Drug Lord and Inmate of Bilibid Prison Jaybee Sebastian is Actually an Asset of the Government According to Sen. de Lima

On Thursday, September 22, 2016 Senator Leila de Lima say’s during her press conference with the media that convicted drug lord and currently an inmate of penitentiary “New Bilibid Prison” (NBP) Jaybee Sebastian is actually an asset of the government of the past administration.

Sen. de Lima, seconded the revelation of Magdalo party-list Rep. Gary Alejano of the real role of Jaybee Sebastian inside the Bilibid penitentiary.

The senator explain in media that Sebastian has been there asset inside the penitentiary that’s why he was not included in the transferring of some other drug lords of the so called “Bilibid 19”.

The senator also dare the House of Committee that investigating the drug dealing and trades inside the penitentiary to invite Jaybee Sebastian for interrogation.

Who is Jaybee Sebastian?

Jaybee Sebastian is known in the Bilibid as the “God of all drug lords” according to all witnesses that presented by Justice Secretary Aguirre in the House of Committee, Sebastian was untouchable that he can everything inside the penitentiary. 

He is being protected by some higher personnel of the Bureau of Correction and one government official pertaining to then Justice Secretary Leila de Lima.

Jaybee Sebastian is also the one who responsible in collecting drug money inside the penitentiary to provide for then Justice Secretary de Lima, for funding her senatorial bid according to the witnesses.

Meanwhile, Senator de Lima, is facing left and right controversy especially in her alleged involvement in drug relation inside the Bilibid Prison. De Lima, was recently ousted in the senate committee in the investigation of EJK or Extra Judicial Killing after she been accused of Senator Cayetano of being biased in the investigation. 

 16 out of 22 senators agree to remove her from being the chairman of Justice Committee who later on replace her by Senator Gordon.

Sen. de Lima, is also known for being the number 1 critics of the President of the Philippines, she and Pres. Duterte are both throwing muds that seems not good for the image of the country.