Check out MMDA’s 5 - minute rule for Parking Violation

Philippines – Due to the recent viral video that circulated in the social media between the confrontation of a certain female motorist and MMDA personnel pertaining to parking violation of the 5 – minute rule of the illegally parked vehicle, it is now explained to the public and also in the social media on how the rule applies? 

According to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), there are two types of illegally parked vehicles? One is those vehicle with a driver inside the vehicle and the second one is those vehicles with no driver inside the vehicle. The 5-minute rules applies or falls under to those illegally parked vehicle with no driver inside.

Now if a certain vehicle falls under the 5 – minute rule of parking violation, the MMDA will sound their horns as their warning to the driver of the vehicle or the owner itself to fix their illegally parked vehicle? If the driver fails to do so after 5 minutes, then the MMDA is mandated to tow the vehicle and later on the driver/owner of the vehicle will be ticketed of illegally parked violations.

However, if the driver came before the 5- minute rule elapse the vehicle will not be towed, but still the driver will be given a ticket for his/her parking violation.

Meanwhile, those illegally parked vehicle with drivers inside will also be ticketed for parking violations and they are liable to fix their parking position according to the rules.

Take note: vehicle drivers should always bring their driver’s license and OR/CR to avoid more penalties in case of parking violations or any traffic violations. Failure to do so might lead to more penalties and worst their vehicle will be towed or even impounded.
Source: GMA