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Former Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago Passes Away Due To Lung Cancer

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On September 29, 2016 - A very sad news spread throughout the Philippines and other neighboring countries as one of the brightest and no fear senator Miriam Defensor Santiago passes away in her sleep at age 71 at St. Luke's Medical Center in Taguig City, Philippines.

The health condition of the former senator is well known to the public, she has been in and out of the hospital till the day she died. The death of the former senator is huge loss in Philippine politics as well in judiciary. 

The medical condition of the former senator was made known to the public in 2014 during her third and last term as senator. She was diagnosed of stage four lung cancer where she take medication outside the country later on she return to the country and announced that she was already cancer free.

In 2015, Sen. Santiago announces her candidacy for presidency. Despite her announcement that she was medically fit for running in 2016 National Elections the senator cannot hide in her face and actions that she was ailing something inside her body.

After the May 9, 2016 elections former senator Miriam Santiago ended her political career, she finish her third and final term as part of the senate and again lost the presidency of the Philippines for the third time.

Since then the former senator has been out of the limelight when it comes to politics.

Miriam Defensor Santiago, was elected three times as part of the Senator of the Philippines, her first term was in1995-2001, her second term was in 2004-2010 and her last term in 2010-2016.

She also run three times for the Presidential bid but sadly lost in Presidential votes as her hopes to become the President of the Philippines was denied from her.

Miriam Santiago shown brilliancy at her very young age she graduated valedictorian in grade school, high school, and law school in the Diliman campus and proceeded to the University of the Philippines College of Law where she graduated cum laude for bachelor of Laws.

Is Chris Bosh NBA Career Over?

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A very unfortunate news for Miami Heat superstar Chris Bosh who seems his NBA career was about to end due to health condition.

The sad news spread when the Miami Heat organization inform the public that Chris Bosh failed to pass the medical test this training camp.

This unfortunate news might lead both Miami Heat and Chris Bosh part their ways.

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Two years ago, LeBron James leave Miami to return to Cleveland, Bosh has the opportunity to show the world that he can carry the Heat together with Wade.

Heat immediately re-sign Bosh with a maximum contract proving that he is now the price player of the Miami Heat.

But unfortunate happen Bosh ended his 2014-2015 NBA Season early due to medical condition of Blood clotting. The Heat eventually failed to enter the Post Season that year after four years straight in NBA Finals.

On 2015-2016 NBA Season, Bosh return healthy with the Heat but due to another blood clotting issue in mid-season once again he ended his season early while the Heat advance in the Post Season but eliminated in the 2nd round.

The upcoming 2016-2017 NBA Season Dwyane Wade will no longer seen in Miami uniform and the only remaining part of the “Big Three Era” Chris Bosh is uncertain or most likely over in Heat uniform.

Despite Bosh seeking for 2nd opinion with his health, Bosh career with Heat is over and if he return again and proven healthy or fit to play again in NBA he is more likely seen in another NBA uniform?

Chris Bosh was drafted by Toronto Raptors in 2003 together with elite and talented draftee LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony, he quickly became an All-Star player in Toronto.

He later join Miami Heat in 2010, together with his on court off court friends James and Wade to form a super team and begin the so called “Big Three Era”.

Chris Bosh NBA Career and Achievements:

· 2 time NBA Champion with the Heat
· 11 time NBA All-Star
· 3 time NBA Shooting Star Champion
· Toronto Raptors All Time Leading Scorer

How to Apply NBI Clearance Using NBI Online Application

NBI Clearance is one of the most basic requirements of the Filipino people, it is commonly used for identifying person’s identity, such as knowing if the person has a criminal record.

It is an important requirement needed for applying job locally and abroad, it is also needed when applying for a Philippine passport and it can also use in any government transaction as long it is valid in a period of one year.

Nowadays, applying for NBI Clearance made easy by applying online application on their website With this system applicants will now avoid the burden of piling in long lines in NBI Satellite Offices.

Here’s how to apply NBI Clearance Online:

1. Go to NBI Website

2. For new applicants register first, for returning applicants just simply log in.

3. For new applicants fill out the online applications correctly and for renewals check your current information? If you need to change your information click Edit Information if nothing to change proceed to Apply for Clearance.

4. A pop up box showing a document that an applicant must bring to be presented in NBA Satellite Office.

5. Select the NBI branch nearest to your area, scheduled your desired date, choose the purpose and details of your application. The amount that you will pay depends upon on what purpose of application that you need to acquired. The amount of application ranges from P115.00 – P415.00 with additional P25.00 service fee.

6. Select your Payment Options.

7. A pop up box showing your reference number, you will now pay this on the payment options that you selected.

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List of Valid ID’s to be presented in NBI Satellite Offices:

• Voter’s ID
• Valid passport
• Postal ID
• Driver’s License
• PRC License
• School ID
• Philhealth ID
• Alien Certification of Registration
• Senior Citizen
source; NBI Clearance

Drug Lord and Inmate of Bilibid Prison Jaybee Sebastian is Actually an Asset of the Government According to Sen. de Lima

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On Thursday, September 22, 2016 Senator Leila de Lima say’s during her press conference with the media that convicted drug lord and currently an inmate of penitentiary “New Bilibid Prison” (NBP) Jaybee Sebastian is actually an asset of the government of the past administration.

Sen. de Lima, seconded the revelation of Magdalo party-list Rep. Gary Alejano of the real role of Jaybee Sebastian inside the Bilibid penitentiary.

The senator explain in media that Sebastian has been there asset inside the penitentiary that’s why he was not included in the transferring of some other drug lords of the so called “Bilibid 19”.

The senator also dare the House of Committee that investigating the drug dealing and trades inside the penitentiary to invite Jaybee Sebastian for interrogation.

Who is Jaybee Sebastian?

Jaybee Sebastian is known in the Bilibid as the “God of all drug lords” according to all witnesses that presented by Justice Secretary Aguirre in the House of Committee, Sebastian was untouchable that he can everything inside the penitentiary. 

He is being protected by some higher personnel of the Bureau of Correction and one government official pertaining to then Justice Secretary Leila de Lima.

Jaybee Sebastian is also the one who responsible in collecting drug money inside the penitentiary to provide for then Justice Secretary de Lima, for funding her senatorial bid according to the witnesses.

Meanwhile, Senator de Lima, is facing left and right controversy especially in her alleged involvement in drug relation inside the Bilibid Prison. De Lima, was recently ousted in the senate committee in the investigation of EJK or Extra Judicial Killing after she been accused of Senator Cayetano of being biased in the investigation. 

 16 out of 22 senators agree to remove her from being the chairman of Justice Committee who later on replace her by Senator Gordon.

Sen. de Lima, is also known for being the number 1 critics of the President of the Philippines, she and Pres. Duterte are both throwing muds that seems not good for the image of the country.

House Committee Began Their Investigation on NBP Drug Trade and Sen. de Lima’s Alleged Involvement

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On September 20, 2016 – at around 9:30 in the morning the House of Committee began their investigation of the massive drug trading inside the penitentiary of the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) in Muntinlupa, Philippines.

The investigation is in regards of how illegal drugs is legally allowed to operate inside the maximum penitentiary and how the transaction is being done while detained drug lords locally or foreigners can operate their business while inside the  prison.

Aside from the drug deals and drug trading inside the penitentiary, Senator Leila de Lima is also being investigated by the House Committee on her alleged involvement in the drug operation inside the NBP and her alleged money that she received from detained drug lords in the NBP.

Current Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II, presented six witnesses out of thirty witnesses on the first day of the hearing on drug trade.

The six witnesses has given also immunity by the House Committee where witnesses cannot be charged or use their testimony against them or in any other forum unless they will not say the truth.

Chairman of the committee address Justice Aguirre to start interrogating the witnesses, then after the interrogation is all done, the six witnesses have almost the same answer in the committee together with their sworn statement.

In general all six witnesses says that there have been a large and massive drug dealing and drug trading inside the NBP and almost 80% of inmate in NBP had mobile phones during senator de Lima’s term as Secretary of Justice.

Witnesses also pointed out that many detained drug lords can easily operate their drug business inside the penitentiary by means of a mobile phone especially alleged drug lords closed to de Lima? They can have guns, golf cart and even motorcycle inside the prison.

Meanwhile, senator de Lima, denied all the allegations by six witnesses in the House of Committee Hearing during her privilege speech in the senate and that she pity the six witnesses that are being forced to tell falls allegation and that she cannot forgive people all behind this alleged involvement of her in drugs.

The House Committee, continue their investigation today Sept 21, 2016.

Weather Forecast in South Pacific Ocean

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Philippines - Weather is an important part of our world, it will always depend on the weather on what things that we can do in our everyday life its either we are experiencing extreme heat during summer, cold breeze in December and Rainy days in June.

An Early forecast of the weather can bring extra helpful tips for people like students and workers especially outdoor workers. They can prepare their selves early by bringing extra protection like an umbrella and a raincoat from harsh weather condition of extreme heat or strong rain.

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For those countries located near the South Pacific Ocean, like the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan these are the country that mostly battered by Super Typhoon.

In 2013 the Philippines was hit by “Typhoon Yolanda” with international name “Typhoon Haiyan” it was the deadliest and strongest typhoon in Philippine history it killed over 6,000 Filipino people.

From the country that experience is now more prepared for encountering another super typhoon.

The Filipino people are now preparing their selves, early in evacuation, especially for those people living in the low lying coastal area and listening or watching television for weather updates especially if there is a typhoon coming to the country.

Weather condition such as Low Pressure Area (LPA) can be predicted as early as possible by some modern weather equipment, they can also predict its movement and how strong is the LPA or Typhoon?

Meanwhile, South Pacific Ocean, is the birthplace of Typhoon, these where all began the LPA that sometimes became a tropical depression to typhoon and sometimes eventually became a super typhoon?

The rainy season for countries near the Pacific, sometimes start from as much as early of June and ends in December.

For the monitoring and early updates of weather forecast, especially during rainy season there are several websites that can give information about the weather for today and the succeeding days.

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Joint Typhoon Warning Center

Is a US weather website located in Hawaii. It monitored early prediction of any weather disturbance that builds into the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Perhaps it is the most advanced weather websites in the whole world.

Here in the Philippines, PAGASA is the local weather website of the country, like some weather station or website PAGASA bring as much as possible the most accurate news in the weather forecast.

Sen. Cayetano and Sen. Trillanes Had a Heated Argument during a Senate Hearing on Human Rights

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A video of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano and Senator Antonio Trillanes lV, showing a heated argument during an investigation of extrajudicial killings under Pres. Duterte’s administration.

At first, Sen. Cayetano, is testing the credibility of the state witness Edgar Matobato during a live television broadcast of the Human Rights Hearing but the witness cannot answer directly the question of Senator Cayetano that eventually force Cayetano to tell the witness if he is not going to talk? He will be cited for contempt?

Chairman of the committee, Senator Laila de Lima, quickly defended the witness over Sen. Cayetano for not threatening the witness for not directly answering the question, but Cayetano says that for over 18 years as a senator cite for contempt is not a treat for any witness but instead is a rule that if a witness doesn’t talk he or she will be liable for a cite for contempt.

When, Sen. Cayetano was about to resume his investigation over the state witness, Sen. Trillanes interrupted Sen. Cayetano and asks the chair that if there is unlimited questioning allotted for a non-member of the committee? The Chair of the committee de Lima says non-member and member of the committee has given not more than 10 minutes but the chair has given Sen. Cayetano the leeway of investigating the credibility of the witness.

But Sen. Trillanis continue the argue the leeway given to Sen. Cayetano who consume luxury of an hour of leeway for a non-member, and when Sen. Cayetano ask the chair to continue his investigation, Sen. Trillanes, declare Sen. Cayetano to the committee of out of order.

That’s the time that the two senators exchanging bad words and the hearing was quickly suspended by de Lima for about two minutes but while the hearing was suspended the two Senator Cayetano and Trillanes continue their arguments where it can clearly hear that Trillanes told Cayetano that “Hindi Kita Papapormahin” Cayetano retaliate and says “Ganito na ba tayo sa Senado Bastusan?

After some time taken to clear the air, the hearing continue and Sen. Cayetano has given back his time to continue his investigation on the credibility of the witness Edgar Matobato.

What Will Happen Now on Mary Jane Veloso’s Case in Indonesia?

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President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo of Indonesia announced a few days ago to the public that the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has given him a Green Light or Go Signal to impose their law to all drug related incident, especially Mary Jane Veloso.

The alleged “Green Light or Go Signal” happen after the two President had a meeting, where the Indonesian President said in an interview that he was given a go signal by Pres. Duterte to execute convict Mary Jane Veloso by means of a firing squad.

The interview quickly spread like a wild fire in the Philippines, left and right rumors accusing President Duterte’s decision on the faith of convict Mary Jane Veloso for drug trafficking. But President Duterte quickly denied the alleged “Go Signal” to President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo.

According to Philippine Foreign Affairs secretary Perfecto R. Yasay Jr. the President did not give any go signal to execute Veloso. Yasay clarified that President Duterte told the Indonesian President that he will accept whatever the Indonesian authorities' final decision regarding Mary Jane Veloso's case.

Or maybe the two President misunderstood each other particularly regarding the case of Mary Jane Veloso?

Apparently Mary Jane Veloso could not believe the news that broke out when she first hear the news?

Veloso was arrested at Adisucipto Airport in Yogyakarta on April 2010. She was accused of drug trafficking and later on convict on the crime. She was sentenced to death last year by a firing squad along with some foreign nationalities.

But due to Aquino’s administration and President Aquino’s personal plea to the President of Indonesia, Veloso was exempted or saved from the near execution.

For now the status of Mary Jane Veloso is uncertain, will Duterte’s Administration help her and eventually freed on the alleged crime the she committed or proven innocent of the crime that others committed?

Let’s find out in these coming days?

US September 11 Terrorist Attack Commemorate its 15th Year Anniversary

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The United States of America Commemorate the 15th year anniversary of one of the biggest terrorist attack in US history the” September 11, 2001 terrorist attack”.

Fifteen years had already past and yet citizens of the United States still felt the great sorrow and heartaches of 9/11 attack where many innocent lives were taken.

History of the September 11 Attack

According to history and reports there are four series of terrorist attack on that day. Four passenger airplanes were hijack by a several suicide bombers of a terrorist group called “Al-Qaeda”.

Two of the hijack airplanes, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 were both use to crashed into the north towers and south towers of the World Trade Center’s Twin Tower respectively.

The Twin Towers eventually collapse after almost 2 hours of burning, it killed almost 3,000 people and 6,000 injury. It also resulted a significant damage to other surrounding building and structures.

While, American Airlines Flight 77, was the third hijack plane used by the suicide bombers to crash into the Pentagon that causes only a partial damage to the buildings.

 And the fourth plane was United Airlines Flight 93, where the initial target was Washington DC, but suicide bombers failed to complete the mission after the hijack plane crash landed into a field in Stonycreek Township. Reports said that some passengers of that plane had overcome the hijackers.

The attack in World Trade Center claims thousands of lives, but it also recorded one of the deadliest incident for firefighters and law enforcement officers, 342 firemen were killed and 72 policemen died while doing their work.

The United States of America, quickly responded to the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. The US retaliates an all-out war against the terrorist group harboring in the country of Afghanistan.

Proposed P2,000 Increase in SSS Pension Approved by the House Committee

Good news for all SSS pensioners, On Wednesday the 17th congress, the House committee on government enterprises and privatization finally approved the proposed bill of increasing the monthly pension of all SSS pensioners. 

The proposed bill is to increase an additional P2, 000 for all SSS pensioners in their monthly pension.

It is recalled that the P2, 000 SSS pension hike was initially vetoed during the term of the former President Noynoy Aquino, for the reason that P26B will be lost each year to the fund of the SSS. but in this 17th Congress legislator is very positive that the proposed bill will finally become a law.

SSS official also attended the hearing at the congress, while Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Isagani Zarate filed a motion for Omnibus Approval for 15 pending motions which is quickly seconded by Sorsogon Rep. Evelina Escudero,

Zarate hopes that the plenary quickly approved the proposed bill as well as the senate version by the end of this year, so that Pres. Duterte will finally sign and finally implemented the P2, 000 SSS pension increase that SSS pensioners are long been waiting, hoping that legislator won't disappoint them

Meanwhile, Surigao Rep. Prospero Pichay, said that there is still a possibility that the proposed bill might be denied? If the survival rate of SSS fund might be at risk?

Also during the hearing, Gregory Ongkeko, Vice President of Social Security System warned the lawmakers that increasing the pension by P2,000 will shrink the fund of SSS actuarial life from 2042 to 2025.

SSS pension is a great help to all SSS pensioner or retiree’s it would be a great help if the lawmaker will finally approved the proposed bill? For now, let’s just sit and wait on the outcome of this proposed P2k SSS hike?

source: abante

LTO Warns All Motorist of the New Law Implemented Called “Anti-Distracted Driving Act“

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Land Transportation Office (LTO) reminding all drivers that a new law called “Anti-Distracted Driving Act” is already implemented on all parts of the country.

Under the new law, The Anti-Distracted Driving Act, prohibits all drivers or motorists from using mobile phones or other electronic gadget that could lead to a distraction while engaging in driving or even while motorists is stopped by a red traffic light on the road.

Distracted driving classified as driving while texting, reading text messages. Making or receiving a call, surfing the internet, playing mobile games and even watching movies and other related violation under the new law.

However, drivers or motorist who are using their mobile phones with the help of hands-free equipment and non-moving vehicle or vehicle not in motion which is not engaging or stop by a traffic light or traffic enforcer is exempted in the new law and will not be charged for any violation.

Under the new law, drivers or motorist who violates the “Anti-Distracted Driving Act “will be penalized with the following fines:

1st Offense – Violators faces a P5,000 fines.

2nd Offense – Violators faces P10,000 fines.

3rd Offense – Violators faces P15,000 fines and a three month suspension of his/her driver’s license.

Final Offense - Violators faces P20,000 fines and cancelation of his/her driver’s license.

Meanwhile, P30,000 fines and a three month suspension of driver’s license for violators who’s carrying flammable or toxic materials inside their vehicles and drivers or motorists who commit distracted driving within a 50-meter radius from school premises.

The new law is to avoid as much as possible the accident happening on the road, particularly those diver's who are using mobile phones.

With the new law, it can help lessen the accident on the road and it will help drivers or motorist to have more time to focus on driving and preventing distracted driving.

NBA Predictions: GSW Vs Cavs for the 3rd Consecutive NBA Finals, LBJ 5th MVP?

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The 2016-2017 NBA Season has not yet started until October of this year and yet many predictions has already scattered about who will be the top team to reach the NBA Finals and top candidate for NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP).

Just like in 2015-2016 NBA Season, many sports analysts predicts that the Western Conference will be a top fight where many teams are a contender for winning the West. Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs and the Golden State Warriors are the top 3 team that predicted to win the west. 

OKC and the Warriors meet in the Western Conference Finals that goes into Game 7 that favored the Warriors and to return for the second straight in NBA Finals.

In fact GSW holds the NBA record for most win in the NBA Regular Season with 73 wins and 9 losses, surpassing the 1997-1998 NBA Season of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls 72 wins and 10 loss.

While in the Eastern Conference the Cleveland Cavaliers is the favorite team to reach the NBA Finals, as no other team in the east that many sports analysts think that could beat the Cavaliers. As a matter of fact the Cavaliers sweep the 1st and 2nd round of the playoff until suffering their 1st loss in the playoffs in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Toronto Raptors. The Cavs eventually won the East Finals to face for the 2nd straight year the GSW in NBA Finals.

And now the upcoming season is predicting that the East could be another finals appearance for the Cavaliers while the West the heavy favored Golden State Warriors with an NBA superstar’s addition of Kevin Durant is the favorite to win the west.

If the prediction will come true? The Cavs and GSW Finals match will be the 3rd consecutive Finals match the first trilogy NBA Finals in NBA History.

Meanwhile, for the MVP discussion this upcoming NBA Regular Season there are already prediction that Cavs Superstar LeBron James, has a very good chance of winning his 5th NBA Regular Season MVP?

Why? Because the new Warriors addition and top MVP caliber 1 time MVP Kevin Durant and the reigning two time MVP Stephen Curry, might decrease their offense? As they will share the offense of their team? That could be a great disadvantage for Curry, who is eyeing for his 3rd consecutive MVP and a great advantage for LeBron James, who is always been a top contender every season for the NBA Most Valuable Player.

What do you think guys? Will the Cavs and the Warriors faces for the 3rd time in NBA Finals? And will LeBron James gets his 5th MVP?

BPI Bank Advice Clients to Update Their Bank Information till Sept. 30

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Bank of the Philippine Islands recently advice all their client to update their bank information in order to prevent any future inconvenience in accessing their Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and electronic banking features such as mobile banking and online services.

All BPI client must comply on the said update until September 30 of this year. Failure to comply might lead to inconvenience on any BPI services.

To update the client information, client must fill-out the form “Customer Information Update” this form might be already sent to you by the bank through a mail courier or it can be downloaded in their website ( unless you haven’t received it yet?

Once done providing all the necessary information on your Customer Information Update sheet, you may now forwarded the form to the nearest BPI branch in your area or send it back through a mail in a post office near in your area or even fax to 8455738 local 20474 or send them an email to of your completed Customer Information Update sheet.

All information provided will be reflected on your records no later than 30 days from the date of submission of Customer Information Update.

BPI explain that the reason of Customer Information Update is to meet the compliance with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Circular 706. The update will also benefits all BPI clients with timely program updates and important announcement regarding with their BPI account.

Also the BPI bank explain that not all clients required to update their information until September 30. The updates only applies to those client who have received an email or mail or notification that needed to comply with information updates from the BPI officials.