Is Chris Bosh NBA Career Over?

A very unfortunate news for Miami Heat superstar Chris Bosh who seems his NBA career was about to end due to health condition.

The sad news spread when the Miami Heat organization inform the public that Chris Bosh failed to pass the medical test this training camp.

This unfortunate news might lead both Miami Heat and Chris Bosh part their ways.

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Two years ago, LeBron James leave Miami to return to Cleveland, Bosh has the opportunity to show the world that he can carry the Heat together with Wade.

Heat immediately re-sign Bosh with a maximum contract proving that he is now the price player of the Miami Heat.

But unfortunate happen Bosh ended his 2014-2015 NBA Season early due to medical condition of Blood clotting. The Heat eventually failed to enter the Post Season that year after four years straight in NBA Finals.

On 2015-2016 NBA Season, Bosh return healthy with the Heat but due to another blood clotting issue in mid-season once again he ended his season early while the Heat advance in the Post Season but eliminated in the 2nd round.

The upcoming 2016-2017 NBA Season Dwyane Wade will no longer seen in Miami uniform and the only remaining part of the “Big Three Era” Chris Bosh is uncertain or most likely over in Heat uniform.

Despite Bosh seeking for 2nd opinion with his health, Bosh career with Heat is over and if he return again and proven healthy or fit to play again in NBA he is more likely seen in another NBA uniform?

Chris Bosh was drafted by Toronto Raptors in 2003 together with elite and talented draftee LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony, he quickly became an All-Star player in Toronto.

He later join Miami Heat in 2010, together with his on court off court friends James and Wade to form a super team and begin the so called “Big Three Era”.

Chris Bosh NBA Career and Achievements:

· 2 time NBA Champion with the Heat
· 11 time NBA All-Star
· 3 time NBA Shooting Star Champion
· Toronto Raptors All Time Leading Scorer