agent after the Chicago Bulls waived him last year.

Will it be the 2015 NBA Finals MVP Andre Igoudala who still a valuable piece in any team that could land him? Let's just wait and see on who could replace DeMarcus Cousin after the devastating injury that happen just the other day.

LTO Online Reviewer for Drivers License Examination

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Philippines – The Land Transportation Office or LTO is a government agency in the country that gives privilege to a certain individual to apply or acquire a driver’s license after they meet the minimum requirements needed for the said applications.

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As of today, the Land Transportation Office made an online examination in their website to give ease to all driver’s license applicants with different classes or category to review the online examination first before going to the LTO Branches where they will apply for a driver’s license.

The online examination are divided in six categories and as follow: 

LTO Online Reviewer

1. Reviewer for Non Professional Driver License Applicants
2. Reviewer for Professional Driver License Applicants (Light Vehicles)
3. Reviewer for Professional Driver License Applicants (Heavy Vehicles)
4. Reviewer for Conductor’s License
5. Tagalog Reviewer
6. Road Traffic Signs

Applicants will simply choose one of these category on what type of applications they will apply for?

In General here are the common list of Applicants Qualifications and Requirements:

1. At least 17 years old of age with parental consent for Student Permit
2. At least 18 years old or above for Non Professional Driver’s License and Professional Driver’s License
3. Physically and mentally fit to drive a motor vehicle
4. Duly accomplished application form for driver’s license or ADL.
5. PSA Birth Certificate
6. Medical Certificate issued by the LTO’s certified physician
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Meanwhile, the application process is simply after the completion of all the requirements:

1. Submit it to the receiving personnel to check the documents if it's correct and complete.
2. Then the evaluator will evaluate the applicants qualifications. If qualified, they will proceed to 
3. Hhoto capturing and signature.
4. Pay the required fees.
5. Undergo examinations.
6. The Non Professional and Professional Driver applicants will undergo a driving test if successfully passed by the approving officer.
7. Proceed to the releasing of PDL card and wait for your name to call once your name is called get your new driver’s license along with OR receipt and sign your name in the LTO’s Log book for proof of release and that’s it you have your new driver’s license.

Lakers keep their Hopes of Landing Igoudala in their Final Roster

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NBA - The Los Angeles Lakers are not yet done by adding important pieces in their final roster this upcoming 2019 - 2020 NBA Regular Season. 

As of now they are leaving one spot left and keep their hopes they will land former Golden State Warriors and 2015 Finals MVP Andre Igoudala in their final roster. 

The Lakers had already a strong lineup in the papers, they already acquired Anthony Davis via trade, sign the recent NBA Champion Danny Green, a one year deal to a former superstar DeMarcus Cousins, re-signs Javale McGee, Rajon Rondo, Kentavious Caldwell Pope and of course they still have the rising superstar Kyle Kuzma and the 4-Time League MVP and 3 - Time NBA Champion "The King" LeBron James.

But the addition of Igoudala if somehow they will sign him or if Igoudala decided to choose the Lakers? Which, as of now is still on the roster of the Memphis Grizzlies after being traded by the Warriors, will be a great addition to the Lakers as they greatly improve their defense and even more made the Lakers a tougher team to beat which they are already looking at papers?

However, with or without Andre Igoudala in Lakers uniform? They will be the team to beat in the Western Conference together with the Los Angeles Clippers but if Igoudala decided to join LeBron in LA the Lakers would be the team to beat in this upcoming NBA Season. Lets wait and see...

Meanwhile, All-Star Chris Paul is also in rumors of joining the Lakers if the Oklahoma City Thunder decided to buy out his contract? Paul was traded by the Houston Rockets to OKC in exchange of former league MVP Russell Westbrook.

Prediction of NBA’s Best Duos this upcoming NBA Regular Season

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NBA – Well the 2019 NBA Free Agency is perhaps the best free agency in the league history. This year there is lots of blockbuster trade, unexpected trade and superstar players leaving and signing with new teams all just happen in one free agency that shock basketball fans around the world. 

Before the free agency even start the LA Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans announce that both teams agreed to trade their players, Pelicans Anthony Davis will be sent to LA in exchange of young core Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and some first round picks in the near future this July 6 which already happens as of writing and the deal is already done.

As soon as the Free Agency start, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving both leaving their team to join forces in the Brooklyn Nets. Durant leaving the Golden State Warriors where he won 2 NBA Title, while Kyrie Irving is leaving Boston Celtics, where are there some reports that he and his former team did not get along during his tenure with the Celtics.

Al Horford the heart of soul of the Celtics opted out his contract and sign with the 76ers forming a title contender with Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons in this upcoming season while former 76ers Jimmy Butler traded to the Miami Heat.

Perhaps the most awaited decision of this year free agency is Kawhi Leonard decision on where he will play next? A lot of rumors that he will join the Lakers or run another year win the Raptors where he leads the team in their first ever NBA Title in franchise history, but all of that ended when Kawhi decided to agree a 3 year deal with the Raptors right after Paul George traded to the Clippers.

We thought that the Kawhi’s decision will be the end of this year blockbuster free agency not until the Houston Rocket made a big move of trading NBA All-Star Chris Paul to Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange of former MVP Russell Westbrook.

With this big trade and NBA Superstar signing with new teams the league has now become more balance, unlike before where the Golden State warriors have been the favorite team to win it all for the fast 4 – years. Now all we have to do is wait and see and whose team made the right moves and which players or duo can excel or co-exist as soon the season begin?

Here are the list of Top 5 NBA Duo’s that we must watch as the 2019- 2020 NBA Regular Season Starts.

1. LA Lakers – LeBron James and Anthony Davis
2. LA Clippers – Kawhi Leonard and Paul George
3. Brooklyn Nets - Kevin Durant – Kyrie Irving
4. Golden State Warriors - Stephen Curry – Klay Thompson
5. Huston Rockets - James Harden – Russell Westbrook

Among the list is perhaps the best duo today? Aside from Warriors duo Curry and Thompson we have not yet seen the other 4 duo’s plays together as a team, but on papers LeBron and AD is far the best duo in the list? But still we have to see to decide if the Lakers made the right moves?

Kawhi Leonard Agree to Sign with the Los Angeles Clippers

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NBA – Yes, you read it right 2 – time NBA Champion and 2 – time Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard is going to Los Angeles, but instead of joining forces with All – Star Anthony Davis and 3 – time NBA Champion, 3 – time Finals MVP LeBron James in Lakers it was the Clippers who won the most awaited decision of the most valued free agent of the 2019 NBA Free Agency. 

After days of waiting and rumors on where Kawhi Leonard will be playing next season since the start of the 2019 Free Agency, Leonard finally ends all speculations and made his decision to join the Los Angeles Clippers for a maximum contract 4 – year deal worth 142 million.

Leonard was traded to the Toronto Raptors last season where he leads the Raptors in their first ever NBA Championship, but Leonard wants to go home to LA where he demanded during his trade talk with his former team San Antonio Spurs. It seems Leonard can be stop of going home despite the history that he just made for the country of Canada.

Meanwhile, front runner for Kawhi Leonard services before the decision the LA Lakers sign multiple players to join the Lakers as soon the Kawhi’s decision has made the Lakers brings back JaVale McGee, KCP and Rajon Rondo. Also DeMarcus Cousin was reported to sign a one year deal with the Lakers.

It will be a Los Angeles showdown when the 2019 – 2020 NBA Regular Season starts. LA Clippers lead by Kawhi Leonard together with newly trade and All – Star Paul George from OKC versus the Lakers superstar LeBron James and All – Star Anthony Davis.

Who do you think will represent the West? Will it be the Clippers? Lakers? Or the reigning 5 – time Western Conference Champion the Golden State Warriors? Lets wait and see…

LeBron James is giving his Lakers Jersey #23 to Anthony Davis

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NBA – NBA superstar LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers is reported that he will change his jersey number this upcoming 2019 – 2020 NBA Regular Season. According to the reports the reason why James is changing his Lakers jersey number is that he will give way for his upcoming team mate Anthony Davis, who also wear # 23 while playing throughout his career with the New Orleans Pelicans. 

LeBron James is not new in changing his Jersey number, James played with the Cleveland Cavaliers in his rookie days wearing # 23 till the 2010 free agency where he joins the Miami Heat and wear Jersey # 6 for four consecutive seasons with the Heat where they reach 4 - NBA Finals appearance and won 2 –NBA Championship.

James return to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2015 NBA Free Agency and switch back to his original Jersey #23 and wear it for four consecutive NBA Season with the Cavaliers. James delivers an NBA Title in his hometown in 2016 wearing his #23. In 2018 Free Agency, James leaves Cleveland Cavaliers and sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, this time he retains his jersey #23 in a disappointing first season due to injury he suffered, as well with some key players to the Lakers that leads to the team early vacation.

Meanwhile, Anthony Davis, who will be officially a Laker player this upcoming July 6 coming from trade in exchange of Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart and other three 1st round pick is expected to wear the #23 of the Los Angeles Lakers while LeBron James is reported to wear his practice number 6.

Is LeBron James made the right move by giving up his number? Is this the sign that he no longer the main man of the Lakers and he is willing to give or sacrifice just for the good of the team by giving Davis the responsibility to be the main man of the Los Angeles Lakers? Let's just wait and see this upcoming season…

Kyrie Irving and Al Horford Both Leaving the Celtics in Free Agency

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NBA – The most talented and perhaps the cornerstone of the Boston Celtics Kyrie Irving an NBA Champion and 6 – time All-Star and Al Horford a 5 – time All-Star are both reported leaving the Boston Celtics comes 2019 free agency. 

Irving, who has been with the Celtics for 2 seasons after being traded by the Cleveland Cavaliers has a disappointing first year in Boston after suffering an injury that held him out in the post season where the Boston Celtics nearly dethrone the reigning Eastern Conference Champion Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2018 Post season.

While on his 2nd year Irving and the Celtics are the heavy favorite of winning the East after LeBron James departed from the East and go West with the Los Angeles Lakers, but the expectation came another disappointing season where a healthy Boston Celtics ousted early in the 2019 Post season and rumors began circulating that Irving is leaving the Celtics and leaning toward to sign with the Brooklyn Nets as soon the free agency begun on July.

While Al Horford, who has been a solid performer for the Celtics for the past 4 years, leading the Celtics in the Post Season each year decided to part ways with the Celtics after Horford opted out in his contract. The Celtics did not agree on another long deal with Horford and now Horford is reportedly leaning toward to sign with the Dallas Mavericks comes free agency.

Both Irving and Horford are very talented players and they will surely hurt the Celtics, but the Celtics still have upcoming superstar Jason Tatum, Jalen Brown, Marcus Morris, Gordon Hayward and Terry Rozier that could still lead the Celtics in the Post Season but less making the Conference Finals.?

What would be the situation of Boston Celtics this upcoming 2019 - 2020 NBA Regular Season? will this team make it through the post season? or will this team became a just an ordinary team? lets wait and see....

Raptors Clinch their 1st ever NBA Title Dethroning the defending Champ Warriors

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NBA – The defending back to back NBA Champion the Golden State Warriors host Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. It will be the final game of the series if the Raptors win Game 6 and clinch their first ever NBA Title while the Warriors keep their hopes of extending the series in Game 7 and perhaps clinch their 3rd straight title at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario. 

Meanwhile, the defending NBA Champion will play their final game at Oracle Arena as they move on to another home court next season. It will be their last stance at home at their historic home court where they played the last 5 straight NBA Finals.

In the game, the Raptors start strong courtesy of Raptors guard Kyle Lowry, who scored the first 11 points of the game 11 – 2, since then it was all Raptors controlling the early quarter not until the later minutes where the Warriors came back and take the lead at 2:15 to go. The quarter ends 33 – 32 Raptors leading by a point.

In the 2nd quarter, the game are toe to toe with several lead changes, but still the Raptors won the quarter 27 – 25 ending the 1st half leading by 3 points 60 – 57. Kawhi Leonard was limited into 6 points and 3 fouls, but it was Lowry, who carried the Raptors with 21 points to lead all scorers at the half. Klay Thompson led the Warriors in scoring with 18 points while Andrei Igoudala added 11 points. Curry was limited into 9 points at the half.

In the 3rd quarter, both teams are in tight contention as no team manages to take a double digit lead, Kawhi Leonard has been the main man for the Raptors scoring 13 points in the quarter while Klay Thompson scored 12 points out of 30 points for the Warrior. Warriors able to retake the lead 78 – 76 with 4:35 to go. Warriors able to won the quarter 31 – 26 up by just a 2 points 88 – 86 at the end of the 3rd.

In the 4th and final quarter, Klay Thompson was ruled out of the game due to knee injury he suffered in the 3rd.and the Warriors will now heavily rely to Stephen Curry and the supporting cast to manage to force and extend into Game 7? Kevin Durant, who is already out suffered a torn Achilles in Game 5 and now Klay Thompson in Game 6.

Raptors able to take advantage the absence of Klay Thompson in the 4th as they overcome the Warriors lead and manage to put 6 point separation with under 2 minutes to go in regulation, but Warriors closed the gap 109 – 108 with 37 seconds to go and once again 111 – 110 with 18.5 seconds to go. Raptors Danny Green made a crucial turnover pass to Pascal Siakam that leads to Raptors turnover with 9 seconds to go.

Warriors had their chance, but Stephen Curry missed a 3’s that sealed the game for the Raptors first ever NBA Title in a 114 – 110 win.

Kyle Lowry and Pascal SIakam led the Raptors in scoring with both 26 points, Fred vanvleet who has been great in the 4th added 22 points and Kawhi Leonard the Finals MVP with 22 points.

Raptors One Win Away of Capturing Their First NBA Title

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NBA – Eastern Conference Champion the Toronto Raptors visit the defending back to back NBA Champion the Golden State Warriors in Game 4 of the 2019 NBA Finals at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. The Raptors won Game 1 and Game 3 to take a 2 – 1 lead in their best of seven series. 

Prior to Game 4, both Warriors Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney are back in the Warriors lineup and expected to play despite the injury they suffered in Game 2, while 2 – time Finals MVP Kevin Durant is still out due to a calf injury.

In the game, The Warriors start strong in the 1st half taking an early double digit lead in the game with the help of their returning star player Klay Thompson alongside Stephen Curry who exploded for 47 points in Game 3 losing effort.

In the 2nd half of the game the Raptors came strong in the 3rd quarter, hits back to back 3’s in the early minutes to take their first lead of the game 48 – 46. Since then the Raptors never look back as they outscored the defending champion 37 – 21 in the 3rd and finish the three quarters 79 – 67, Raptors up by 12 points.

In the 4th and final quarter, Raptors hit a 3’s extending their lead into 15 points in the very first possession of the final quarter. Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green had no answer on Raptors complete domination led by Kawhi Leonard, Serge Ibaka and Kyle Lowry to finish the game 105 – 92.

With the Raptors win in Game 4 they are now one win away of capturing their very first NBA Championship in franchise history after 24th NBA Season. While the defending back to back NBA Champion are facing elimination in Game 5 and for the first time they are the underdog in the series.

Kevin Durant, who is nursing an injury is still questionable in Game 5? He might be the answer for the Warriors if he comes back? But if not it will be a very tough series for the Warriors to get back after falling down 1 – 3. Although it has been done by the Warriors in 2016 Conference Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Cavaliers in the 2016 NBA Finals against the Warriors.

Game 5 is scheduled at the Raptors home court, will the Raptors finish the series or will the defending NBA Champion extend their series and continue their home of three peat? Let’s wait and see.

Warriors trying to Bounce Back in Game 2 of the 2019 NBA Finals

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NBA – The Eastern Conference Champion Toronto Raptors host the defending back to back NBA Champion the Golden State Warriors in Game 2 of the 2019 NBA Finals at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario.

The Raptors made history as the first team to reach the NBA Finals outside the US territory and takes the home court advantage of the 2019 NBA Finals, which they eventually take advantage in Game 1, stunning the Warriors in 118 – 109 win.

Game 2 could also in favor of the Toronto Raptors with still less Kevin Durant in Warriors line up who is nursing an injury, the Raptors have a very great chance of winning Game 2 and go to Oracle Arena with 2 – 0 advantage and take their chance of stealing one game in the Warriors home court where the defending champion are very tough to beat.

Meanwhile, the defending back to back NBA Champion are in very strange situations after losing Game 1 of the 2019 NBA Finals where for the past four straight NBA Finals they won all Game 1 at home opposite Game 1 of the 2019 NBA Finals. The absence of Kevin Durant a 2 – time Finals MVP is surely one reason they loss Game 1 and with Durant to the lineup the Warriors are very hard to beat.

Will the Warriors manage to bounce back in Game 2 with less Durant? Will 2 – time league MVP Stephen Curry find his way to lead the Warriors in Game 2 victory? Or will Kawhi Leonard leads the Raptors in 2 – 0 start of the 2019 NBA Finals? Let’s wait and see.

The Warriors are back once again in the NBA Finals for the 5th Straight Season

NBA – Back to back NBA Champion the Golden State Warriors made a franchise history after defeating the Portland Trailblazer in a come from behind victory in Game 4, 119 – 117 to end the Western Conference Finals match and move on to the 2019 NBA Finals. The Warriors are now in their 5th straight NBA Finals appearance the most appearances in today’s league. 

The defending NBA Champion manages to pull up another comeback after falling behind by double digit in the early minutes of the 4th quarter. The home team Portland Trailblazer unable to hang on to their lead, but able to extend the game into overtime.

At the overtime Damian Lillard had his chance of winning the game but failed to connect a 3 point basket in the right side of the court that went to 119 – 117 win by the Warriors. Lillard finish the game with 28 points, 12 assists and 4 rebounds in what could be his best performance of the series in losing effort.

Meanwhile, 2 – time league MVP Stephen Curry, who was brilliant in the whole series finishing the game with triple double and a game high 37 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assist.

The Warriors only await the winner in the East between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Toronto Raptors. Bucks currently lead the series 2 – 1 while the Raptors are trying to tie the series at their home over the next game.

After 4 – straight NBA Finals appearance the Warriors are facing the East in the Finals with no LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers. Warriors are 3 – 1 in the Finals since 2015 – 2018. The only loss by the Warriors is in 2016 after blowing a 3 – 1 lead in the Finals against the Cavs.

Now, the Warriors are still favored to win the title despite no Kevin Durant in the lineup due to injury. Will the Warriors be once again the NBA Champion? Let’s wait and see.

2019 SSS Contribution Table for Voluntary Members

Philippines – The Social Security System or SSS has recently updated or increase their SSS Monthly Contribution that will cover all their SSS members, the changes have already taken effect last month April 2019 but the actual increase for me or maybe for most of us will begin this month of May 2019. 

April 2019 Updated SSS Contributions

According to the new and updated contribution table all members will increase their monthly contribution by 12% in pursuant of Republic Act No. 11199. The new SSS Contribution payments still cover employers (ER), employees (EE), self-employed, voluntary members, OFWs, kasambahay, and non-working spouse.

I’ve been paying my SSS Contribution quarterly as a voluntary member, my monthly contribution is amounting to PHP 550.00 only with a grand total of PHP 2,200.00 per quarterly payment, but upon checking my online SSS Account last April 2019 I noticed that my monthly contribution increases to PHP 600.00, a PHP 50.00 increase from my previous monthly contributions. For me, it’s not bad at all cause it's yours after all.

After that I generate and print my SSS Payment Reference Number amounting PHP 2,400.00 that will cover the month of May, June, July and August 2019 and I will pay it to the nearest SSS accredited payment center such as Western Union or Bayad Center.

It is also advisable that all SSS members must have or create an SSS Account Online to have an easy access on such online viewing of the SSS premium or monthly contribution, Employee Static Information (ESI), printing of PRN #, online scheduling, SSS Loan and others.

While, for other SSS members such employers, employee, OFWs, Kasambahay, you can check the SSS Website for the latest updates of their own SSS Contribution Table.

Kyrie Irving and the Boston Celtics are officially out of the 2019 NBA Playoffs

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NBA – In unexpected event the team that was supposed to reach the 2019 NBA Finals the Boston Celtics is now officially out of the 2019 NBA Playoffs. The Celtics loss to the East top seeded team Milwaukee Bucks 91 – 116 in Game 5 that lead to 1 – 4 series win favoring the Milwaukee Bucks in their own best of seven semi-final rounds at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

The Celtics won Game 1 stunning the Bucks crowed that many basketball fans think it will be the Celtics to advance to the Conference Finals? It was supposed to happen after all LeBron James leaves the Eastern Conference after dominating the East for eight straight years of NBA Finals appearance.

But the expectation for Kyrie Irving and the Celtics went wrong after losing Game 2,3,4 and 5 and takes their early exit of the 2019 NBA Playoffs. It might also be the last time to see Kyrie Irving at Boston uniform? Irving will become a free agent in July but unless the Celtics management made an offer that Kyrie Irving could not refuse to leave Boston? Let’s just wait and see this coming free agency?

The Celtics are one of those 2 Teams that are expected to meet the NBA Finals the other one is the reigning back to back NBA Champion the Golden State Warriors.

Unlike the Celtics the Warriors are looking good of advancing the Western Conference Finals for the 5th straight Post Season after defeating the Houston Rockets in Game 5 to lead their own semi-final series 3 – 2 putting the Warriors of one win of advancing the next round.

Meanwhile, the top seeded Milwaukee Bucks awaits the winner between the Toronto Raptors and Philadelphia 76ers. The Raptors are one game away of advancing to the next round to face the Bucks.

A beginners Guide on how to Open ATM Saving Account with Passbook at BDO

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Philippines – Here in our country opening a savings account at any Bank is a very good example of saving money for the near future or for any future purposes that will benefit the account holder or their families.

Saving money is an old but reliable habit of Filipino’s whenever an emergency comes in, there will be always a solution if you have money.

But how can we save money if we don’t have a savings account? Here is a simple and easy guide to open a savings account at BDO. Take note: this guide only applies at BDO which may be different from other Banks.

Quick Guide and Requirements on how to open an ATM Savings Account with Passbook at BDO.

For Employed or Factory Workers

1. Bring 2 Valid ID’s
2. Proof of Billing
3. 1x1 ID Picture
4. Minimum of 10,000 Pesos for deposit.
5. After that go to the nearest BDO Branch.
6. Ask for the guard that you are looking to open a savings account so he can assist you.
7. A customer representative will assist and guide you.
8. Just fill up all the form that the Customer representative will give you.
9. If all details are correct and successful you will have your Passbook at the end of the procedure.
10. ATM card will be given after 7 working days. So you will return for the ATM release.

For Self Employed

1. Bring 2 Valid ID’s
2. Proof of Billing
3. Proof of Income
4. 1 x 1 ID Picture
5. Minimum of 10,000 Pesos for deposit.
6. After that go to the nearest BDO Branch.
7. Ask for the guard that you are looking to open a savings account so he can assist you.
8. A customer representative will assist and guide you.
9. Just fill up all the form that the Customer representative will give you.
10. If all details are correct and successful you will have your Passbook at the end of the procedure.
11. ATM card will be given after 7 working days. So you will return for the ATM release.

This is my own experience at BDO Cabuyao, if one of my tips does not apply to you? You are welcome to contact me.

Philadelphia 76ers Bounce Back in Game 2 to Even the Series 1 – 1 against the Brooklyn Nets

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NBA – the 3rd seeding Philadelphia 76ers host Game 2 of Round 1 of the 2019 NBA Playoffs against the visiting 6th seeded team Brooklyn Nets in their own best of seven series at Wells Fargo Center in 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

The 76ers were stunned in Game 1, after the Brooklyn Nets steal the home advantage in a 111 – 102 win at Wells Fargo. Nets star player and point guard D’Angelo Russell lead the Nets in scoring with 26 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists. While the 76ers forward Jimmy Butler dropped 36 points and 9 rebounds in losing effort.

Game 2 is a must win for the 76ers despite their superstar player Joel Embiid is nursing an injury but available to play the game. While the Nets must continue what they do in Game 1 in order to get a commanding 2 – 0 lead before shifting the series at their home count at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, New York.

In the game, the 76ers came strong as expected to take the 1st quarter by a storm leading by as much double digit but ending the quarter up by only 6 points, 34 – 28.

In the 2nd quarter, the Nets are still down by a double digit lead, but came back strong in the later minutes and even won the quarter 36 – 31 to finish the 1st half down by a single point 64 – 65.

At the start of the 3rd quarter, the 76ers came strong with 14 – 0 unanswered points 79 – 65 with 9:25 in the quarter. The 76ers never look back exploding for 51 points setting an NBA record in franchise history.

At the 4th and final quarter where the game is officially over after a massive 3rd quarter by 76ers that bounce back from Game 1, humiliating loss.

Ben Simmons sets a franchise record, becoming the 3rd player in 76ers to post a triple double in the NBA Playoffs. Simmons finishes the game with 18 points, 10 rebounds and 12 assists while Joel Embiid leads the 76ers in scoring with 23 points and 10 rebounds.

Meanwhile, Nets superstar D’Angelo Russel l was limited to 16 points.

Piston, Hornets and the Heat Battles for the 8th Spot in the East

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NBA – The cast for the 2018 – 2019 NBA Playoffs is almost completed with only one remaining spot in the Eastern Conference, where three teams battles for the last and the remaining spot on the right to advance in the 2019 post season. 

The Detroit Piston is currently holding the 8th spot in the East with 39 wins and 41 losses and in a 4 – game losing skid.

The Charlotte Hornets tied with the Miami Heat at 10th and 11th places respectively with 38 wins and 42 losses, the Hornets are in 3 – game winning streak while the Heat ate in 4 – game losing skid.

Among the three teams, the Detroit Piston has a much better chances of making the post season with lighter assignment in their last two games of the regular season against the Memphis Grizzlies and the New York Knick's.

For the Charlotte Hornets they will still have to rely upon on the result of the Piston remaining games, should the Piston losses one of their two last games? Hornets must win both of their last games which has a tougher match in their final game against the Orlando Magic.

Meanwhile, The Miami Heat is also in a must win situation, but in a much tougher assignment in their last two games against the Philadelphia 76ers and the Brooklyn Nets. It has been a rough week for the Heat losing 4 – closed games against the Boston Celtics, Minnesota Timberwolves and the Toronto Raptors.

So, let’s just wait the result of upcoming games for these three teams and let’s see who will make the final spot or the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference? Will it be the Detroit Piston? the Charlotte Hornets or for the final time in the post season Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat?

Miami Heat Trying to Hold on the No. 8 Spot in the East

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NBA – 3 – time NBA Champion the Miami Heat visits the 17 – time NBA Champion the Boston Celtics in their 3rd meeting at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. 

The Boston Celtics are already booked a spot in the post season, which currently rank them at the 4th spot in the East Standing tied with the Indiana Pacers at 45 wins and 32 losses. A win against the Heat will remain at 4th spot, but a loss will send them down to 5th spot. 

The Miami Heat is currently holding the 8th spot in the East with 38 wins and 38 losses, which is a very tight spot that a slight mistake will endanger their chance of making the post season? Teams from 6th seed to 9th seed are just a game behind from each other so this spot is a circus spot that a slight mistake will turn every team's chances of making the 2019 NBA Playoffs.

The game between the Celtics and the Heat is a very important game for the Heat to hold on the 8th spot or even further up their chances of grabbing the 7th seed in the East if the Brooklyn Net loss to the Milwaukee Bucks in their match tonight?

But a loss to the Celtics tonight will drop the Heat's record to 38 wins and 39 loss tied at the 8th and 9th spot with the Orlando Magic but again if the Magic wins tonight against the Toronto Raptors the Heat will be in 9th spot but a loss by the Magic means the Heat will remain in the 8th seed.

So this game is very important game to the Miami Heat they must win their match tonight against the Celtics and not rely on other teams to loss just to hold on the 8th spot.

Whatever happen on tonight’s game between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics they will still face one another for their 4th and final match of the 2018 – 2019 NBA Regular Season at Americans Airlines Arena in Downtown, Miami this coming April 4 (PH Time).

LeBron James and the Lakers are officially out of the 2019 Post Season

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NBA – In his 16th NBA Season LeBron James will miss the post season for the 3rd time in his illustrious NBA Career. his first 2 years are during his rookie season with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003 – 2004 and 2004 – 2005 NBA Regular Season. 

James, who has been in 13th straight post season and 8th straight NBA Finals appearance is in an unusual place after his team Los Angeles Lakers is announce officially out of playoff contention after losing to the Brooklyn Nets.

James has been in his usual average, which is 27 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists per game in his first season with the LA Lakers. But the explosiveness and athleticism slightly decrease due to perhaps the injury he suffered on Christmas Day “The Groin Injury”.

With James returning from injury the Lakers continued their downfall in the West Standing and worsen the situation after the Trade rumors between the New Orleans Pelicans Anthony Davis in exchange of the entire Lakers young player which evidently damage the morale of some young Lakers player.

As the regular season proceeds the LA Lakers are unable to find their way back in the West Standings even the best player in the league LeBron James can help it. James, who will miss the Playoffs after dominating East Conference for 13th straight years is finally out after joining the Lakers in the West Conference.

For the Lakers franchise, the expectation this year are very high, but due to injury that happen to LeBron James that lead him to missed 17th straight games, the injury to Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram perhaps the result this year if that all injuries did not happen are pretty much different and perhaps the Lakers might be in 6th or 7th seed in the West?

But all of that is what if? The Lakers will be missing the West post season for the i 6th consecutive season and first in LeBron’s era. Better luck next time Lakers fan and LeBron James avid fanatics and haters.

Know the Latest Guide on the Renewal of Philippine Passport

Philippines – This article is only applied for passport holders that seeking the latest updates on how to renew their Philippine passport at any DFA branches all over the country. 

As we all know applying for a Philippine passport has been a major problem for some passport applicants due to the issue of securing an online appointment that takes several weeks or even months to finally set an appointment with the (DFA) Department of Foreign Affairs. 

However, the DFA made several improvements in their system such as adding ePayment system and improving the waiting time of securing an online appointment slot.

Steps on the Renewal of Passport before going to the DFA

1. Prepare all the documents needed for passport renewal.
2. Schedule an appointment with DFA Appointment System.
3. Print the Passport Appointment Packet (do not forget to bring this document upon your appointment with DFA).
4. Pay the Philippine Passport Fee at any authorized payment center. (ex. Bayad Center, 7-11, ecpay and others.)
5. Select your desired DFA branches for your appointment date and time.

Requirements for Renewal of Passport at DFA Branches

1. Confirmed Online Appointment.
2. Accomplished Application Form.
3. Personal appearance.
4. Current ePassport with photocopy of data page.
5. Bring any Valid IDs with one (1) Photocopy.
6. Original PSA authenticated documents that will support the change of name. Marriage Contract. Annotated Birth Certificate.

Acceptable ID for passport renewal (at least one):

1. Social Security System (SSS ID).
2. Government Service Insurance System (GSIS).
3. Unified Multi-Purpose Identification (UMID Card).
4. Voter’s ID or Voter’s Certificate or Voter’s Registration Record.
5. (LTO) Driver’s License.
6. Senior Citizen ID.
7. Persons with Disabilities (PWD ID).
8. School ID (for students).
9. Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC ID).
10. Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA)
11. Integrated Department of Labor and Employment (iDOLE card).

The cost for the renewal of passports is about PHP 950.00 for regular type that will take 12 days to process while PHP 1,200.00 for express type will take 6 days to process.

Applicants will have the option of paying PHP 150.00 for the delivery of their passport through courier or just return back for the releasing of their passport. Also the Passport validity is now 10 years instead of the usual 5 years validity.

Read Also: How To Apply for SSS Loan

Take Note: Dos and Don’ts at DFA Appointment

1. Must wear a proper attire or dress.
2. No excessive make up.
3. No Jewelry allowed.