Weather Forecast in South Pacific Ocean

Philippines - Weather is an important part of our world, it will always depend on the weather on what things that we can do in our everyday life its either we are experiencing extreme heat during summer, cold breeze in December and Rainy days in June.

An Early forecast of the weather can bring extra helpful tips for people like students and workers especially outdoor workers. They can prepare their selves early by bringing extra protection like an umbrella and a raincoat from harsh weather condition of extreme heat or strong rain.

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For those countries located near the South Pacific Ocean, like the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan these are the country that mostly battered by Super Typhoon.

In 2013 the Philippines was hit by “Typhoon Yolanda” with international name “Typhoon Haiyan” it was the deadliest and strongest typhoon in Philippine history it killed over 6,000 Filipino people.

From the country that experience is now more prepared for encountering another super typhoon.

The Filipino people are now preparing their selves, early in evacuation, especially for those people living in the low lying coastal area and listening or watching television for weather updates especially if there is a typhoon coming to the country.

Weather condition such as Low Pressure Area (LPA) can be predicted as early as possible by some modern weather equipment, they can also predict its movement and how strong is the LPA or Typhoon?

Meanwhile, South Pacific Ocean, is the birthplace of Typhoon, these where all began the LPA that sometimes became a tropical depression to typhoon and sometimes eventually became a super typhoon?

The rainy season for countries near the Pacific, sometimes start from as much as early of June and ends in December.

For the monitoring and early updates of weather forecast, especially during rainy season there are several websites that can give information about the weather for today and the succeeding days.

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Joint Typhoon Warning Center

Is a US weather website located in Hawaii. It monitored early prediction of any weather disturbance that builds into the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Perhaps it is the most advanced weather websites in the whole world.

Here in the Philippines, PAGASA is the local weather website of the country, like some weather station or website PAGASA bring as much as possible the most accurate news in the weather forecast.