Mistakes or Confusion when Funding PayMaya Account at 7-11

Have you ever encountered the confusion of cashing in money in your PayMaya account, but never get or credited the money in your account? Maybe you and I share the same confusion of using PayMaya?

There are several ways of funding the PayMaya account and one of those is the 7-11 convenience store. At 7-11, I usually used their CLIQQ kiosk machine for funding my account, it was easy to use and really fast transacted. 

Although sometimes there are really some unavoidable trouble or inconvenience on 7-11 kiosk machine like the system is offline or maintenance, but nevertheless it was the easiest way for me of funding my PayMaya account.

But what would you do if you encounter of funding your account, but never received the money? Here are some of my tips that I experience that might help you in the future?

1. When funding your Paymaya at 7-11, always look at the cashier monitor if the transaction is successful? If successful secure your receipt, wait for the SMS text from ECPAY 7-11 and check your PayMaya account if the money is transferred?

If no SMS text from ECPAY and no money transferred in your PayMaya account quickly return to 7-11 where you fund your account and inform them the situation? More or less the issue belongs to the ECPAY.

At this point the 7-11 manager will call ECPAY for confirmation of the issue and later if thus confirm the user will repeat the transaction or the money will return to the PayMaya user.

2. Double SIM confusion, always use the SIM number that you use in your PayMaya account. Never generate ad money code with different Cell Phone numbers to avoid the wrong sending of funding PayMaya account?

If you have two SIM card in your mobile phone always use the one that connected at your PayMaya account, never use the other SIM to avoid confusion unless it is also connected to another PayMaya account?

Always remember that the Cell number that used for generating the Add Money Code is also the number that would receive the fund. So be very careful to avoid the hassle or inconvenience of the double SIM mobile user.