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NBA Awards Named Russell Westbrook as the 2017 NBA MVP

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NBA – On June 26, 2017 (US TIME) the Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook was named as the 2017 NBA Most Valuable Player in the first ever NBA Annual Awards held at Basketball City in New York. The event was hosted by the main host, musician “Drake” and NBA crew, Shaq, Ernie, Charles and Kenny.

The 2017 NBA Awards was attended by several media personalities, NBA players from past to present, especially for those players that was nominated for a certain award, Coaches, players families and friends and with special performances of artist Nicki Minaj and 2 Chainz.

Traditionally NBA Player who won a certain individual award at the end of a regular season is being rewarded during the 1st round of the post season and it is announced separately as the post seasons go by, unlike today where all candidates for the certain awards are in one event and in just one night all winners are all revealed.

The most awaited and the most important award of the night belongs to Russell Westbrook as he became the 62nd NBA player to win the prestigious awards the 2017 NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP). He joined former teammates Kevin Durant as the only two players who won the MVP as Oklahoma City Thunder.

Westbrook, who averaged a whooping triple doubles this season sets an NBA record for most triple double in a single season with 42, surpassing the half a decade records of Oscar Robertson of 41 triple doubles in 1961 – 1962 NBA Season. Westbrook beat former teammates and closed contender for the prestigious awards Houston Rockets, James Harden and San Antonio Spurs Kawhi Leonard.

Russell Westbrook almost single handedly brought his team OKC in the 2017 Playoffs but only eliminated in the 1st round. Westbrook became the guy or the 1st options of the OKC after Kevin Durant decision of leaving the team and his best friend.

However the decision of Durant leads to Russel Westbrook superhuman performance in every single game of the regular season that pays to his first ever MVP award.

What is FilSys? The New National ID System in the Philippines?

Philippines – Here in the country, there are lots of Government ID’s issued by the government that all Filipino citizens are eligible to use it for whatever purposes it may serve, these issued ID’s had different purposes, but it can be used as a valid ID’s when having transaction with the government, banks, remittances, jobs and other private sectors.

As of now the common list of valid ID’s that are accepted in major transactions in the country are SSS ID, Postal ID, Voters ID, Driver’s License, Unified Multipurpose ID, Philippine Passport, TIN Card, GSIS Card, PRC ID and others.

Now another Government ID that might be added in the list of valid ID’s in the country is the National ID System or the Filipino Identification System (FilSys). This Bill was recently approved by the House Committee on appropriations and currently discussing in the plenary of the house committee for the releasing of funds that will support the proposed bill. It’s just a matter of time when it will be a mandatory requirement for all Filipino citizens.

According to the Bill itself, the National ID System or Filipino Identification System (FilSys), it requires all Filipinos here and abroad to register their personal information in the system which will be handled by the Philippine Statistic Authority (PSA) formerly known as (NSO). The new ID is also can be used in transaction with the government and as well in private sector as a proof of identification.

FilSys is a machine-readable identification card that contains multiple data that can be used not only for identification but also for government transactions. It will also serve as a social security card, tax information card, health card and other government-issued identification cards.

According to Davao City Representative who passed the Bill the purpose of this new bill is if every Filipino has a National ID, it will immediately identify who is a law-abiding citizen of the lawless elements especially in our country that is facing threats to national and global security.

NBA Rumors: LeBron James on Leaving the Cavaliers in 2018?

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NBA – Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James has been included to some NBA rumors circulating around the league that the Greatest Player of today’s basketball generation is leaving the Cavaliers in the summer of 2018 where he will be a free agent if he decided to opt-out on his contract? James has still a guaranteed contract with the Cavs this upcoming 2017 – 2018 NBA Season unless if the Cavs management decided to trade him before the 2018 decision?

Rumors started when LeBron James and his team the Cavaliers loss the 2017 NBA Finals to the newly crown 2017 NBA Champion the Golden State Warriors and even furthermorethe speculation spreading like a wildfire when Cavs General Manager David Griffin part ways with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert.

Through a tweet James share his sentiment on Cavs managements parting ways with David Griffin, James said that he appreciated what his former General Manager has done for the team and winning at least 1 Championship in 3 years and hopefully the Cleveland nations appreciated as well?

The tweet brought many speculations that it is a sign that LeBron James will surely leave Cleveland in 2018? A decision that is not new for the Cavs fans when James leave in 2010 to join the Miami Heat. But what if James leaves again? Will he be hated, curse or burn his jersey by the Cleveland fans or will they respect James decision this time? After all, James brought the first ever Championship in franchise history, ending a 52 year drought in any major league in Cleveland in history.

If James decided to leave where he might go? According to some reports LeBron James has a mansion in LA and business as well run by his friends and rumors said that he is more likely to land in Los Angeles? It’s either with the Lakers or the Clippers?

And what if Cavs made a move that will surround James and Irving with players like Paul George or Jimmy Butler to have a better chance of defeating the Warriors if they happen to meet again in the Finals? Will he still leave? Who knows? Or maybe if the Cavs wants an assurance that team will not be a lottery team again will they trade LeBron James now before the 2018 decision?

All of this is just rumors and speculation from the best sports analyst and specialist in the world of basketball and none of this is confirmed until the 2017 July free agency starts.

Paul George on Trade Rumors Going to Cavaliers

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NBA – Indiana Pacers superstar and 4× NBA All-Star Paul George is the hottest name on the list of NBA players in trade rumors this 2017 NBA off season.

Paul George has recently informed his current team that after 2017 - 2018 NBA Season he will not return as a Pacer and more likely going to another team which the favorite to land is his home town LA with the Lakers.

Since the announcement of George leaving the Pacers, the Pacers have immediately begun trade talks involving Paul George with other teams, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, who recently loss the 2017 NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors. 

According to rumors the Pacers will trade Paul George in exchange of Kevin Love? A deal that Pacers could win rather than losing Paul George in the 2018 NBA Off season?

If Paul George and Kevin Love trade happen? George will play for the Cavs for one year as a rental player? And the next season he is free to leave the Cavaliers with his own decision, but what if the Cavaliers became champion along with the George next season? That’s another question that can put George and the Cavaliers for a long term contract if George wants to be a Championship contender every year or go home in LA with the rebuilding team like the Lakers?

The addition of Paul George to the Cavaliers will improve their offense and more especially their defense and in preparation of once again facing the Warriors in the Finals for the 4th straight year? 

George will be designated player to guard the 2017 NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant to play some defense and to lessen the burden of LeBron James defending Durant. George is more likely will be the third options on Cavs team when it comes to who will be the main man of the Cavaliers and with no doubt LeBron James will still be the franchise players of the Cavs.

If this trade happens Paul George alongside with Kyrie Irving and LeBron James, forming the new "Big Three"in Cavs? Then the Warriors will not easily pass or beat the Cavaliers in their impending 4th meeting in the Finals? This could be a good series or might be a long series that could lead to 7 games? this could doubt as the clash of super teams? 

It is expected that the Warriors will come out as the Western Champion again this coming 2017 – 2018 NBA Season so as the Cavaliers in the East?

What would you think of this trade rumor? Will the Pacers and the Cavs agree of trading players? Let’s wait and see this coming days?

The Warriors are the only Obstacle in LeBron James Legacy

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NBA – The newly crown 2017 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors handed the 5th NBA Finals loss to 3 time NBA Champion LeBron James that drops him to career NBA Finals record of 3 Championships and 5 losses. The loss was the 2nd NBA Finals loss of LeBron James to the Warriors in their 3rd consecutive Championship meetings.

LeBron James is no doubt the greatest player of today’s basketball, he is the barometer of any teams in the NBA that looks upon him on how to defeat this guy? James made a bad team into championship caliber like what he did in his first year comeback in the Cavs uniform when he led the Cavs in the NBA Finals.

He has been in the NBA Finals for the 7th consecutive time the most for any player of today’s era and more likely again this coming 2017 – 2018 NBA Season.

He led the Cavaliers in their first ever NBA Championship in franchise history after defeating the 73 – 9, Golden State Warriors in a classic down to wire Game 7 in Oakland in 2016. The win cemented his legacy in basketball and all he have to do is to enhance his legacy as the year goes by and chase the ghost the he is referring to Greatest of All Time (GOAT) Michael Jordan? But Kevin Durant and the Warriors are in his way and blocking the road to supremacy.

The Golden State Warriors added former Oklahoma City Thunder and former MVP Kevin Durant during the 2016 NBA Free Agency to join forces with 2 time MVP Stephen Curry, former Defensive Player of the Year Draymond Green and all-star Klay Thompson to form a super team that could beat LeBron James and the Cavaliers. That move went successfully after regaining the 2017 NBA Title on June 12, 2017 after defeating the Cavs in Game 5 at home in Oracle Arena in Oakland.

The 2017 NBA Championship of the Warriors over the Cavs in their 3rd meeting ruin’s LeBron James legacy temporarily in chasing the ”Ghost” Michael Jordan for the Greatest of All-time when it comes to NBA Championship? But individual stats James is still there, after adding another milestone in his career stats as he became the first player to average a triple double in the recent NBA Finals.

For now, James and the Cavaliers must find a way to defeat the Warriors in the Finals? If they happen to face again for the 4th time? And if not? LeBron James will never again came close to any discussion of who’s really the GOAT and will never compared to Michael Jordan.

LeBron James Career NBA Finals Record Drops to 3 Wins and 5 Loss

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NBA – The Cleveland Cavaliers has failed to defend their title over the super team Golden State Warriors after losing Game 5 of the 2017 NBA Finals at Oracle Arena in Oakland. The Warriors take a commanding 4 – 1 lead in the series to regain the NBA Championship after losing it to the Cavaliers in a down to wire Game 7 last year.

The loss of LeBron James in this year NBA Finals drops him to 3 Championship and 5 losses, creating more separation from the discussion of who is the Greatest Player of All Time ( GOAT ) against Michael Jordan and many critics saying that the conversation is finally over and he will never pass the GOAT Michael Jordan? And that the ghost, he is chasing is no more?

If only he has more help from his teammates aside from Kyrie Irving, who shows up in the Finals, but nowhere in the last quarter of Game 5 and somehow they win Game 5 and eventually wins the title? Perhaps the debate between Jordan and James will erupt on who’s really the GOAT? But it never happens! James suffered another loss in the Finals that surely ruin his career NBA Finals record.

James, is a once in a generation athlete who dominated the NBA for more than a decade, every team looks at him and finding ways on how to beat this guy? That’s why the Warriors needed Kevin Durant to join forces to dethrone the King? Up to now, he is still the best player on the planet with an amazing performance in the last 2 NBA Finals and including this year Finals where he became the first player in the NBA Finals to average a triple double for the whole series.

Despite the loss, LeBron James and the Cavaliers are considered to be the top contender in the East to return in the Finals as well as the reigning 2017 NBA Champion the Golden State Warriors, the Warriors will surely be the favorite unless the Cavaliers finds a way to solve their problems or else the Warriors will dominate the NBA for succeeding years to come?

Will this be the end of the LeBron James reign in the NBA or will he bounce back from defeat? While Kevin Durant and the Warriors are the new bad boys in town?

Warriors Regain the NBA Title after Defeating the Cavs in Game 5

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NBA Finals – The Golden State Warriors are once again the NBA Champion after defeating the defending 2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5 at Oracle Arena in Oakland. 

The Warriors win their 2nd Championship in 3rd straight seasons and their 5th Championship in franchise History. Kevin Durant named as the 2017 Finals MVP after averaging 30 plus points in all games of the 2017 NBA Finals.

In the 1st quarter, the Warriors and the Cavaliers are fighting toe to toe in the game which also takes 8th several lead changes in the quarters, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving scored 12 points each to lead the Cavaliers leading by 4 points at the end of the 1st quarter 37 – 33.

In the 2nd quarter, the defending Champion is looking good they are up by 8 points their biggest lead of the entire game and suddenly things got wrong for the Cavs when the Warriors started to hit their shots and made a 28 to 4 run to establish the biggest lead of the game with 17 points. The 2nd quarter was the turning point of the game where the Warriors outscored the Cavaliers by 15 points to end the quarter leading by 11 points 71 – 60.

In the 3rd quarter, both teams are making their shots, but the Cavaliers win the quarter by outscoring the Warriors by 6 points 33 – 27 in the quarter and eventually cut the Warriors lead to 5 points 88 – 83. JR Smith has been big for the Cavs after hitting some series of 3’s his best game of the series.

In the 4th quarter, the Cavs made the first basket to even close the deficit 88 – 85, just down by 3 points and the closest the Cavs came after being down in the game since the 2nd quarter, but since then the Warriors control the game through out the remainder of the final quarter, posting another double digits lead and the defending Champion never find their way to come back and eventually the predicted and the favorite to win the series the Golden State Warriors crown as the 2017 NBA Champions in a 129 – 120 wins over the Cavs.

Meanwhile, LeBron James made another milestone in the NBA Finals as the only player to average a triple double in NBA Finals History. James finished the game with game high 41 points, 13 rebounds and 8 assist.

Cavs Dominated Game 4 to keep their Season Alive

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NBA Playoffs – The Cleveland Cavaliers are still the reigning NBA Champion after dominating Game 4 of their first “Do or Die” game of the 2017 NBA Finals against the visiting Golden State Warriors at Quickens Loans Arena in Cleveland.

After a sorry loss in Game 3, the defending champion came strong in Game 4 dominating the early quarters of the game posting their first double digit lead of the series 16 – 5 and manage to increase their lead up to 17 points. The Cavs scores 49 points in the 1st quarter to set an NBA Finals Record for most points scored in any quarter.

In the 2nd quarter the Cavaliers manage to hold on to their biggest lead of the half despite the Warriors treat of coming back in the game led by Kevin Durant, who scores 12 points in that quarter, Cavs lead was brought down to single digit with 3:35 to go in the 2nd but Kyrie Irving and LeBron James dominated the scoring for the Cavaliers to keep the Warriors away with the game and up their biggest lead of the 1st half to 22 points, 83 – 61 over a minute to go.

The Cavaliers ends the 1st half with 86 points the most points scored in the 1st half of the NBA Finals, shooting 60 % plus from the field and set an NBA Record for most 3’s in the 1st half with 13.

n the 3rd quarter, Cavs manage to control the game for the rest of the quarter, though the Warriors show some sign of mini run, but not enough to change the tempo of the game in favored of the Cavaliers, several plays led also to some controversial calls In the 3rd, like Draymond Greens 2 technical fouls that should automatically eject him from the game But referee clarified that the first “T” was not about Green and turns to be only 1 technical and that is the last one called in the 3rd. Also a confrontation happens between LeBron James and Kevin Durant that lead to both players to be penalized with a technical.

In the 4th quarter, the Warriors set a 6 – 0 run to cut the Cavs lead to 13 points while LeBron James is resting in the early minutes of the final quarter, but again the defending champion, manage to capitalize on Warriors run and up their lead and never let go of their double digit lead and escaped their first do or die game to win Game 4, 137 – 113.

Kyrie Irving led all scorers with 40 points, James with 31 points 10 Reb. And 11 assists and Kevin Love with 23 points and 5 boards. For the Warriors, Kevin Durant made his 4th straight 30 plus points to lead his team in a losing effort.

The Cavs win ended the Warriors 15 straight win in the post season and avoided a humiliating sweep at home.

Meanwhile, LeBron James, who averaged a triple double in the 2017 NBA Finals now holds the most triple doubles in NBA Finals history with 9th triple doubles, breaking a tie with Magic Johnson and also now at 3rd all-time career points in the NBA Finals surpassed Michael Jordan.

Game 5, shifts to Oracle Arena in Oakland will the Warriors finally end the series at home? Or will the Cavs survive to fight another day?

Cavs Failed to Close out Game 3, Down 0 – 3 in the Finals

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NBA Playoffs – The defending Champion Cleveland Cavaliers are now in a very hard situation of being sweep and be dethroned by the impending 2017 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors after failing to close out a down to wire end of Game 3 at Quickens Loans Arena in Downtown Cleveland.

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The Cavs came out strong in the game fighting toe to toe with the Warriors from start to finish, it was the closest and exciting game of the series as no team established a double digit lead, but mostly the Warriors are in lead of the game in the 1st half while in the 2nd half several lead changes taken in the 3rd quarter and in the 4th quarter the Cavs mostly handled the lead not until the later minutes of the last quarter.

For the first time in this series the defending champion manages to lead in the 2nd half unlike Games 1& 2 they were blown away in the 3rd. this time they manage to hang on through the final quarters and posted their biggest lead of the series by as much as 7 points.

Cavs seems on the way of winning Game 3 but things got wrong when the defending champion failed to score in the last 3:11 of the final quarter. The Cavaliers leading by 6 points 113 – 107 with 3:11 to go, but the Warriors slowly coming back from the game.

With less than a minute Cavs are still in the lead 113 – 111, LeBron James made a pass to Kyle Korver, who missed a 3’s that might seal the game if it was made but unfortunately is not and fortunately for Kevin Durant it leads to his clutch 3’s to give the Warriors a 1 point lead 114 – 113. 

Cavs has their chance, but with wrong decision, missed shots and turnovers kill them in the final seconds of the game. The Warriors finish the game in a 11 – 0 run to take Game 3, 118 – 113.

LeBron James, had a great game led all scorers with 39 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assist, Kyrie Irving 38 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assist, JR Smith has also had a good game with 16 points but not still enough to lift their team to win the game. While Kevin Durant led the Warriors with 31 points his 3rd straight 30 plus points in the finals and looking good to be the best candidate of winning the Finals MVP.

Cleveland Cavaliers is now facing of being dethroned as the NBA Champion this coming Game 4? No team in the NBA has ever comeback in 0 – 3 deficit in playoff history. 

Last year the Cavaliers made history after coming back from 1 – 3 in the finals, will they make another history as the first team to ever come back from 0 -3? Let’s see, but first thing first they must win Game 4 or else its over for the Cavs and for the King who is chasing the Ghost?

CAVS Must Win Game 3 to Get Back in the Series

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NBA Playoffs – The defending Champion Cleveland Cavaliers is currently down 0 – 2 in the 2017 NBA Finals against the super team Golden State Warriors. The Cavaliers win in a must situation tomorrow at their home at Quickens Loans Arena in downtown Cleveland for Games 3 of the 2017 NBA Finals where the Warriors are up by commanding 2 – 0 lead in the series.

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A win for the Cavaliers will make the series more interesting, a loss will put them in a big hole that no teams in NBA History have ever come back from 0 – 3 in NBA Finals History? Unless if another remarkable and super human performance of LeBron James and his team mates to overcome 0 -3 deficit and won the series just like last year after defeating the 73 – 9 win/loss record Warriors.

The Cavaliers must find a way or solution to stop or lessen the dominance of two Warriors MVP’s Kevin Durant and the reigning 2X MVP Stephen Curry, who both dominated Game’s 1 and 2 that Destroy the defending champion in a two consecutive blown out games.

Last year the Cavaliers were also down in the 2016 NBA Finals with 0 – 2 before going home and wins Game 3, that very first win sparks a remarkable comeback in NBA Finals History from being down 1 – 3 in the series and wins the 2016 NBA Title. But this year 2017 NBA Finals the Warriors have Durant, who shows the big difference from last year series? An already great team has turned into super team. Will the Cavs repeat history and wins Game 3?

If the Cleveland Cavaliers wins Game 3 this coming June 7 (US TIME) in Cleveland over Durant, Curry and the rest of the Warriors the series will be more interesting? And the critics will be silent for a moment? That’s why this coming Game 3 it is very important for the defending champs to get a win and gets back in to the series a loss will be a more likely a sweep for the Warriors. Will dejavu happen? Or the Warriors are for real?

Let’s wait and see this coming Game 3 at Cavs home in downtown Cleveland.

Warriors Destroy Cavs in their Lucky Jersey

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NBA Playoffs – The Golden State Warriors will host the defending Champion Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 2 of their best of seven NBA Finals at Oracle Arena in Oakland. The Warriors dominated Game 1 in a blown out fashion 113 – 91 and will try to extend their lead in the series with a 2 -0 lead before going to Cleveland for Games 3 & 4. While the defending champion will try to even the series before going home.

In Game 2, the Cleveland Cavaliers wear their lucky Black Jersey that they used from last year NBA Finals that lead to their first ever NBA Title and keeping their hopes that it will give luck in Game 2 to even the series.

In the 1st quarter, LeBron James is in attack mode, attacking the paint in every possession together with Kevin Love they kept the Cavaliers to stay close in the game after the home team manage to an early double digit lead of the game 26 -16 with 4:51 in the early quarter, Stephen Curry leads the Warriors with 15 points, 10 of 10 in free throws. The 1st quarter ends 40 – 34 Warriors by 6 pts.

In the 2nd quarter, The Warriors continue their domination over the Cavs led by Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, who find his stroke in the game the Warriors up their lead to 12 points while Stephen Curry has not scored. The Cavs has managed to come back in the game to cut the Warriors lead just to 3 points at the half. 67 – 64.

n the 2nd half, the Cavs made the first basket of the 3rd quarter to cut the Warriors lead into single digit but since then just like in Game 1, the home town team has started to pull away in the 3rd and continue their domination in the final quarter.

Kevin Durant led the Warriors in scoring with 33 points, followed by Stephen Curry with his first ever triple doubles in the playoffs with 32 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assist and Klay Thompson who finally find his stroke in the 3’s added 22 points. Biggest lead established by the Warriors was 22 points to end game 2, 132 – 113 and now up 2 -0 lead in the series.

Meanwhile, LeBron James made another milestone in his career after tying Magic Johnson for the most triple double in Playoff history with 8, James finish Game 2, with 29 points, 11 rebounds and 14 assist. Game 3 & 4 shifts to Cavaliers home at Quickens Loans Arena.

Public Students are Back to School Tomorrow

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Philippines – Tomorrow, Monday June 5, 2017 is the scheduled day for all public students to return to their designated schools for the upcoming 2017 -2018 School Year. The majority of all public schools are expected to open on Monday, unless there is a problem that needed to fix first or postpone temporarily the schools opening.

Older students are needed to find their names and schedule for the next grade that are attending to, list of their names are posted 1 week before the opening day of school, this is to avoid the hassle of finding their names and room on the day of school openings.

While, new students or transferred students along with their guardian might expect a little bit confused during the first day of school some may encounter problems of finding their students designated room or worst not finding their student's name on the student list, if this problem was encountered just ask for assistance or go to the school admin. For students that are not yet to enroll they are still welcome to enroll despite being late according Department of Education (DEPED).

Expect also the large volume of the crowd, many students are expected to return to school along with their parents or guardians so bring a lot of patience, cooling device, water, umbrella or raincoat in case of sudden rain. Also guardians or parents should not leave their students unattended by their adviser or make sure that their students are in the right room.

As the public school opens on Monday, some private school is expected to open their 2017 – 2018 School Year next week.

Meanwhile, motorist are advised that the incoming school opening tomorrow might cause light to moderate or even heavy traffic when passing by a nearby school.

GSW Outclass the Cavaliers in Game 1 of the 2017 NBA Finals

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NBA Finals – The Golden State Warriors host the Defending Champion Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 1 of their best of seven series of the 2017 NBA Finals at Oracle Arena in Oakland. Both teams are in their third straight NBA Finals appearance and currently tied with 1 Championship each in their NBA Finals match up. 

The Warriors are the heavy favorite of winning Game 1 and perhaps the whole series? In fact, in Vegas the predictions are that the defending Champion has no chance of winning this year's NBA title over the super team GSW.

In the 1st quarter, both teams are in tight contentions not allowing to pull away from one another it also leads to several lead changes that ends the 1st quarter 35 – 30 Warriors with 5 points. Kevin Durant lead the Warriors in the early quarter with 10 points while LeBron James off to a good start with 13 points.

In the 2nd quarter, the Warriors start to pull away in the game establishing the first double digit of the game with under 4:53 to go in the quarter they completely dominated the Cavs in scoring especially inside the paint.

Kevin Durant scores 13 points in the 2nd quarter to lead all scorers at the half with 23 points, 4 rebounds and 6 assist, Stephen Curry added 12 points and 6 assist. While the defending champion, manage to cut down the Warriors lead into single digit at the half, LeBron James leads the Cavs in scoring with 19 points, 11 rebounds, Kyrie Irving added 18 points and Kevin Love with 8 points and 13 rebounds.

At the half Warriors up by 8 points 60 – 52.

In the 3rd quarter, The Warriors are off to a good start, making a 13 – 0 run, establishing a 21 point lead 73 – 52 with under 8:06 to go in the quarter. Cavs starts the quarter slow finally made their first field goal of the quarter with 7:54 to go after a made 3’s by LeBron James. Cavs is slowly cutting the Warriors lead, but the Warriors are too much in the 3rd quarter, posting their largest lead of 24 points outscoring the Cavs in the 3rd quarter 33 – 20.

In the 4th quarter, The Warriors are up by 21 points and the Cavaliers hasn’t found any answers of getting back in the game and with under 4:04 to go in the final quarter the Cavaliers bench finally replaces the Cavs starting five to show the white flag after failing to get back in the game.

While the Warriors completed their dominance in Game 1, crushing the Cavs, led by Kevin Durant, who is clearly the best player and the big difference of  Game 1, dropping 38 points. 8 rebounds and 8 assist while his counterpart LeBron James has 28 points, 15rebounds and 8 assist. As expected the Warriors win Game 1, 113 – 90.

Game 2 is scheduled on Sunday June 4 (US TIME) at the Oracle Arena in Oakland.