LeBron James Career NBA Finals Record Drops to 3 Wins and 5 Loss

NBA – The Cleveland Cavaliers has failed to defend their title over the super team Golden State Warriors after losing Game 5 of the 2017 NBA Finals at Oracle Arena in Oakland. The Warriors take a commanding 4 – 1 lead in the series to regain the NBA Championship after losing it to the Cavaliers in a down to wire Game 7 last year.

The loss of LeBron James in this year NBA Finals drops him to 3 Championship and 5 losses, creating more separation from the discussion of who is the Greatest Player of All Time ( GOAT ) against Michael Jordan and many critics saying that the conversation is finally over and he will never pass the GOAT Michael Jordan? And that the ghost, he is chasing is no more?

If only he has more help from his teammates aside from Kyrie Irving, who shows up in the Finals, but nowhere in the last quarter of Game 5 and somehow they win Game 5 and eventually wins the title? Perhaps the debate between Jordan and James will erupt on who’s really the GOAT? But it never happens! James suffered another loss in the Finals that surely ruin his career NBA Finals record.

James, is a once in a generation athlete who dominated the NBA for more than a decade, every team looks at him and finding ways on how to beat this guy? That’s why the Warriors needed Kevin Durant to join forces to dethrone the King? Up to now, he is still the best player on the planet with an amazing performance in the last 2 NBA Finals and including this year Finals where he became the first player in the NBA Finals to average a triple double for the whole series.

Despite the loss, LeBron James and the Cavaliers are considered to be the top contender in the East to return in the Finals as well as the reigning 2017 NBA Champion the Golden State Warriors, the Warriors will surely be the favorite unless the Cavaliers finds a way to solve their problems or else the Warriors will dominate the NBA for succeeding years to come?

Will this be the end of the LeBron James reign in the NBA or will he bounce back from defeat? While Kevin Durant and the Warriors are the new bad boys in town?