MMDA Increases the Penalties for Illegal Parking in the Metro

Philippines – The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has recently increased their penalties for vehicles that violating Illegal Parking in the Metro. 

The increases are to penalize violators to pay higher penalties for illegal parking that might lead to violators to think twice to do such violations.

Also due to several viral videos shared in the social media where netizens caught the attentions of some argument between violators and MMDA enforces related to illegal parking which include the 5-minute rule that became viral in the social media has lead into this new policy in the Metro of higher fines and penalties for some traffic violations.

The Metropolitan Manila Council (MMC) approved the increases of penalties for some traffic violation which includes illegal parking and yellow lane. The increase in fines for the said traffic violation was agreed upon by the Metro Mayors, MMC and the MMDA.

According to the new fines and penalties of the MMDA, violators or motorist that will caught for illegal parking will be penalized amounting to P1, 000.00 from the previous P500.00 this fines apply to attended vehicle only while the unattended vehicle is penalized amounting to P2, 000.00. 

Meanwhile, for the yellow lane violations, the violators are penalized amounting to P1, 000.00 from the previous P500.00.

With the increases of fines and penalties in the Metro will the vehicle owner/driver or motorist can finally abide the traffic rules? While the MMDA can finally put to rest traffic violators due to higher penalties? Let’s wait and see in the upcoming days if this strategy for the MMDA will take effect for the vehicle owner/driver and motorist?