How to Renew Driver’s License and Adding Restriction Code

LTO - On August 2, 2018, I visited one of the LTO Branches in Laguna to renew my driver’s license and at the same time to add restriction code “2” so that I can finally drive my private car legally. Despite not getting there as early as possible at the LTO still I came right in time with just several applicants with different purposes.

At the LTO, I quickly reach the information area where a security guard is assigned to handle incoming applicant’s questions and purposes. The guard is very accommodating and point me in the right direction on where to start my driver’s renewals.  

Here is the list of step by step procedures oh how to renew your Driver’s License and adding restriction code:

1. Go to the Medical Clinic for your medical checkup such as for checking your blood pressure, eye test and weight measurement. After passing the test they will issue your medical clearance with Service fee amounting Php300.00.

2. Go back to the information desk and ask for an Application’s for Driver’s License (ADL) application form. After accomplishing the ADL Form the information center will check your duly accomplished form for some corrections if there’s any? And don’t forget to check the number of restriction code that you want to add on your renewal if theirs is also any?

3. After the ADL Checking go inside the LTO building and pass the duly accomplished ADL Form to the evaluator at Windows 3. Wait for your name to be call or wait for your number stab to appear on the monitor in the waiting area.

4. Once your name is called or your stab appeared on the screen monitor proceed to Windows 1 for picture capturing and signature and once again wait for your names to be called at windows 6 for payments.

5. At Windows 6, an initial payments amounting to Php167.63 for application fee and computer fee.

6. Proceed to the examination room for exams. (Examination are applied for applicants that are adding restriction code and newly applicants).

7. If the exam is passed proceed to driving area for drive test and if drive test is also passed return back all the requirements to the examination room and wait for your name or number stab to be called at Windows 6.
Take note: the car that I used for driving is my own car. Applicants with no car must pay additional payments at driving test.

8. At Windows 6, final payments amounting to Php852.63 for the addition of restriction code, license fee, revision of records and a computer fee. After payments wait for your name again to be called at Windows 2 for the issuance of the renewed driver’s license.
Take note: this case is only for applicants that has been issued of a temporary license. Meanwhile, applicants that have given DL card is taking finger prints first before the issuance of 5 year Drivers Card.

Overall the process took less than 3 hours with a grand total cost of Php1320.26 including the addition of restriction code “2” while applicants with temporary license may claim back their plastic driver’s license card at any LTO Branches in Laguna once there is an available DL card.