How to Use PayPal in Purchasing Online with No Balance Available?

I have recently learned that despite with limited balance on my PayPal account I can still manage to use it in buying or purchasing items online. I never thought this could be done till I discovered it while looking for a ways on how to fund my PayPal account which then I badly needed at the time. 

According to the source you simply Log in your verified PayPal account and go to the wallet, tab and link any valid bank account or credit card to be able to use PayPal for online transaction despite with limited balance or zero balance. Instead of the usual purchasing or buying online using our PayPal fund you can now choose your link bank account or credit card for online transaction as your second payment options if your PayPal account has limited funds?

To be able to use your bank account or credit card as your payment options for your PayPal transactions simply make sure that your bank account has sufficient fund before proceeding to any transaction to avoid hassle. If a bank account has sufficient fund, then proceed to payments and after successful payments all details are still under PayPal transactions.

Here are the simple steps on how to use a bank account or credit card as your PayPal payment options:

1. Log in to your PayPal Account
2. Choose your PayPal as your payment options on the website that you are having an online transaction.
3. On that site you will be asked to securely log in to your PayPal account and prompted with two options on how to choose a way to pay? It’s either your PayPal current balance or your bank account.
4. Choose bank account if PayPal has no fund
5. And wait for the transaction to finish.

I hope this article helps because it really helps me knowing that despite no current balance on my PayPal account I can still use PayPal by funding my current link bank account of credit card.