How to Track Typhoon As Early As Possible

Tracking typhoon as early as possible can make people more safety, aware and more prepared in dealing with strong typhoon and knowing what direction the typhoon is heading for or where it makes a land fall?

Nowadays Typhoon are not the same as it used to be? They are now more violent and strong, it can kill hundreds of people, wrecking houses and other infrastructure as soon as it hit the land mass that it pass through.

We cannot stop this mothers nature creation as one of the most destructive natural disaster, the only way we can do is to be prepared as much as possible by means of evacuation if you live near from low lying areas, such as coastal areas and river sides? Evacuate immediately if local officials already ordered evacuation.

We can also avoid disaster if we are more vigilant or aware of our weather condition especially in rainy season? Always listen for the latest news in weather by means of listening in radio, watching news in TV or even surfing the web for the latest updates in weather.

Prepared also some water for drinking, stored some food that not easily rotten, first aid kit in case of emergency, batteries and others.

In the Philippines, typhoon is the most common natural disaster that always happen every year. Since the country is situated in the South Pacific Ocean where Low Pressure Area is starting to form that eventually turns into typhoon, the country is the most target area that always hit by strong typhoon along with some neighbouring country like Taiwan and Japan.

There are several websites or weather bureau that gives information about the weather or upcoming typhoons:

PAGASA – Local Weather Bureau in the Philippines

JTWC – US Weather Bureau situated in Hawaii.

JTWC or Joint Typhoon Warning Center is perhaps the most advance and accurate in giving information of upcoming weather conditions and trajectory.

Click the websites to track the directions of typhoons.

Note: click the TC Warning Graphic to view the direction of typhoon that currently affevting the weathev system.
source: JTWC