Sen. Cayetano and Sen. Trillanes Had a Heated Argument during a Senate Hearing on Human Rights

A video of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano and Senator Antonio Trillanes lV, showing a heated argument during an investigation of extrajudicial killings under Pres. Duterte’s administration.

At first, Sen. Cayetano, is testing the credibility of the state witness Edgar Matobato during a live television broadcast of the Human Rights Hearing but the witness cannot answer directly the question of Senator Cayetano that eventually force Cayetano to tell the witness if he is not going to talk? He will be cited for contempt?

Chairman of the committee, Senator Laila de Lima, quickly defended the witness over Sen. Cayetano for not threatening the witness for not directly answering the question, but Cayetano says that for over 18 years as a senator cite for contempt is not a treat for any witness but instead is a rule that if a witness doesn’t talk he or she will be liable for a cite for contempt.

When, Sen. Cayetano was about to resume his investigation over the state witness, Sen. Trillanes interrupted Sen. Cayetano and asks the chair that if there is unlimited questioning allotted for a non-member of the committee? The Chair of the committee de Lima says non-member and member of the committee has given not more than 10 minutes but the chair has given Sen. Cayetano the leeway of investigating the credibility of the witness.

But Sen. Trillanis continue the argue the leeway given to Sen. Cayetano who consume luxury of an hour of leeway for a non-member, and when Sen. Cayetano ask the chair to continue his investigation, Sen. Trillanes, declare Sen. Cayetano to the committee of out of order.

That’s the time that the two senators exchanging bad words and the hearing was quickly suspended by de Lima for about two minutes but while the hearing was suspended the two Senator Cayetano and Trillanes continue their arguments where it can clearly hear that Trillanes told Cayetano that “Hindi Kita Papapormahin” Cayetano retaliate and says “Ganito na ba tayo sa Senado Bastusan?

After some time taken to clear the air, the hearing continue and Sen. Cayetano has given back his time to continue his investigation on the credibility of the witness Edgar Matobato.