Public Students are Back to School Tomorrow

Philippines – Tomorrow, Monday June 5, 2017 is the scheduled day for all public students to return to their designated schools for the upcoming 2017 -2018 School Year. The majority of all public schools are expected to open on Monday, unless there is a problem that needed to fix first or postpone temporarily the schools opening.

Older students are needed to find their names and schedule for the next grade that are attending to, list of their names are posted 1 week before the opening day of school, this is to avoid the hassle of finding their names and room on the day of school openings.

While, new students or transferred students along with their guardian might expect a little bit confused during the first day of school some may encounter problems of finding their students designated room or worst not finding their student's name on the student list, if this problem was encountered just ask for assistance or go to the school admin. For students that are not yet to enroll they are still welcome to enroll despite being late according Department of Education (DEPED).

Expect also the large volume of the crowd, many students are expected to return to school along with their parents or guardians so bring a lot of patience, cooling device, water, umbrella or raincoat in case of sudden rain. Also guardians or parents should not leave their students unattended by their adviser or make sure that their students are in the right room.

As the public school opens on Monday, some private school is expected to open their 2017 – 2018 School Year next week.

Meanwhile, motorist are advised that the incoming school opening tomorrow might cause light to moderate or even heavy traffic when passing by a nearby school.