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MMDA Increases the Penalties for Illegal Parking in the Metro

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Philippines – The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has recently increased their penalties for vehicles that violating Illegal Parking in the Metro. The increases are to penalize violators to pay higher penalties for illegal parking that might lead to violators to think twice to do such violations.

Also due to several viral videos shared in the social media where netizens caught the attentions of some argument between violators and MMDA enforces related to illegal parking which include the 5-minute rule that became viral in the social media has lead into this new policy in the Metro of higher fines and penalties for some traffic violations.

The Metropolitan Manila Council (MMC) approved the increases of penalties for some traffic violation which includes illegal parking and yellow lane. The increase in fines for the said traffic violation was agreed upon by the Metro Mayors, MMC and the MMDA.

According to the new fines and penalties of the MMDA, violators or motorist that will caught for illegal parking will be penalized amounting to P1, 000.00 from the previous P500.00 this fines apply to attended vehicle only while the unattended vehicle is penalized amounting to P2, 000.00. 

Meanwhile, for the yellow lane violations, the violators are penalized amounting to P1, 000.00 from the previous P500.00.

With the increases of fines and penalties in the Metro will the vehicle owner/driver or motorist can finally abide the traffic rules? While the MMDA can finally put to rest traffic violators due to higher penalties? Let’s wait and see in the upcoming days if this strategy for the MMDA will take effect for the vehicle owner/driver and motorist?

Check out MMDA’s 5 - minute rule for Parking Violation

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Philippines – Due to the recent viral video that circulated in the social media between the confrontation of a certain female motorist and MMDA personnel pertaining to parking violation of the 5 – minute rule of the illegally parked vehicle, it is now explained to the public and also in the social media on how the rule applies? 

According to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), there are two types of illegally parked vehicles? One is those vehicle with a driver inside the vehicle and the second one is those vehicles with no driver inside the vehicle. The 5-minute rules applies or falls under to those illegally parked vehicle with no driver inside.

Now if a certain vehicle falls under the 5 – minute rule of parking violation, the MMDA will sound their horns as their warning to the driver of the vehicle or the owner itself to fix their illegally parked vehicle? If the driver fails to do so after 5 minutes, then the MMDA is mandated to tow the vehicle and later on the driver/owner of the vehicle will be ticketed of illegally parked violations.

However, if the driver came before the 5- minute rule elapse the vehicle will not be towed, but still the driver will be given a ticket for his/her parking violation.

Meanwhile, those illegally parked vehicle with drivers inside will also be ticketed for parking violations and they are liable to fix their parking position according to the rules.

Take note: vehicle drivers should always bring their driver’s license and OR/CR to avoid more penalties in case of parking violations or any traffic violations. Failure to do so might lead to more penalties and worst their vehicle will be towed or even impounded.
Source: GMA

How to Use PayPal in Purchasing Online with No Balance Available?

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I have recently learned that despite with limited balance on my PayPal account I can still manage to use it in buying or purchasing items online. I never thought this could be done till I discovered it while looking for a ways on how to fund my PayPal account which then I badly needed at the time. 

According to the source you simply Log in your verified PayPal account and go to the wallet, tab and link any valid bank account or credit card to be able to use PayPal for online transaction despite with limited balance or zero balance. Instead of the usual purchasing or buying online using our PayPal fund you can now choose your link bank account or credit card for online transaction as your second payment options if your PayPal account has limited funds?

To be able to use your bank account or credit card as your payment options for your PayPal transactions simply make sure that your bank account has sufficient fund before proceeding to any transaction to avoid hassle. If a bank account has sufficient fund, then proceed to payments and after successful payments all details are still under PayPal transactions.

Here are the simple steps on how to use a bank account or credit card as your PayPal payment options:

1. Log in to your PayPal Account
2. Choose your PayPal as your payment options on the website that you are having an online transaction.
3. On that site you will be asked to securely log in to your PayPal account and prompted with two options on how to choose a way to pay? It’s either your PayPal current balance or your bank account.
4. Choose bank account if PayPal has no fund
5. And wait for the transaction to finish.

I hope this article helps because it really helps me knowing that despite no current balance on my PayPal account I can still use PayPal by funding my current link bank account of credit card.

How to Renew Driver’s License and Adding Restriction Code

LTO - On August 2, 2018, I visited one of the LTO Branches in Laguna to renew my driver’s license and at the same time to add restriction code “2” so that I can finally drive my private car legally. Despite not getting there as early as possible at the LTO still I came right in time with just several applicants with different purposes.

At the LTO, I quickly reach the information area where a security guard is assigned to handle incoming applicant’s questions and purposes. The guard is very accommodating and point me in the right direction on where to start my driver’s renewals.

Here is the list of step by step procedures oh how to renew your Driver’s License and adding restriction code:

1. Go to the Medical Clinic for your medical checkup such as for checking your blood pressure, eye test and weight measurement. After passing the test they will issue your medical clearance with Service fee amounting Php300.00.

2. Go back to the information desk and ask for an Application’s for Driver’s License (ADL) application form. After accomplishing the ADL Form the information center will check your duly accomplished form for some corrections if there’s any? And don’t forget to check the number of restriction code that you want to add on your renewal if theirs is also any?

3. After the ADL Checking go inside the LTO building and pass the duly accomplished ADL Form to the evaluator at Windows 3. Wait for your name to be call or wait for your number stab to appear on the monitor in the waiting area.

4. Once your name is called or your stab appeared on the screen monitor proceed to Windows 1 for picture capturing and signature and once again wait for your names to be called at windows 6 for payments.

5. At Windows 6, an initial payments amounting to Php167.63 for application fee and computer fee.

6. Proceed to the examination room for exams. (Examination are applied for applicants that are adding restriction code and newly applicants).

7. If the exam is passed proceed to driving area for drive test and if drive test is also passed return back all the requirements to the examination room and wait for your name or number stab to be called at Windows 6.
Take note: the car that I used for driving is my own car. Applicants with no car must pay additional payments at driving test.

8. At Windows 6, final payments amounting to Php852.63 for the addition of restriction code, license fee, revision of records and a computer fee. After payments wait for your name again to be called at Windows 2 for the issuance of the renewed driver’s license.
Take note: this case is only for applicants that has been issued of a temporary license. Meanwhile, applicants that have given DL card is taking finger prints first before the issuance of 5 year Drivers Card.

Overall the process took less than 3 hours with a grand total cost of Php1320.26 including the addition of restriction code “2” while applicants with temporary license may claim back their plastic driver’s license card at any LTO Branches in Laguna once there is an available DL card.

How to Refund Unprocessed Payments at GCash

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Philippines – I have recently used GCash mobile apps as my payment method in an International online buying website, but for some reason it was declined several times after I attempted to resolve the problem. The issue stated “My MasterCard was declined” but for some reason it was not explained in details and because of that issue I was not able to buy the item that I want to buy. 

And the problem gets worse when I checked my GCash current balance and I was credited on that several failed transactions that clearly didn’t even proceed to that online buying website. So I quickly contacted the customer support of the said website and asked them if they credited me in my recent transaction with them? After they deeply look at my account they said that I was not charged on any transaction and my recent transaction was declined due to bank issue? They advised me to contact my bank (GCash) to know what caused the problem.

Afterwards, I immediately contacted GCash through their emails ( then I decided to contact them at their hotline 2882 to speak with their customer service representative to quickly know what might cause the problem of my recent transaction as soon as possible. Fortunately, my calls were answered in a short time of waiting and I was assisted very professionally by GCash representative.

Upon the conversation with GCash CS they asked my complete details or information to validate my identity and after successful checking on my personal details then the checking proceed on my GCash latest transaction. Upon their checking on my account it shows that I made 4 failed transactions on a certain website which is that online buying website and they promised me that all my failed transactions will be refunded as soon as possible and if not expect 15 working days to process..

I’m glad I contacted their hotline and I was very well assisted and with just a couple of days my money was refunded back in my GCash account.

Helpful Tips: Before contacting GCash hotline prepare this thing first:

1. GCash Mastercard
2. GCash Mobile Apps Number
3. The Caller should be the owner of Gcash Mastercard and Mobile Apps.